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September 21, 2020

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Please Watch Mr. Stack's Video Update For 9.18.2020
Information on the College Fair, Activity Fair, and the October 14 In-Person SAT Test for Seniors.
Remote Learning at SRHS
The School Board voted to start the year in a remote learning format. Students will start on 9.8.2020. Please read the full plan for remote learning that was approved by the School Board at their 8.19.2020 meeting by clicking the button below:
New Student Mentoring Program
As adults, most of us can probably name a person in our lives who took an interest in helping us at some critical point. Whether it was a special teacher, a favorite coach or a more experienced colleague at a job when we were just beginning our career, if prompted, we can remember who that person was and how helpful it was to know that there was a person who was willing to listen, provide feedback and reassure us when life or the job became a little overwhelming.

“Mentoring, at its core, lets young people know that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.” (

Sanborn Regional High School is excited to report that we are developing a new mentoring program for our students. During the time of this pandemic, it has become increasingly clear to us that many of our students have struggled with connecting with adults who they feel truly care about them. We hope this program will begin to change the way our students see their relationships with the adults in our building.

Beginning this week, in advisory, all students will complete a quick survey where they will identify up to 10 adults with whom they would like to have that mentoring relationship. We will then attempt to match the students with 1 of their chosen 10. All of the adults in our building including teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, counselors and nurses will have a small group of students with whom they will schedule weekly check ins. While we are in remote learning, these check ins will be virtual - zoom, google chat or using a remind app.

We hope these mentor relationships will help students to become comfortable talking with an adult who is not grading them in any subject and has a vested interest in their well-being. It is the hope that these mentor relationships will continue throughout the students 4 years of high school.

We truly believe in the value of a mentoring relationship with regards to improved academic performance, decreased attendance issues and improved chances of attaining their post high school goals.

If you have any questions about the mentoring program, please contact Heidi Leavitt, Director of Counseling at
SRHS Receives $10,000 Grant to Start Advanced Manufacturing Pathway
Sanborn Regional High School recently received a $10,000 grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. This award was accepted by the School Board at their September 16, 2020 meeting. The funds will be used by the school to develop two new courses which will lead to the development of an advanced manufacturing extended learning opportunity pathway at the school. In the communities of Kingston, Newton, and Fremont, local advanced manufacturers report that they are struggling to fill positions in their companies and are looking to partner with Sanborn Regional High School in an effort to make students aware of the opportunities that exist in the advanced manufacturing industry and also to help all students develop the employ-ability skills necessary to be successful in the industry after high school.

The funds will allow students in the program to receive both Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification and blue-print reading industry credentials. The school will also plan a number of industry tours and will outfit students with proper work gear, including steel-toe work boots and other similar employment supplies. Upon completion of the two Sanborn courses, students will have the opportunity to continue their studies with college-level course work in advanced manufacturing or pursue an internship with a local company.

Principal Brian M. Stack had this to say about the award: “We are excited to be able to bring this opportunity to our students. Advanced manufacturing continues to be an area with critical workforce shortages in our part of New Hampshire. This program will allow us to open doors for students of all abilities. We are thankful for the individuals and organizations who have worked with us on this proposal, including Jaimie Bezanson, Vice President of Operations at Tru Form Precision Manufacturing in Plaistow, New Hampshire; and Beth Doiron, Director of College Access and DoE Programs and Initiatives for the Community College System of NH. We hope this grant will lead to many future opportunities for Sanborn students for years to come.”

About the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is New Hampshire’s statewide community foundation, founded in 1962 by and for the people of New Hampshire. The Foundation manages a growing collection of nearly 2,000 funds created by generous individuals, families and businesses, and awards nearly $40 million in grants and more than $6 million in scholarships every year. The Foundation works with generous and visionary citizens to maximize the power of their giving, supports great work happening in our communities and leads and collaborates on high-impact initiatives. For more information, please visit or call 603-225-6641.
Important Information Regarding the NWEA Test For Grades 9-10
Fall is traditionally a time of assessment as we get to know our students and prepare our lessons to meet their needs. One of these assessments is the NWEA MAP Growth for both Reading and Math. This fall, it will be administered to our students in grades 9-10 in a remote format, and we will need your help. The letter below from the SAU explains the assessment as well as what we will be asking parents and guardians to do in order to make this a successful experience for your child.
SRHS Library to Offer Curbside Pick Up
The Sanborn Regional Middle and High School libraries are now offering contactless pick up! Students can request specific titles from our collection or ask for recommendations from the librarians by completing the Google Form on our Curbside Pickup webpage (available via the Library website). For more information about this and about the guidelines we are following, please click the button below:
Attendance Reporting For Parents
This year, the high school is asking parents to use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to view and track your child’s attendance records. Our attendance clerk, Kim Keddy, will be sending you automated email messages from the Infinite Campus system when your child has missed two or more of their classes at school that day. You would then be able to log into the system to see which classes were missing, and send any information or documentation you have regarding your child’s absence to Kim by email at For more information on how to access and use the parent portal, click the button below.

Please note, your portal log in instructions were mailed home to you at the beginning of the year, but Kim can help you if you cannot find them or need it sent again.
Survey Reminder From the SAU
The District will be closing the survey sent out Friday on Monday, September 21 at noon. Please make sure you complete it. This important will drive decisions on when and how to start the process to reopen schools to students.
Graduation and Post Secondary Planning: A Webinar For Seniors & Parents
As one can expect it has been very busy in the counseling office to start the year. Schedule changes will be completed by Tuesday and the students seem to be settling into their classes.

Virtual College Fair September 23

Once again, we will host over 30 colleges for our Virtual Annual College Fair on September 23rd from 11-1. The list of colleges represented will be on the high school website on the counseling office page. Students will be emailed a list of links for the colleges that are attending. Both Juniors and Seniors will be allowed to attend. CLICK HERE for more information.

New Website

Speaking of which, the counseling office has a new look on the website! You will find many links to helpful resources including College Board, Scoir, ACT, Khan Academy and NCAA. Please check back frequently as we will be adding links for mental health resources, internship opportunities and scholarship information.

SAT Opportunity October 14

Sanborn is offering an opportunity for Seniors to take the SAT for free on October 14th. We will be offering the exam in person at the high school and all seniors are expected to participate; however, you can opt your child out of the exam. If you would like to opt out, please complete the form using the button below. We will have more information about expectations for being in the building as we get closer to the day.
Many of you may already be aware..... There is a trend going around called "Zoombombing" on TikTok where strangers say if students give them their Zoom classroom information, they will go into the class and "do something crazy." Other students are also filming the "Zoombombers" and sending it around the various schools through Snapchat/TikTok which can be viewed outside the community in which they live.
In order for us to get in front of this, please review with your son or daughter that sharing Google Codes or Zoom links to any individuals outside of the Sanborn community puts themselves and other classmates at risk.
Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.

SAT Prep Sessions Offered

Speaking of SAT’s, Ms. Evans (our district’s new secondary math coordinator) will be offering a free 5-week SAT prep course for the math sections of the SAT on Fridays from 10 - 11:30 am. All levels welcome: just come ready to do and discuss math! The class will meet on zoom and will be designed to help you meet your goals for the SAT math. Sign up by filling out a short Google Form. After signing up, you’ll be added to the Google Classroom and receive a link to the zoom classroom.

Contact a School Counselor

As always, counselors continue to meet with all students to support them emotionally, academically and socially. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s counselor.

Dave Ulfelder A-F Dianne McCarthy G-M  Michelle Farrar N-Z
Upcoming Changes to Our Remote Learning Bell Schedule
Early Release: September 30, 2020

On September 30, 2020, the Sanborn Regional School District has a planned early release day for students. The bell schedule below will be used on this day. Students who attend the PM session at SST are still required to attend at the regularly scheduled time.
Holiday Week: October 12-16

There will be no school on Monday, October 12. For this week, Friday will be a "grey day" with periods 1, 3, 4, and 8 running (in addition to advisory and FLT). Also this week, we will be administering the SAT to seniors on Wednesday 10/14. Depending on how many seniors elect to take the SAT exam, which will be offered in-person, some classes for grades 9-11 may not offer a live session that day to allow teachers to assist in proctoring the SAT exam. More information will be available soon.
SRHS PTO to Meet 9/30 at 7PM on Zoom
Parents, Staff, Students, and Friends of SRHS,

The SRHS PTO will hold its first meeting of the new school year virtually. Please join us to learn more about the PTO and how you can get involved in their efforts to enhance the school experience for all students at the school.

Please click the button below for the Zoom link:
AP Biology Summer Spotlight
An Article by Science Teacher Elizabeth Mulvey
This summer, all AP courses began July 1 on Google classroom. In AP Biology, they were tasked to read "The Serengeti Rules" by Sean B. Carroll and complete a scavenger hunt for different items in the local ecosystem. After reading the book, the students had to apply their new knowledge of the Serengeti Rules to a National Park of their choosing.

The Serengeti Rules:

Rule 1: Keystones: Not all species are equal

Rule 2: Some species mediate strong indirect effects through trophic cascades

Rule 3: Competition: Some species compete for common resources

Rule 4: Body size affects the mode of regulation

Rule 5: Density: The regulation of some species depends on their density

Rule 6: Migration increases animal numbers

Check out their final products! I continue to be impressed by the quality of their work and their attention to detail as we have begun remote learning during the school year. What a phenomenal group!

 Acadia National Park.pdf

 Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.pdf

 Denali National Park.pdf

 Grand Canyon National Park.pdf

 Komodo National Park.pdf

 Serranía de Chiribiquete National Park.pdf

 Yellowstone National Park.pdf

 Yosemite National Park.pdf
Exeter Adult Education Fall Courses and Programs
Exeter Adult Education has released its fall schedule. Click the button below for more information.
A Message From the Yearbook
SRHS PTO Un-Fundraiser
An Athletic Update From Mr. Dawson
At a recent School Board meeting, it was decided that we would participate as fully as possible in athletics this fall. While many details (including revised game schedules) are being worked out, our athletic teams are already participating in summer fitness / skill-building activities, and full-on practice / tryouts will start Sept. 8 for the high school. (Middle School kicks off the 10th). If you have a student-athlete planning to participate this fall, please check out some information here using the link below.

Bob Dawson
Asst. Principal / Student Life
Athletic Director
An Update From Southern Rockingham Coalition for Youth (SoROCK)
September is Recovery month & Suicide Prevention month. This month we celebrate recovery and raise awareness that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those struggling to live a healthy and rewarding life. 
Recovery Month celebrates the gains made by those in recovery, just as we celebrate improvements made by those who are managing other health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease.
Substance misuse and mental health disorders are on the rise as people struggle to cope with these extraordinary times. SoRock has been and will continue to work diligently to come up with in person, virtual and socially distanced opportunities to keep people healthy and connected.
Please remember we are here for you!


2020/2021 Youth In Action The club fair for students is coming up and Sanborn/SoRock Youth in Action is looking forward to welcoming new students! Youth in Action is a youth idea driven club addressing the real time issues teens are facing. The group is focused primarily on mental health and substance misuse prevention.

If you are in need of resources or have any questions please reach out to or visit us at on social media at @sorocknh
An Update From Southern Rockingham Coalition for Youth (SoROCK)
PTO Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins
When you drop your unwanted clothing and shoes off in these bins, the SRHS PTO gets paid based on the weight of the clothing! This is a really easy way to help our school. All PTO proceeds go directly back to programming and scholarships that directly benefit our students. NOTE: Shoes must go in a separate bin.

Did you know? From April of 2015 - May 2017, this fundraiser has helped us raise nearly $2400.00 for the PTO. Help us double that number by sharing this opportunity with your friends, your family, and your neighbors!

* Not Sponsored by the Sanborn Regional School District