Mission Council Highlights from April

1. Mission Council discussed our mission goals and agreed that our goal was "was to Create a welcoming and accessible church in which to grow and foster the spiritual lives of our community."

2. MC discussed and sent back to committee a proposed parental leave policy for the Preschool staff.

3. MC asked the Executive Committee to complete job descriptions for part time positions of bookkeeper and office manager/communications director.

4. Preschool reported on plans to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of St Mark Preschool on June 9.

5. Child Protection training for the Mission Council and interested members of the congregation has be scheduled for May 21 at 6 pm.

St. Mark Helps Muslim Students Celebrate

St. Mark is helping Muslim UVA students celebrate Ramadan this year. Muslim students often experience discrimination and hostile environment in our community. 

It is even harder when they are taking exams and at the same time trying to observe their holy time of Ramadan that involves fasting, prayer, and safe gathering when they break the fast. 

We need at least 10 volunteers of any age. It is an opportunity for service and also for learning about another faith tradition. Children are welcome to come help.

If you would like to help and volunteer helping them with food, welcome, please send the office and email:


Date: May 8 Wednesday

Time: We need help from 7:30PM to 9:30PM

Place: Wesley Foundation at UVA 
           1908 Lewis Mountain Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Congratulations Emily!

Emily Marbury was selected to be an officer in the Army and took the oath. She will graduate in August from the University of Central Florida with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, then will report to training soon after that.

Baptism of Jack Thomas Milligan

Sunday we will baptize Jack Thomas Milligan, child of Peter and Michelle Milligan. The godparents are Liz Valente (Jack's sister) and Thomas Fleischman (Michelle's brother). Jack was born on June 1, 2018. We pray for Jack and his family as they prepare to hear and witness with us God's adoption promise to Jack. Through baptism Jack is our brother in Christ and forever a beloved child of God.
Democracy and Religion 
 May 2 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
May  3 at 8:30am - 3:30pm

Place: Rotunda Lower Level

Dear leaders of Charlottesville's religious community, the Forum for Democracy and Religion at UVA is along with the Center for the Study of Law and Markets at William and Mary, proud to be hosting a conference spanning the evening of May 2nd, through the afternoon of May 3rd dealing with contemporary issues surrounding, Democracy, Religion, and the Market. If interested individuals could RSVP to ssw9ct@virginia.edu 
Bennett's Village

The IX Art Park is holding its 3rd Circix event and this year the proceeds will go to Bennett's Village.  Ix Art Park, 1-4pm Sunday April 28th.  Please join us for circus fun, face painting, food trucks, the Book Bus, and more!  $10 suggested donation but pay what you can (if anything!)  We hope to see you there!  


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Disability Ministries

"A couple of years ago, while trying to get the worship book for my denomination printed in Braille, I started thinking about blind people in Scripture. What was their struggle like? Were blind people shunned and marginalized the way blind people are marginalized today? This led me to consider some of the passages from the Pentateuch. In Leviticus we read that not only are the blind to be led faithfully, but that the deaf are to be revered as well. From Deuteronomy we hear that those who put a stumbling block before the blind are to be cursed."...to continue reading click on the button
LIRS News - Family Separation One Year Later...

Nearly one year ago, the U.S. implemented the family separation crisis that resulted in thousands of children being ripped from their parents arms. In commemoration of all the children who have suffered at the hands of U.S. immigration, LIRS's video diary "Alone." recreates the experience of a child navigating the harrowing journey of separation...read more by clicking on the button

Sunday April 28
Welcome:                             Alice McKenna
Greeter:                               David Brumbaugh
Ushers:                                Tom & Caroline Hecmanczuk
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:       Sylvie Bon-Harper
Assisting Minister:                 Tony Marbury
Children Moment:                 Pastor
Lector:                                Jeff Werner
Cantor:                               Sylvie Bon-Harper
Altar Guild:                         Jessica Ney-Grimm
Nursery:                              Izzy Hecmanczuk
Coffee/Clean up:                 Yvonne Osheim & Caroline Hecmanczuk
Counters:                           Greg Wichelns & Constance Johnson

Sunday May 5                  
Welcome:                                  Amanda Nelson  
Ushers:                                    Dick Sundberg & Marco Escobar               
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:           Crosby Horton
Assisting Minister:                     Nano Masters
Children Moment:                     Tony Marbury
Lector:                                     Christa Escobar
Cantor:                                    Paul Shepherd
Altar Guild:                              Elaine Okey
Nursery:                                  Madeline Ernst-Jones    
Snack:                                    Charlotte Owen & Carolyn Rader
Coffee/Clean up:   
Counters:                                Elaine Okey & Mark Giesecke


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