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October 25, 2020

Sanborn Regional High School
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An Important Message From Mr. Stack
Dear Sanborn Community,

Starting Monday, October 26, our school will be moving to Tier 2. You can click the button above to learn more. We are excited to be working with all of you to make this a successful experience for each and every one of our students.

So, what does "Tier 2" mean?

First, we will have a new bell schedule (which is slightly different from the one we have been using for Tier 4). Please click the button below to review this new schedule, which also includes a couple period swaps on blue and grey days. This schedule will apply to all students, both those who are in-person and those who are remote.
For all students, when you have attendance questions, please email Kim Keddy at She maintains all attendance records for the school.

For students planning to be in-person, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Masks are required at all times on the bus and in school (unless you are seated at lunch, eating). Gators, and other similar masks are not allowed. A face shield is not a replacement for a mask.
  2. Expect to have a staff member check your temperature in your first class. Anyone with a high fever will be asked to see the nurse.
  3. Do not come to school if you have COVID symptoms. Please call the nurse for guidance.
  4. Do not come to school if you have been outside of New England. The state requires you to quarantine for 14 days. Contact Kim Keddy so she is aware that you need to do this.
  5. All students will be required to eat in the cafeteria at lunch, seated at individual desks that are six feet apart. You will be able to turn your desks to face your friends.
  6. We will be asking you to sign in and out anytime you leave your class. We have to know where you are at all times so that we can perform "contact tracing" if we get a COVID positive test in our building. We ask students to cooperate with this.
  7. There will be some staffing changes, and you may find you get a new teacher on Monday. We are still working to settle some staffing holes in our schedule. We appreciate your cooperation and flexibility as we do this.
  8. Classes will look different due to synchronous learning. This means that some students will be "Zooming in" and some will be in-person. Teachers are learning how to accommodate this new environment but we ask all to be patient, and understanding, as staff are on a steep learning curve with this. We have added some technology (wireless headsets and monitors to display Zoom students) to help teachers with this.

Final Thoughts:

Our ability to make Tier 2 learning a success will rest with each of you doing your part to maintain the health and safety of all in our community. We need to work together, and I believe we can do this. I am excited to "see" all of you Monday. It has been nearly eight months since we have been together, and I miss you all dearly.

Please watch my 10.22.2020 video update on Tier 2:
Virtual Video Tour of the High School (For 9th Grade & New Students)
Assistant Principal Steve Krzyzanowski has made a video tour of our facilities for new students and incoming freshman. Click on each video (2 parts) to take the virtual tour.
Virtual Tour Part 1:
Virtual Tour Part 2:
Bus Route Information
Updated bus routes for Fremont, Newton, and Kingston are available on the high school website, or by clicking the button below:
What Will Lunch Look Like?
Special Bell Schedule for Friday 10/30/2020
On Friday 10/30/2020, the Elections class will hold a special "Town Hall" event for the whole school on the presidential election. Students will participate in this event virtually with their advisory. We will follow a special bell schedule, noted below:
Seniors! Scholarship Page Has Been Updated by the Counseling Office
Hello Seniors! Please check out the counseling website for your updated monthly scholarship newsletter. You will find the link under college resources. Happy Applying! 
National Honor Society Inducts New Members
On October 20th, the current members of the National Honor Society inducted 13 new members from the class of 2021. The ceremony was emceed by Chapter President, Maxim Lussier. That evening, members, new inductees, and zoom attendants of the ceremony heard 4 honorary guests speak on the four pillars of the National Honor Society: Science Teacher, Mrs. Petruzzi spoke on Scholarship, Director of Counseling, Mrs. Leavitt spoke on Leadership, Art Teacher, Ms. Swist spoke on Service, and Math and Science Teacher, Doc Young spoke on Character. The evening continued with student speakers: Isabella Pettirossi, Diana Gibson, Alexis Wood, Nicholas Lucas, and Taryn Lynch. Pictured below are the new members of the National Honor Society upon completion of our Fall 2020 induction ceremony, socially distanced across the stage, from left to right, Drew Fontaine, Sarah Zaluk, Emma Williams, Janie Donahue, Adam LaPanne, Mackenzie Rehrauer, Breanna Gates, Kaylen LaChapelle, Dacey Schreiber, Amanda Wentworth, and Samantha Manson. NP: Marissa Borgesi and Dylan Khalil. Congratulations!
Food Pantry Needs
We continue to support over 30 families each weekend through the End 68 Hours of Hunger program. We are in need of the following items for the food pantry:

  • Soup
  • Tuna
  • Spaghetti-o’s/Raviollis
  • Veggies
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Cereal
  • Packages of oatmeal
  • Granola bars
  • Nutri grain bars
  • Packages of peanut butter crackers
  • Cans of fruit

If you can donate, please only send in plastic bottles. Please bring all donations to the high school.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Heidi Leavitt at
Update on Music Programs in the Tier 2 Learning Model
The music team has been working diligently with administration on procedures to keep our musicians safe during this challenging time. We will be utilizing the New Hampshire Music Education Coalition guidelines when preparing for in-person instruction.

Safety precautions will include:

  • Utilizing the auditorium (HS/MS) and additional classroom spaces (Memorial) to properly distance students.
  • Wearing instrumentalist masks when playing all instruments.
  • Using bell covers on wind instruments. These will be provided by the Music Dept.
  • Using moisture pads and additional trash bins for brass players to discard excess condensation.
  • Assigning timpani and keyboard mallets to percussionists.
  • Managing storage areas to limit the number of students at a time in the room.
  • Students will use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting rehearsal space.
  • Students will be responsible for wiping down their music stands and seats before and after rehearsals.
  • Playing outside when weather permits.

All students will need to provide:

  • Two or three instrumentalist masks for wind players. These should be washed daily after use. 
  • We will need your help creating them! Please see the brass video here:
  • Regular masks to wear over instrumentalist masks when not playing.
  • Black 3-ringed binder with sheet protectors.
  • Wind instruments: Cleaning swabs, reeds for instruments.
  • Percussion: Drumsticks and plastic or hard rubber bell mallets.
  • Weather appropriate clothing for outdoor rehearsals (less than 50 degrees F).

The District has ordered specific instrumentalist masks and MERV-13 filtered bell covers for all students. They will be distributed to students upon arrival, estimated delivery in early December.
Spirit Days: Organized by Student Council
Important Mask Information
Important Information Regarding the Return to Tier 2 Learning
Questions have been coming in about supplies....

Unless otherwise told by your teacher, you traditionally need your chromebook and charger. Please note, we do not have enough replacement chargers this year devices that die during the day. It is VITAL that you bring our chromebook and charger everyday.

It is also good practice to have a notebook(s) and pens handy, due to COVID we will NOT be able to share or offer teacher pens.
School Picture Update
School pictures will be on November 9. More information will be available as we get closer to the date. There will be opportunities for students who are both in person and remote to get pictures taken.

School pictures will be taken by Geskus this year.
Cafeteria Food Program Update
Effective October 26, 2020:
Senior Spotlight Update
Back by popular demand, our Points of PRIDE newsletters will soon be running senior spotlight articles to highlight members of our graduating class. These articles, written by staff members, will start in November.
Dear High School Community,

As we approach reopening, we are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community as a whole. One of the measures we are taking is purchasing the Smartpass digital hallway system. This system was piloted by the Freshmen Learning Community prior to the COVID outbreak, and we found significant success in:

1-The reduction of pass requests, leading to more instructional time for students.

2-The reduction of vaping in school bathrooms.

3-The reduction of “group hang-outs” and vandalism in the bathrooms.

SmartPass does not have a GPS tracking system, it is just a digital version of the sign-out sheet and paper passes. It provides administrators an accounting of which students are outside of the classroom during the school day. 

In case of emergencies such as fires, severe weather, or building intruders, administrators have real-time access to this critical information. Beyond the uses for emergency situations, the software provides us limits to hallway activity, as well as consistent contact tracing should we need it.  

Students and staff can access SmartPass from their school-provided device or from their personal mobile device through the App Store or at

For more information, please visit the vendor’s website at


Steve Krzyzanowski
Assistant Principal
Technology Update
SRHS Personal Device Expectations

The use by students of personal communication devices such as cell phones, smart watches, and the like is generally prohibited at the SRHS/MS campus during the instructional day. As long as use is not disruptive, students may use these devices during scheduled breakfast or lunch periods, in hallways during passing time, and while on district busses. Personal devices, like cell phones, shall not be used during academic time unless a specific circumstance warrants their use for academic purposes only.   

Unless specifically allowed by the teacher for instructional purposes, students must put away/turn off all personal devices while in class. 

Violation 1: If a personal device is being used after class has started, the student will get a warning and the device must go into the classroom wall pocket for the duration of the class. Teachers should note the date that students violated these expectations.
Violation 2: If the student is caught using their device again within 30 days of the last infraction the student must take their phone straight to the main office and can only pick it up at 2:10p. 
Violation 3: Same as Violation 2, however this time a parent must come to retrieve it from administration. A plan will be created where the student will start the day with the phone in the office.

Examples of improper use include, but are not limited, to the following: interference, disruption or obstruction of the educational environment, academic dishonesty, plagiarism, or violation of intellectual property laws, accessing files or sites not relevant to the curriculum, sending or displaying offensive messages, pictures, or language (e.g. sexting or use in a manner that is profane, indecent, obscene, or vulgar), cyberbullying, harassing, intimidating, coercing, threatening, or attacking others, making public private information without consent, engaging in commercial activities, damaging computers, networks, or other electronic devices, intentionally wasting network resources.

Related Sanborn School Board Policy: JICJ
New Traffic Patterns for Drop-Off (Mornings) and Pick-Up (Afternoons)
In an effort to better control traffic at the beginning and end of the day, we ask all to abide by the following new traffic patterns for drop off and pick-up. We will have some Police officers and staff on hand on the first few days of school to assist all with learning the new "system."
Buses will be parked in the afternoon in the following pattern:
SRHS PTO Announcements
The mission of the Sanborn Regional High School Parent Teacher Organization is to enhance and support the Sanborn Regional High School learning community of students, staff, and families of Fremont, Kingston, and Newton. This is accomplished through the following endeavors:

*Community Outreach *Teacher Involvement *Educational Programs *Civic Cooperation
*Volunteer Programs *Fundraising

If we all help a little it will be amazing how much we can accomplish as an organization.

We typically meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in Room 102.
(check the Points of P.R.I.D.E. Newsletter or our FB page for any changes)

Thank you for taking the time to complete the membership form and become part of the SRHS PTO. Check us out on Facebook at Sanborn Regional High Scholl PTO.

If you have any questions or information you would like to share with our organization, please contact Alicia D’Antonio at
An Update From Southern Rockingham Coalition for Youth (SoROCK)
Youth in Action Update

This week Youth In Action put together some great resource packets for our seven police departments to hand out at Sunday’s DEA RX Take Back event! If you were not able to make it to the Take Back Event in your town and would like some medication disposal pouches please email us at Kingston PD has a permanent drop box in their lobby.
Red Rbbon Week!
10/28 SoRock will be hosting its first virtual movie night with "The First Day" featuring Chris Herren with a panel discussion following.  Through the power of storytelling, The First Day addresses issues that school systems, communities and people across the country are impacted by, directly or indirectly, each day including substance use, other harmful behaviors and mental wellness.
We are excited to share that Leaders In Training groups are now available for Middle and High Schools In-Person through the Exeter YMCA/Camp Lincoln as part of our Youth Empowerment Series! 
SAVE THE DATE! Nov. 4, More than Sad for High School Students from 2:30 to 4pm, provided virtually via Zoom.
More Than Sad is program to help young people understand and recognize the signs of teen depression, reduce stigma and find needed help. Discussion will focus on how teens can support each other through challenging times. Parent/guardian permission is required, and a Zoom link will be sent to the provided email on the morning of 11/4.  In collaboration with UNH Collaborative Extension, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

More events will be added in the coming weeks so check our website and Facebook often for updates! 
Look for the Youth Empowerment logo on events to know which events/workshops qualify. Some virtual workshops will also have door prizes of $10, $15 & 20 gift cards. Must attend through event end to qualify.  
Keep Us Informed!
PTO Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins
When you drop your unwanted clothing and shoes off in these bins, the SRHS PTO gets paid based on the weight of the clothing! This is a really easy way to help our school. All PTO proceeds go directly back to programming and scholarships that directly benefit our students. NOTE: Shoes must go in a separate bin.

Did you know? From April of 2015 - May 2017, this fundraiser has helped us raise nearly $2400.00 for the PTO. Help us double that number by sharing this opportunity with your friends, your family, and your neighbors!

* Not Sponsored by the Sanborn Regional School District