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April 8, 2019

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Juniors To Take SAT Test During School Day on April 9
On April 9th all Juniors will take part in the SAT as our state testing requirement. New this year will be that all students will be taking the Digital SAT on their Chromebooks. Students will arrive to school at the regular time and will be assigned to a testing room. Students will be in their testing rooms until about 12:30. In order to help them be successful, all students will have time to practice on the digital testing platform on April 4th. They will also receive an SAT Student Guide which offers test taking tips and practice questions. Students will be able to send their scores for free to up to 4 colleges or the NCAA. In order to make sure that all chromebooks are charged and ready for testing, Juniors will not be allowed to take their chromebooks home on April 8th (teachers are aware of this and assignment due dates have been modified to accommodate this).  

You can help your child to be successful on this test by making sure they get a good night's sleep the night before and having them eat a healthy breakfast on the morning of the exam. Students should bring a water bottle and a snack for the exam.  Please know that in order to ensure the security of the test, students will not have access to their phones during the entire length of the test. Once the test is over, students will go to the lunchroom and then an activity in the afternoon. If you would like to dismiss your child after the test, you must send in a note to the main office and arrange for transportation. Students will be dismissed for the day at the end of the regular school day. 

If you have any questions about the testing day or the SAT, please contact Heidi Leavitt, Director of Counseling at
Senior Success Day Information
Senior Spotlight: Hannah Botelho
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Julie Healey
3 words that Hannah’s teachers have used to describe her are diligent, thoughtful, and polite. She is a self-motivated, hard-working student who sees the value in her own education and cares about learning. Her teachers present and past have enjoyed watching the growth Hannah has made, and are confident that she will go on to achieve greatness in her post-high school life. 

Hannah is a student who makes it look easy to succeed in many areas of her life. She spends time doing things she loves (making art and listening to music) and is also able to squeeze in time to practice her academic skills while working a part-time job. In addition to her academics, work, and hobbies, Hannah is a 12 season athlete in the Sanborn district who has been dedicated to becoming she best she can in her interest areas. She has managed to receive sports awards and honor roll while here at Sanborn, which speaks highly of her character and dedication to her future goals. 

Hannah plans on attending community college to complete her core academic classes before moving on to a dental assistant program with the intention of obtaining a career as a dental hygienist. Hannah has what it takes to secure a successful future for herself and we at Sanborn wish her the best of luck!
Senior Spotlight: Dominique Dubois
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Liz Richardson
Dominique, known as Dom to most, has been through a lot of challenges in the past few years. In 8th grade, Dom was diagnosed with type one diabetes. She feels like this was a major turning point in life, since it turned her life upside down. Once she got sick she started to see the world differently - appreciating the little things everyday - like being able to feel good when you wake up in the morning and maintaining positive relationships with people.

She has wanted to be a nurse since she was 10. Being in a hospital environment and being around nurses has made her realize that she wants to go into the healthcare field. She also spends time at home taking care of her mom. During high school, she really liked all of her science courses and all of her science teachers. The interest that started in middle school was expanded by her experiences in her science courses in high school. Nowadays, she has dreams of working at Mass General as a pediatric nurse, but wants to explore which wing of the hospital she would prefer.

Through the internship program at SRHS, Dom has been interning at the Kingston FD and enjoys going on all the calls to see what it’s like to be an EMT/paramedic. She credits this program with helping her see how everything works and to see what these first responders do everyday. Dom is hoping to earn her LNA before graduation in June in preparation for heading to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences this fall. Congratulations Dom!
Senior Spotlight: Dimitri Giannopoulos
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by teacher Heather Wheeler
As the class of 2019 approaches the spring of their final year of high school, Dimitri Giannopoulos can be found happily going about his school days in anticipation of graduation. A laid back and naturally easy going person, Dimitri is a great addition to my first period chemistry class this year. Dimitri went his first three years of high school without ever taking one of my classes, so it was during this school year that I have gotten to know Dimitri. Always curious and game for anything we might explore in class, Dimitri is fun to teach. He is not afraid to work hard in order to master a task or concept!

It comes as no surprise that Dimitri exhibits such a strong work ethic. He has been developing it in many ways outside of school. Like many students, Dimitri learned to play the clarinet in middle school. When he realized that reading music for the clarinet is similar to the piano, he self taught the piano, which supports his love of music. His creative side extends into the kitchen, as well, where he is a very good cook. His favorite meal to prepare is a filet mignon, which he makes with his own secret sauce. (You can ask him for the recipe, but he won’t give it away!)

Dimitri enjoyed playing tennis and basketball while here at SRHS, loved his PE classes, and says that Mr. Parsons was one of his very favorite teachers. He says he will miss pep rallies, winter carnival, homecoming, and seeing his friends every day. While he feels sentimental about Sanborn, he is not sad about graduating. Dimitri looks forward to continuing his family’s restaurant tradition and hopes to open his own seafood and beef restaurant. If a powerful positive attitude and a winning personality have anything to do with outcomes, I have little doubt that Dimitri will be successful at whatever endeavors to which he commits himself when he leaves Sanborn. He will be truly missed, but it will be a blast to see what he accomplishes.

Congratulations Dimitri and Class of 2019!
Senior Spotlight: Sophia Merry-Carreiro
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Brian Gray
Sophia Merry-Carreiro is a Graduating Senior here at Sanborn Regional High School. Sophia is a great role model at the school and is a three sport athlete competing in Soccer, Basketball and Track. Sophia also finds time in her busy schedule to work and complete an internship at a local law office. Sophia has many offers to attend college but is still undecided on what institution she will be a part of next year. 

Sophia recently finished her fall season on the Sanborn soccer team and led the way as a captain for the squad filled with mostly underclassmen. She was a positive force and really helped her team grow throughout the season. Sophia is probably best known for her accomplishments on the basketball court. Sophia has been active in the basketball program by being one of our top players. She is the type of player that makes all players on the court better around her. In her senior year, she was selected as captain and has been vital to leading the team to a successful season in their first year of division two. She is a good communicator who always knows what to say to a teammate when they need a confidence boost. She can always be heard on the sideline when not in the game cheering on her teammates and she is always the first player to offer positive encouragement to the team. Sophia before even entering her senior year has been a part of an undefeated Junior Varsity team, two Varsity seasons with 15 plus wins and many summer league championships. She has one of the main reasons for our basketball program turn around because of her ability and her leadership. Sophia is very talented but also very coachable. She is also an excellent role model. Sophia has volunteered for all of our youth basketball camps, working with younger players. She is always engaged with the players and quickly becomes a favorite player among our campers. Sophia will also compete in her Senior year this Spring as a member of the track team. 

In class Sophia, is always working to improve and always seeks feedback. She understands her weaknesses and her strengths to complete work and finds time in her busy schedule to keep her grades up. In her senior year, she is working on obtaining college credits, working as an intern at a law office, working multiple jobs and as mentioned above, participating in sports. Some students become stressed about their schedule filling up but Sophia is able to embrace the fact that she has a full schedule and uses it to develop herself. She has taken these opportunities to develop career and college ready skills. She is an excellent collaborator who is always welcoming of all viewpoints and makes others comfortable working with her. She is able to manage her time wisely maximizing the hours of her day as is evident with her busy schedule and level of success. She is an effective communicator who makes the listener feel valued and she is able to advocate for herself. Sophia is the complete package as a student athlete and is a rarity among many of her peers because of these traits and qualities. 

Sophia Merry-Carreiro will truly be missed by the Sanborn community and the basketball program next year but we are excited for her to start her future endeavors and wish her nothing but the best. 
Sanborn Receives Donation of Science Equipment
An Article by Students Luke Botticelli Jonathan Lee
Sanborn Regional High School was honoured to have Brian Flaherty donate a HPLC equipment to the school last year. Mr Flaherty, a chemical engineer currently working at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd, personally came to SRHS on 29th February to calibrate and demonstrate the equipment.

The HPLC is currently placed in Room 229. Short for High Performance Liquid Chromatography, it is a technique used in analytical chemistry that can be used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. With this high-tech, university-level equipment present in the school, a whole new range of possible science experiments including identifying sugars and proteins in mixtures is open to students to explore.

I and Luke Botticelli had the pleasure to work with Mr Flaherty on calibrating the equipment. He was extremely knowledgeable in the sciences and about the HPLC. We had the pleasure and privilege to hear him explain to us its functions, how it operates, and the wide range of experiments that can be carried out on it. In his own words, he wanted to “see students having access to this equipment for learning”. The time and patience he contributed into setting up the machine at the school is also deeply appreciated.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to Mr Flaherty who donated this equipment to the Sanborn community which would greatly benefit students’ curiosity in the pursuit of the sciences. On behalf of all staffs and students, thank you!
Sanborn Seniors Honored as Scholar Athletes
On Tuesday, April 2, 2019, New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletics Association (NHIAA) held a statewide ceremony to honor athletes for their academic accomplishments. Congratulations to the following students for being named NH Scholar Athletes: 

Luke Botticelli, Keegan Branham, Kaleigh Donegan, Emma Donigian, Benjamin Giles, Amanda Hamel, Jack Hayden, Austin Kalinowski, Samantha Keeley, Isabelle Lang, Emma Lanseigne, Audrey LeBlanc, Amanda McVey, Mary Miller, Marissa Mullen, Madigan Paradis, Avery Scully, and Hailey Simes. 

Travel With Sanborn To Walt Disney World in April of 2020
On Thursday, April 11th at 5:30 PM, there will be an information session for students interested in the trip to Walt Disney World in April 2020. Although the trip is over a year away, there is extensive planning and reservations that must be done by June.

The trip will include a learning component involving the evolution of technology (a 3-hour technology workshop experience), some STEM learning elements, and hopefully an opportunity to dine with a Disney engineer (Imagineer) where students can ask questions about anything STEM or engineering-related at Disney. There will also be plenty of time for fun in the parks! The trip will cost $1,500 and include everything with the exception of a couple of meals on travel days.

In order to ensure an adequate number of students for this trip to take place, the information session is mandatory. For anyone wanting to participate in the trip but unable to attend the meeting, parents or legal guardians should email Jim Enright at by April 10th.
Let the Junior Class "Egg" Your House for Easter
Hockey Boosters
The Sanborn Ice Hockey Boosters Committee is sponsoring a golf tournament fundraiser at Apple Hill Golf Club on Saturday, May 18, 2019. We hope you come to support the kids. They work very hard for this team that they are all committed to.
SRHS PTO to Run Clothing & Shoe Drive
Austin17 House Offering Tutoring at SRHS
Austin17 House Runs "What's Next" Seminar For Students
Graduation Has Been Set for June 7, 2019
A Message From Principal Brian M. Stack
Dear Students in the Class of 2019:

It is hard to believe your time at Sanborn is almost over! This is an exciting time of year with many events and activities culminating with graduation set for Friday, June 7, 2019. Congratulations to all seniors on your many accomplishments.
If weather permits, we will hold graduation on the library lawn. In the event of poor weather, we may have to hold graduation in the gymnasium. If this is the case all attendees will need a ticket to enter the gym. The week of graduation you will receive eight (8) admission tickets for the gymnasium ceremony. That same week, we will also hold a lottery to distribute any extra tickets that we can to families that need more than 8 tickets. Due to fire code regulations, we may not be able to accommodate all requests for additional tickets. You are encouraged to ask your classmates if they have extra tickets they could give you if you need more than eight.
The following is a list of senior activities for the remainder of the school year. Seniors who are on the “probationary” graduation list are not permitted to participate in senior activities and should speak to their counselor to find out what they need to do to be removed from probation. Please note the mandatory activities and graduation practices on June 6 and 7. Please also remember that all students must have their $50 class dues ($20 senior dues) paid in order to participate in the graduation ceremonies. 
April 9 Senior Success Day ( MANDATORY)
May 7        Spring Band Concert – 6:30pm in the Auditorium
May 13       Drama Dinner and Awards Night – 5:30pm in the cafeteria
May 14       Spring Choral Concert – 6:30pm in the Auditorium
May 18       Prom – 4:30pm Promenade at SRHS, 6:30pm - 11:30 event at DiBurro’s, Haverhill, MA 
May 20       Senior Recognition Banquet (By Invitation Only) – 5:00pm in the cafeteria
May 20       Scholarship and Academic Awards Night for Seniors – 7:00PM in the auditorium
May 30        Yearbook Dedication – 8:45am in the auditorium ( MANDATORY)
May 31       Last day of regular classes for seniors
May 31 Choral Pops Concert - 5:30pm in the auditorium
May 31 Senior Cruise in Boston - 5:30pm - 2:00am (depart for Boston at 7:30PM)
June 3       Reassessment Day 1 – Students only come to school as needed.
June 3       Spring Sports Awards – 5:30pm in the cafeteria / auditorium
June 4       Reassessment Day 2 – Students only come to school as needed.
June 4        Music Dinner and Awards Night – 5:30pm in the cafeteria
June 5       Reassessment Day 3 – Students only come to school as needed.
June 5        Senior Sports Awards – 6:00pm at DiBurro’s in Haverhill
June 6       Graduation Practice – 9:00am to 11:00am in the gym ( MANDATORY)
             Baccalaureate, 7pm ceremony at Kingston Congregational Church (cap/gown)
June 7       Elementary School Walk – Report at 8:45am to SRHS (cap/gown) ( MANDATORY)
             Class Day – 11:00am on the library lawn or the gym (cap/gown) ( MANDATORY)
             Senior Luncheon – 12:00 in the cafeteria ( MANDATORY)
             Senior Video – 1:00pm in the auditorium ( MANDATORY)
             Graduation – 6:00pm on library lawn or gym (grads must report at 5:00pm in cap/gown)
The decision to hold graduation outside or inside is made 24 hours before the event. If it is outside, seating is unlimited. If it has to be inside, each graduate will only be given eight tickets to distribute to family members for the event. I will also make available an opportunity for a lottery to distribute any remaining tickets I have for the gym event on Thursday, June 6.
Craft/Vendor Fair
SST To Host Technology Night For Grades 5-9
Class of 2020: Join Our Summer College Boot Camp
Athletic Booster Update
Welcome Spring!

Your Sanborn Athletic Boosters are looking forward to moving outdoors to our concession stand!

Sign Up Genius has been updated for the home games we will be open, take a look and see if you can volunteer for a slot we would love to see you! The link is below.

Upcoming Activities:

4-17-2019 Boys Tennis, Varsity Baseball & Varsity Softball

4-30-2019 High School Track Meet

5-1-2019 Middle School Track Meet

5-3-2019 Timberlane Middle School Track Meet

5-7-2019 High School Track Meet

5-8-2019 Middle School Track Meet

5-15-2019 High School Track Meet

5-17-2019 Timberlane Middle School Track Meet

6-3-2019 Spring Sports Banquet
Summer 2019 Enrichment Camps
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Sanborn Schools are offering a variety of week-long summer enrichment camps. These camps are open to both Sanborn and non-Sanborn students. Space is limited, so ACT FAST to secure your spot in one of these camps today by submitting a registration using this button:
Come To The Next PTO Meeting!
The mission of the Sanborn Regional High School Parent Teacher Organization is to enhance and support the Sanborn Regional High School learning community of students, staff, and families of Fremont, Kingston, and Newton.

This is accomplished through the following endeavors: Community Outreach, Teacher Involvement, Educational Programs, Civic Cooperation, Volunteer Programs, and Fundraising.

When we all help a little it is amazing how much we accomplish as an organization.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 17th at 6pm in Room 137 at the school. We normally meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6pm.

If you have any questions or information you would like to share with our organization, please contact Barbara Munroe, PTO President, at or Tammy Gluck, PTO Vice President, at 
An Update From Southern Rockingham Coalition for Youth (SoROCK)

Charlotte Scott
SoRock Coalition for Healthy Youth
An Important Message From School Administrators:
PTO Clothing Donation Bins
When you drop your unwanted clothing off in these bins, the SRHS PTO gets paid based on the weight of the clothing! This is a really easy way to help our school. All PTO proceeds go directly back to programming and scholarships that directly benefit our students. 

Did you know? From April of 2015 - May 2017, this fundraiser has helped us raise nearly $2400.00 for the PTO. Help us double that number by sharing this opportunity with your friends, your family, and your neighbors!

* Not Sponsored by the Sanborn Regional School District