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See, Believe and Achieve …Now More Than Ever!

As leaders in the workplace, we tackle daily tasks, help customers and co-workers, find solutions to challenges that arise and figure out how to increase activity and sales to stay ahead of the game. Now, more than ever, I encourage you to take the time to “see it, believe it and then achieve it” with the following five steps:

1) Be Competitive: At a young age, I was introduced to sports and competed in a number of activities throughout high school and college. Participating in both team and individual sports like basketball, field hockey and track taught me how to be competitive. You will always have competition in business and as a leader, so get yourself in the game, find your competitive spirit and be confident as you take action.  

2) Take Risks: When you are competitive, you tend to take risks. In order to move forward and stay ahead of the game, do not be afraid to try a new way of doing things. Be open to change, a crazy idea may become the best thing to get you out of a rut.  

3) Have A Vision: In order to take risks, you must have a vision. When you have new idea, visualize the outcome and success of plan. Write it down; create a vision board so that you can look at the success of the plan on a daily basis. This is where seeing your goal, will lead you achieving your goal. Have fun with this one – create your future with inspirational pictures, words, charts, maps etc. In addition, take time to visualize what you would like to see happen by closing your eyes and seeing your success.  

4) Surround Yourself with Great People: You must have a great team of people who will see, believe and achieve the vision you have created. Everyone involved will be part of the plan, see the vision together and have a road map that will lead to the success of the goal. It is important that everyone has the same competitive spirit, understands the importance of change and taking risks and believes in visualizing the outcome. Your enthusiasm is an important part of this step. Others will follow if you are positive, enthusiastic and confident. 
5) Take Care of Your Great People: Last and certainly not least, take good care of your great people. In order to be successful in business and as a leader, others must support you and your efforts with enthusiasm and passion. This happens when you pay attention to your staff and coworkers; say thank you, encourage new ideas, plan yearly reviews and get to know each person on the team and understand their needs and show you care. Be nice, be honest and pay attention to the little things that make a big difference.  

The unchartered waters of today bring new challenges by the hour, but remember…each day is a gift, and with it brings new opportunities in business, leadership and life. Embrace change, take the time to dream and visualize successful outcomes. Take care of the people in your life; be kind, enthusiastic and competitive. Please check in with us by stopping by our office, meeting us at a future event or contacting us via phone or email. Let us help you with your vision… see, believe and achieve your goals and dreams!

See you again soon,

Marlyn Kissner, Executive Vice President, Northern Region
Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce
Carbon Chamber and Economic Development
Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce
Mobile: 610.751.4932

Monroe County has received funding through the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Grant. This aid is designed to offset some of the financial impact incurred by the local community in dealing with the effects of COVID-19. While some of the money will be used to maintain vital county and municipal services including transportation, funds will also be available to support local emergency service providers, long-term care organizations, small and tourist- related businesses, and non-profit organizations (e.g. 501©(3) and veterans’ organizations).

Friday, August 7th - Pocono Chamber Annual Golf Outing

Tuesday, August 11th - August Women in Buisness Luncheon

Thursday, August 27th - Virtual Coffee & Commerce


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Fourth Thursdays @ 8:30 am - Women in Business Council

You can fill out your form NOW!  Census data determines  federal funding  and  political representation  for our community for the next 10 years. Make sure your community counts by participating in the 2020 Census.  

The Census influences funding for essential programs like, Head Start, LiHEAP, SNAP, Hospitals, Schools, and so much MORE!

For every person counted in the Census, our community will receive an average of $2,000 per year . This community needs your count!

Go to  to fill out your household’s form online.  
Don’t wait until it’s too late! 

On July 15, Gov. Wolf made a unilateral decision to issue mitigation tactics that specifically targeted the restaurant and hospitality industry, which lacked data to justify such drastic measures. Since the start of the pandemic the industry has had to make numerous sacrifices for the greater good and has done so with overwhelming compliance. Rather than stepping up enforcement in a meaningful way against bad operators, Gov. Wolf's broad-based approach has targeted our industry in a way that will do irreparable harm to many businesses who followed the rules and the jobs they provide. 
Reducing indoor dining capacity to 25% is essentially the same as eliminating it completely since there is no scenario where a restaurant can survive at that level of occupancy. Amplifying the industry's frustration is the fact that requests for clarification have been slow to be fulfilled by the Wolf Administration. 
Your local restaurant needs your support today! Restaurants are vital to our communities. Think back on how many times you went to a restaurant seeking comfort or to celebrate one of life's milestones. Restaurants have always been there for you; will you sign this petition and be there for them today? Without your voice, many restaurants will not be able to survive this crisis. 

Petition Text:
I stand with restaurants! Targeting one industry, while allowing all other businesses to operate normally, is shortsighted and unfair. Restaurants who have followed the guidelines should not be punished for the actions of a small number of bad actors. Step up the enforcement of the bad actors in a meaningful way and allow those restaurants who have complied the opportunity to resume operations to save their business and the jobs they provide. 

To support our members, The Chamber is offering member businesses a FREE 20-minute legal consultation with one of our four Chamber Law Firm Partners.
  • Gross McGinley FOR Business, Corporate, Employment and Real Estate;
  • King Spry Herman Freund & Faul FOR Employment and Labor, Employee Benefits;
  • Lesavoy Butz & Seitz FOR Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Estate Planning & Litigation Needs; and
  • Zator Law FOR Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Business/Commercial Law, Real Estate, Criminal Defense, and Workers’ Compensation.

This new benefit is designed to provide our members with access to general legal guidance concerning the required safety regulations and procedures on the reopening of their business.

To support our members, The Chamber is offering member businesses a FREE 20-minute accounting consultation with one of our three Chamber Accounting/ CPA Partners.

  • Buckno Lisicky & Company, CPA's - From basic accounting expertise to the most complex accounting information, the CPA's of Buckno Lisicky & Company have developed knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional service areas.
  • Foresight Business Solutions - Foresight offers an integrated tax, accounting and business management solution for small businesses.
  • RLB Accountants – RLB provides full-service accounting, tax, and financial management support to all clients, including: established closely held businesses, corporations, institutions, and individuals. RLB also provides remote accounting/bookkeeping services and is certified with Quickbooks and XERO.

This new benefit is designed to provide our members with access to general accounting guidance concerning the impacts COVID-19 on their business financials.
Attract and retain employees with benefit solutions!

To request a quote, ask your broker about Chamber Health Insurance for Monroe County with Aetna Funding Advantage or contact Jessica Gary with Chamber Health Marketplace at 610-349-8226.


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Students pursuing a college degree can sharpen their skills and build their resumes though an internship with the Pocono Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber is currently looking for three to four students majoring or minoring in marketing, communications, public relations or business administration. The interns will work out of the Lehighton chamber office doing a variety of tasks. The Chamber is following the PA Governor’s Phases while navigating COVID 19 – Red, Yellow and Green, in addition to following federal, state and local government authorities. Interns have the opportunity to work from home/remotely while completing projects and required hours.

Any students interested in this semester's internship opportunities can contact the chamber office for more information at 570-421-4433.
 Call us, 570-421-4433