Gapped Sonnet
by Suzanne Gardinier

Between the blinds Past the coded locks
Past the slanted gold bars of the day
Smelling of all-night salt rain on the docks
Of grief Of birth Of bergamot Of May

In the wind that lifts the harbor litter
Wet against my fingers in a dream
Salvaging among the tideline's bitter
gleanings Generous Exigent Lush and lean

Your voice A tune I thought I had forgotten
The taste of cold July brook on my tongue
A fire built on thick ice in the winter
The place where lost and salvaged meet and fit
The cadences a class in grief is taught in
The sound when frozen rivers start to run

Copyright � 2013 by Suzanne Gardinier. Used with permission of the author.
About this Poem:
"I wrote this in a spring Sarah Lawrence class about the sonnet, a form I love that always makes me say what I don't know I know. The punctuation is left out in my usual attempt to make the sound of a translation, from some other language I almost understand."

Suzanne Gardinier
Poetry by Gardinier

Iridium: & Selected Poems 1986-2009


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March 4, 2013

Suzanne Gardinier is the author most recently of Iridium & Collected Poems 1986-2009. She teaches writing at Sarah Lawrence College and lives between Manhattan and Havana.

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