Poetry Read During Worship
May 3, 2020
Spring Giddiness - Rumi (offered by Rev. Carol)
Inspirational Quotes - John Muir (offered by Rev. Carol)
What we Need is Here - Wendell Berry (offered by Pat Nelson)
Invitation - Mary Oliver (offered by Linda Higgs)
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud - William Wordsworth (offered by Bryan Higgs)
Little Sun - Chelsea Koehler

Watching the sun set,
The prettiest as can be,
Goodbye little sun!
The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost (offered by Gerald Riley)
Sonnet 43 - Edna St. Vincent Millay (offered by Kristen Rounds)
Eagle Poem - Joy Harjo (offered by Cathy Goldwater)
Grapes Don't Think - Bob Treen (offered by Carole Treen)
Tatterbrook - J.B.L. (offered by Mary Koon)

Little brook, running through my
early years, I love thee...
Out of the womb of the mountain,
sired by storm and summer shower:
forever old and yet forever new.
But you were oh so small!
How could it be that what you taught
would ever be enough for me?
I sought great rivers,
listened to their message
many a weary winter, many a promised spring.
I looked upon the sea
and dard not try to understand
so vast a thing.
Tired of wandering
I came again to thee, dear brook:
the gentle place where serch began.
Almost too late, I found
in swift shallow
and quiet pool
myself, awhile.
A fleeting glimpse it was at best
but just enough for me to know
where I had lost my happiness.