Boomer has become part of our language and there is a reason for it. America is graying but the nation is more racially and ethnically diverse, and also less fertile. Read on.
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Thursday July 1

Raja Yoga Now: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. The Yoga Sutras of Sri Patanjali is the foremost scripture on Yoga. It provides profound insight into the human condition and how to gain mastery over the mind. It offers methods to optimize our health, change our behaviors, and transform the way we move through life. Ultimately, it leads us to the highest spiritual realization, in which we abide in the peace and joy that is our true nature. 11am

Friday July 10

Oral History Workshop by 1947 Archive. This is a FREE workshop on how to record and submit oral history interviews, offered by The 1947 Partition Archive. You will learn the basic etiquettes and procedures for conducting oral history interviews, as well as basic video recording techniques. You will also learn how to use our online system for submitting oral history interviews. Please note that this workshop is REQUIRED for anyone wishing to record and submit oral history interviews through our online system. We only accept interviews that adhere to the highest standards and we are here to teach you all that you need to know for conducting a successful oral history interview. By graduating this workshop you are one step closer to becoming a Citizen Historian! Registration is required. 7pm

Wednesday July 22

Road to TiECon - July Session . Road to TiECon (RTT) an anchor event every month featuring our sponsors as well as other experts in a more lengthy format of about 120 minutes with a myriad of keynotes, panels, fireside chats etc. Each RTT will feature knowledge and solutions in different domain aspects for the current time and for the future, but still within the underlying thesis of " live, learn and adapt in these novel times”. 8am

Saturday July 25

Meditation and Movement. Meditation is a skill we develop over time to bring our hearts and minds back to a centered space. In this online workshop, experience a joy-based weekend that explores both meditation and movement as a way to get back to a centered space, and connect to our inner wisdom. Learn modern and ancient foundational tools of meditation that allow inspiration and insight to arise. Registration is required to receive the online link for the program. 11am.

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