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May 13, 2019

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Parent Seek Food Donations For Senior Cruise Trip
May 31st is the Senior Cruise in Boston. The kids will be gathering at the high school prior to boarding the bus. There will be music and outdoor games on the patio or inside if it's rainy. We have already secured the donation of 10 pizzas and will be ordering chicken fingers from Chicken Connection with another generous cash donation. Popcorn will also be provided.  
Juniors to take the Statewide Assessment for Science
On May 22nd, all juniors will participate in the Statewide Assessment for Science. NH law requires all districts to assess their students in the areas of Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts and Science. The juniors met the Math and Reading requirements through the SAT in April and will now complete the science assessment requirement through the Statewide Assessment System for Science. From the NH DOE website “State assessments are an important part of a student’s core educational program. They provide an evaluation of student mastery of content and skills in various academic areas, serve as one tool for measuring the degree to which students are on track to graduate high school and be college- and career ready, and help inform future instruction in the classroom. Along with student work on classroom assignments, projects, essays, and local assessments, state assessment results give teachers and you, the parents, important information about where students are on their path toward academic success.”

Similar to when the juniors completed the SAT, all students will use their chromebooks to complete the SAS testing. Students will practice on the testing platform on May 21st in the afternoon and they will be required to leave their chromebooks at school in order to ensure that they are all charged and fully prepared to be used for testing in the morning on the 22nd. Most students will complete the testing within a 2 hour window of time and students will then be required to return to their regularly scheduled classes. Juniors who attend SST in the mid session will be excused from class on that day.

In order to help students prepare, please remind them to get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a healthy breakfast. Parents may access training tests for the NH SAS by going to the portal at  
A Message From Superintendent Ambrose
Dear Parents, Staff, and Community,

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions regarding the proposed redistricting of PK-8 in the Sanborn Regional School District. We have tried to answer all the questions in this document. The document is organized in the following way:

1. Summary
2. Answers to community member questions
3. Answers to staff questions

All of the important information regarding the reorganization is located in the link below. Just
click on the link and you can see all the information presented throughout the last 18 months.

If you have not read these documents or watched the videos, I strongly encourage you do so.
A Public Forum to review these FAQ’s and to answer as many of the survey questions as
possible will be held May 15th at 6:45 pm in the Auditorium of the Sanborn Regional High
School. We will do our best to elaborate on these answers, as needed, and answer additional
follow-up questions. I look forward to seeing many of you there.
Senior Spotlight: Matt Linsky
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Connie Carson
If there is one thing I can count on every day, it would be finding Matt Linsky always ready to help a peer in need. Matt considers it important to help those he is most familiar with, or cares about, and will go out of his way to stand up and support a friend from what he may see as an injustice, especially if it has impacted one of his friends. He will go above and beyond in these cases. Matt is helpful, reliable, and prefers to see things in very black and white terms. He has solid plans for life after high school, and is more than ready to transition into the business of real life work. His passion is in the area of welding, where he prefers to spend the majority of his time when not in regular academic classes. Recently Welding Teacher Jack Kelly said “I met Matt Linsky 4 years ago. 

Like most freshman, Matt wasn't sure where he fit and didn't know exactly what the shop was all about. Matt quickly fell in with some of the more experienced students and started to Mig Weld. Fast forward 4 years and Matt is the go to guy for Mig Welding in the Sanborn Welding program. I use Matt to demonstrate skills and to work with the younger students. Kids like learning from other kids. Matt has worked in a welding shop over the summer and plans to again. I will miss Matt's helpful attitude, his willingness to demonstrate techniques and his friendly presence in my classroom next year as he moves on to bigger things.” That Matt is serious about following a career path in the field of welding is unquestionable. He has already invested a lot of time and money into this profession at the high school level, and has the support of his teachers and parents as prepares to graduate with his peers i June. 

However, Matt has also made an impression on some of his other teachers as well. Science Teacher Liz Richardson noted that Matt’s way of solving problems and looking at things from a different perspective were valuable attributes for him in being successful in her classes, especially in Forensics. She said “Matt has a very progressive way of thinking and has a remarkable ability for problem-solving, which was highlighted during Forensics.” Sophomore English Teacher Aaron Cass said that though It had been a while since he had Matt as a student, he emphasized that he always appreciated Matt's quirky sense of humor. I can also attest to Matt’s quick sense of humor. He is most comfortable around familiar peers and adults, and is a nice addition to our classroom discussions. 

I look forward to seeing Matt graduate and finally enter into the real world. He is so ready to move on, and I can’t wait to see his successes in the field of welding.  
Senior Spotlight: Lauryn Quintana
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Librarian Mark Giuliucci
Lauryn Quintana says she was unsure about a career path until a movie helped her make up her mind. “I was watching ‘The Silence of the Lambs,’” Lauryn says. “I remember thinking, ‘I want to be like Clarice Starling. I want to catch serial killers. It’s exciting, it’s hard, and it is very challenging.” 

When Lauryn graduates from Sanborn, she will begin chasing her dream at Keene State University. She will major in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and hopes to make it into the FBI Academy after receiving her degree. 

Lauryn says her fondest memories of Sanborn revolve around cheerleading. She was captain of the Cheer squad, and says the sense of unity on the team was very rewarding. “I grew up as an only child, and I wanted to be part of a bigger family,” Lauryn says. “Cheer did that for me.” She will be continuing cheerleading at Keene in the fall.

Lauryn says she is grateful to several teachers, including Mr. McQueen, Mr. Hurley, and Ms. Richardson. “Ms. Richardson always pushes me to be my best,” Lauryn says. “She always knows I can do better than I think I can. She has really helped me mature as a person.”

Ms. Richardson praises Lauryn’s curiosity and drive: “Lauryn has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. AP Biology is never quiet because she has millions of questions and so we work together to find the answers. You can often hear her going, ‘Wait! Wait! Wait!’ as something either suddenly makes sense or suddenly causes more questions to arise. She is very kind to her classmates. Her fiery spirit is going to help her achieve her dreams!”
Senior Spotlight: Nick Roderick
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Heather Wheeler
Nick is really a one in a million kind of student. I have had the pleasure of teaching Nick for the first time this year as a senior. He told me the first day of chemistry that it really wasn’t going to be his thing. And yet. There he is, every morning, working hard to master the concepts. Working hard to understand. Working hard to apply the math. And that’s the thing about Nick… he works really hard. And he refuses to be bested by a challenge. So whether he is in a math class, or a chemistry class, or a marine bio class, or an English class, or on a soccer field, or holding a fishing line, Nick is there to win, and he will give 100% trying. 

I asked him what his favorite classes were at SRHS, and he said all of his science classes, of course. But especially Marine Bio with Mrs. Golino. Mrs. Golino said of Nick, “I know Nick as a genuine person with a kind heart. Throughout the three years I've known him, I have seen Nick progress as a student and as an adult. As a sophomore in my Biology course, Nick was a timid and sometimes distracted learner. However, I really saw him excel last year in Marine Biology. We dissected a dogfish in Marine Biology to study cartilaginous fish anatomy and Nick encouraged even the most nervous learner to get involved. Nick was also always willing to ask and answer questions. He drove many of the class discussions that we had, which demonstrates his curiosity of science and aptitude for problem solving. I was always impressed with Nick’s ability to ask whatever questions he had. Nick is also personable and kind. He often stops by my classroom to show me a fish he caught or to talk about his outdoor adventures with me. I always appreciate how he treats others with respect and honesty.”

Of course Nick also mentioned that his English classes were his favorite. Nick is the kind of student who really thinks about ideas. Ms. Petraitis had this to say, “Nick is a curious learner and thinks deeply when you present him with a controversial topic. He is very aware of himself and has grown leaps and bounds since last year! I always enjoy chatting with him about his life.” His senior English teacher, Nicole St. Jean, says, “I've really enjoyed getting to know Nick this year in Senior English and watching him grow as a student. He is someone who wants to do well, advocates for himself, and can carry on a discussion with anyone on just about any topic. He seeks feedback and makes countless revisions to his work in order to ensure it's the best it can be. Most recently, he read Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance and wrote an analytical essay about its themes. His connection to the book and dedication to his writing were commendable. He has since recommended the book to everyone he's talked to! Nick's friendly and humorous personality will be missed here in the hallways and classrooms at Sanborn but I wish him the best of luck in his post-high school pursuits!”

It should come as no shock that Nick also mentioned his math classes as his favorites! (You may be getting the idea that Nick is genuinely interested in just about everything.) He said that Dr. Conant is one of his favorite teachers, someone whom he admires and who really makes him think. Dr. Conant said, “I have had the pleasure of teaching Nick for three of his high school years. The transformation I have seen, both in academics and athletics, is amazing. Nick has become a leader, both in the classroom and on the athletic fields. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” 

Nick says that he will miss Sanborn High School. He has enjoyed playing soccer, watching sports, spirit weeks and homecoming and getting to see friends every day. The ease and the simplicity of that is not lost on him. He looks forward to graduating and hopes to pursue a career in welding. He has very much enjoyed his welding program at SST and thinks that he would like to become a Journeyman, a special level of expertise in welding that Nick can easily explain to you. When he is not working hard, you can find Nick with a fishing pole and friends. He is deeply connected to the natural environment and says that perhaps this could even be a possible profession for him. Whatever Nick chooses, I am certain that he has the intelligence, determination, and work ethic to be successful! Sanborn will miss you, Nick!

Congratulations Nicholas and the Class of 2019!
Senior Spotlight: Declan Schreiber
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Caitlin Golino
Declan Schreiber is a young man who has always had strong beliefs, opinions, and goals for himself and his future. Although he doesn’t always want to apply himself, he is a very smart and intelligent young man who has a lot of prior knowledge. I have known him for three years now, and he has always known he wants to join the workforce when he graduates. He hasn’t always found school relevant but he knows that it is a stepping stone to his lifelong goals in the future. 

Declan applies himself best when he understands and enjoys the content he is learning, and excels when he can complete physical, hands-on tasks. His favorite class at Sanborn was automotive because he enjoyed the physicality and problem solving aspect of it. He is a kinetic learner and prefers auto over other classes because of its versatile nature; he felt like there was always something he could accomplish using different techniques and strategies.  

Declan is already working towards his goals outside of school. He feels that his biggest accomplishment during high school was getting a job at Hurlbert Toyota, in Epping, where he is still working as a Lube Technician. He works hard because he realizes the importance of maintaining a job and the responsibilities that come along with it. Declan first learned the importance of having a job when he worked for his uncle at Schreiber Collision doing body work. This is most likely where his love of cars and hard work originated. Declan is very personable and builds relationships easily. He works well with others and is able to take direction from those he respects. I know he will be successful after graduating. He plans to attend Manchester Community College to complete the Lineman Certification Program and become a lineman for an electric company. In a discussion we had recently, he expressed his interest in climbing electric poles and doing lots of practical hands on work to help others. 

When Declan is not working, he is either playing football for Sanborn or working out at the gym. Recently, he completed his first strong man competition and really enjoyed it! He is both physically strong and strong willed. I know these traits will help him accomplish anything he does in the future. Congratulations Declan, and best of luck! 
Senior Spotlight: Liam Brown
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Caitlin Golino
Many people, including myself, have seen Liam Brown grow and mature into a more self aware and sincere young man during his time here at Sanborn. He is someone who builds strong relationships and protects the people he cares about most. Throughout his high school career, Liam has looked for opportunities to improve himself while also persevering through challenges. Kathy Giovando has worked with Liam throughout his time at Sanborn and has really gotten to know him over the years. She says “I have known Liam for the past 4 years. I have watched him struggle behaviorally, while also developing self awareness. Liam is a young man who can be one of the most sincere, caring, sensitive, and honest individuals which, at times, competes with a Liam who can be challenging. I know that the Liam I've seen grow into the introspective, caring individual will continue to develop and grow.”

I have known Liam since his sophomore year in high school and have seen him become a more independent learner and young man. He works hard on his school work and cares about his learning. Not everyone realizes that school is a place to grow and become someone different, but Liam does. He knows that by doing well at school, he will be successful in the future. Therefore, he works extra hard in his classes. As a junior in my Marine Biology class, Liam always put in the extra effort to understand the material and complete the assignments. Once you get to know Liam, it is apparent that he is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. His chemistry teacher, Mrs. Wheeler, says “Liam is a bright and curious learner. Given a challenge, he works hard to achieve a goal. This quality will serve him well. He has a quick wit and often brings humor to hard situations. I wish him the very best as he graduates from high school and continues to pursue his goals.” His english teacher, Ms. Petraitis, says “Liam is incredibly hard-working and is always wanting to improve his work. He is understanding of the plights of others and has a big heart despite his tough exterior. I have really enjoyed being his teacher over the past two years in Home Base.”

Liam’s dedication to himself and others is evident in the sports teams he participated in while at Sanborn. He is a team player for Sanborn football, basketball, and was previously on the track team. He pushes himself extra hard in his extracurricular activities. Liam’s football coach and confidant, Josh White, says “I have had the pleasure of knowing Liam for the past 4 years. During that time, Liam has grown to be a smart, respectful, and thoughtful young man. I have had the opportunity to coach Liam throughout his time here at Sanborn and have seen Liam work hard for things he plans to accomplish on the athletic fields.” I know Liam hopes to continue to play sports after he graduates in order to continue to build his passion for athletics and compassion for others. 

Currently, Liam works at a local pizza shop where he helps the chef by working the line. He likes to cook and likes being given new responsibilities. He always wants to challenge himself and try something new at work to better himself. After high school, Liam plans to attend a trade school to either do electrical or plumbing work. He wants a practical job where he can make money and feel like he has helped others. I know he will be great at whatever he decides to do. Good luck Liam! We all want the best for you and know you will do well if you put your mind to it!
Senior Spotlight: Lauren Anderson
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Caitlin Golino
Some people think that Lauren Anderson and I are similar people: that we look alike and talk alike. However, I know that Lauren Anderson is a much different person that myself at her age: She is the most confident, responsible, and friendly young woman I know. She is grown up beyond her years and will continue to grow into a responsible world citizen when she leaves Sanborn. 

Lauren is a diligent and hardworking student that always goes above and beyond what is required of her. Her favorite math teacher, Dr. Conant, says “She was a pleasure to have in class. She was always very inquisitive and always sought extra help when she didn’t understand the content.” She is an independent worker that exceeds expectations using critical thinking necessary in science. She is passionate about science and has a capacity for problem solving that she will use in any academic program or profession in the future. Ms. Richardson, her AP Biology teacher, says “Lauren loves participating in labs in AP Biology. I think it might be one of her favorite things to collect and record data! If she could work to organize the disarray she finds in the world, she would be at peace.” Next year, Lauren plans to continue her education in science and biology at the University of Vermont where she will study nutrition. 

Lauren also has many interests outside of school. She has been dancing since she was three years old for a total of 14 years! Dance is important to Lauren because it is an emotional outlet, but it has also been an opportunity for her to become a leader. She has held the positions of “Big Sister” to the younger girls and a Dance Teacher Assistant at her dance studio. Most recently, Lauren was named President of the Senior Musical Theatre Company at her dance studio. In this position, she is responsible for assisting students in need of help, choreography, and even dance instruction. Lauren also manages the tennis team here at Sanborn is a member of the National Honor Society. She loves interacting with her peers and building strong relationships in these groups. In the future, Lauren’s leadership skills and determination will allow her to succeed at school and in her chosen profession. I wish her all the best when she graduates. She will be greatly missed!
Senior Spotlight: Sam Foley
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Brian Hurley
When Mr. Stack asked teachers to write spotlight articles for students earlier this year, I knew there would be a mad dash of teachers quickly finding the spread sheet and clicking on their favorite students. Luckily I was fast enough to get to choose Samantha Foley. I have had the pleasure of having Sam in two of my AP classes over the last two years. I can say that without a doubt, she is as good a student and person as I have ever come across during my time here at Sanborn.

After I sent an email to other staff asking for thoughts about Samantha, I received an overwhelming response of comments all related to how great Sam is. Science teacher Liz Richardson says, “Sam is an intellectual force to be reckoned with!” English teacher Aaron Cass says, “She’s resilient and positive to a degree I could only aspire to be-really impressive young women.” I whole heartedly agree with both of my colleagues

Sam is such a hard worker! Many of her peers take advantage of our reassessment policies, and maybe not prepare for summative tests as much as they should, with the understanding that they can just redo an assignment or show competency in a different way. Sam has never fallen into this trap. She is ready to go and does extremely well on the first attempt. She takes pride in preparation and being ready. This, no doubt, will help make her transition into college and adulthood a little bit easier. Sam is an all-time great Sanborn student. I’m confident her future will be filled with achievements and I look forward to hearing all about them.  

Congratulations on a great four years. I wish you all the best as you leave our hallways.  
Senior Spotlight: Timmothy Verb
Note: Each week, we will feature a few seniors with a spotlight article, written by a staff member.
This article was written by Teacher Connie Carson
I feel like I’ve been one of the luckiest people on the planet because I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Tim Verb first hand as his teacher. Tim’s kind personna and caring personality is a gift that not many his age yet possess. Perhaps it’s because he treats others as he wants to be treated, or because he has had to endure more personal life changing events than most teenagers have experienced. Whatever the reason, Timm presents himself in a way that draws very positive attention to those who take the time to know him, and it’s had an impact on many of the teachers, who, like myself, consider themselves fortunate to have had him in class. Math teacher Sam Parsons said recently that “Timmothy Verb has been amazing the last two years in math class! He always ask questions, not just to make sure he got a question correct, but to make sure he understands why. If more students were like Timmothy, my job would be way too easy. It's been an honor teaching him math these last two years.”

Freshman English Teacher Julia Ryan said “Timm Verb is one of the kindest and hardest working students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I really enjoyed getting to know him during his freshman year, and I can't wait to see what he does next!” And though both these teachers have known Timm through their high school experiences, Guidance Counselor Michelle Farrar has known him for most of his academic life. When asked to contribute to this spotlight, she said “I always enjoy my conversations with Tim, whom I call "VERB" and have for years. Tim is a gentle, caring, kind young man who will be off to college in the fall to study technology. Timmothy is devoted to his family and community, often attending activities held at the Austin 17 House. Timmothy will be missed!” In addition to this, Science Teacher Liz. Richardson said “Tim is good-natured and has an easy way about him. When you get him talking about something he is interested in (like true crime stories or computer design) his whole face lights up.” Ms. Graham said “As a testament to Tim’s creativity, he joined Creative Writing Club this year and read his poem at Open Mic! It’s been great to hear his voice come out in our activities.” Ms. St. Jean said “I've been lucky enough to have Tim as a student for the past two years. I've seen him grow significantly in his ability to read, write, think critically, and participate in class discussions. 

More recently, he has shown an interest in poetry and has written some very beautiful poems. Tim has a wonderful sense of humor, is curious, and has become a great advocate for himself. I wish him the best of luck after graduation and I hope he'll come back to visit!” Sophomore English Teacher Aaron Cass said “Tim is always so earnest and sincere -- I wish more kids could be so honest and kind like him.“ To have so many teachers want to contribute so many positive experiences they have had with a student speaks volumes about just who that student is. It’s been an honor and a privilege to know you Timm. Keep inspiring others be to kind like you.  
Update on Safety Plans at SRSD
A Message From the District Office
The Sanborn Regional School District is continuing it's work on updating emergency training procedures for response to a dangerous intruder to incorporate the ALICE method, a nationally recognized best practice. This response protocol is endorsed by many law enforcement agencies including our local departments. ALICE empowers individuals to use their best judgment by providing more options in the event of an emergency situation.

We have thoughtfully approached the overall implementation of ALICE practices and all staff went through the new response procedures. Now, our teachers are beginning to share ALICE with our students. Our team of administrators has reviewed and prepared age appropriate curriculum to introduce the concepts of ALICE to our students, so students in the coming weeks will likely be discussing these ideas with you at home. 

You can find more information about ALICE at this website: 

We will provide additional information and several ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ documents to help you understand our updated procedures very soon. Feel free to reach out to my office for more information.  
National Honor Society Happenings
On May 5th, 10 National Honor Society members: Ashley Felisberto, Austin Kalinowski, Bridget Abney, Emily Abney, Emylee Cote, Lucas Pitkin, Madigan Paradis, Molly Breslin, Sam Foley, and Sam Keeley volunteered as finish line cheerers, route marshals, supply truck organizers and lunch attendants for the 10th annual Cycle the Seacoast event held by the American Lung Association that ends in Portsmouth, NH. Cycle the Seacoast is a one-day, multi-route cycling event, with 25, 50, or 100 mile options to choose from if you wish to participate. The 100 mile route loops through Fremont, Newton, and neighboring towns and ends with water views along the historic Seacoast in New Hampshire. This is the third year the Sanborn NHS has volunteered for the event.
On that same Sunday morning, 8 National Honor Society members: Amanda McVey, Avery Scully, Emma Donigian, Hailey Simes, Jenna Gluck, Olivia Boucher, Siera Carey, and Sophia Boucher participated in the 51st annual Walk for Hunger in Boston. Over the past 50 years, the Walk for Hunger has provided 1 billion meals to hungry people in Massachusetts! 
Teacher appreciation week was a great success! On May 6th, the National Honor Society teamed up with Key Club to host a teacher appreciation car wash. We had a great turn out and washed 8 cars! This has been an ongoing tradition and is much appreciated by the teachers who need some help getting the pollen and dust off their cars. The week was busy with free breakfast and free lunch for the teachers (Thank you PTO!) and made-to-order smoothies! Friday wrapped up the week with a special token for each teacher. Lots of grateful students and teachers!
Elections results are in for NHS officer positions for the 2019-20 school year:

  • Brayden LaChapelle - President
  • Isabelle Giles - Vice President
  • Emily Abney - Secretary
  • Rachel Kelly - Treasurer
  • Siera Carey - Historian
SRHS Announces Plans For Final Days of School For Grades 9-11
Dear Parents/Guardians of Sanborn Regional High School Grade 9-11 Students,

In order to provide students with every possible opportunity to obtain full credit for all classes, we are offering a modified class schedule on the last two days of school, June 12 and 13. On these days, we will run 90 minute extended Focused Learning Time (FLT) periods.
FLT is typically offered as part of our regular schedule each day for 40 minutes and provides an opportunity for students to engage in personalized intervention, extension, and enrichment. During these end-of-year extended FLT periods, teachers will be available to work with students on projects for competency recovery. Students who will not pass a course will have the opportunity to meet with their guidance counselor to complete a credit check, re-evaluate their course selections for the 2019-20 school year and to initiate the process for credit recovery.  
Please understand that attendance at these extended FLT sessions is mandatory for all students not passing a competency or who have not finished any required work in one or more of their courses. These sessions will provide students with the opportunity for teacher supported competency recovery that will not be available over the summer. If students are not able to make up the competency/credit at the end of the year, they will likely have to repeat the class next school year.

Students who are passing all of their competencies and who have completed all required work for their classes will not be required to attend these extended focused learning opportunities. Please be aware, however, that bus transportation will only be available at the end of the regular school day at 2:10 PM. Please also note that the last regular day of school for grades 9-11 will be Tuesday, June 11.

Your child will be notified by their teacher(s) by Tuesday, June 11 at the latest if they will be required to stay for any or all of the extended FLT sessions. For questions about your child’s grades, please contact your child’s teacher(s) at (603) 642-3341.
The schedule for the days at the end of the year will be as follows:
Technology Device Collection
All students will be permitted to take their school-issued technology devices (chromebooks/laptops) home for the summer. These devices have been checked out by students through our school library system. Before the end of the year, all students will need to renew the check-out of their device with the school library. If students do not complete this task before the last day of school then the school will assume that the device has been lost or damaged and will pursue payment of the replacement cost for the device. 
Please contact the office at (603) 642-3341 if you have any questions about this plan.
Sanborn Music Department Hosts Spring Concert Series
The Sanborn Regional Music Department will be showcasing the talents of Sanborn's musicians at the following Spring events. All will be held in the school's auditorium on the day and time specified:

May 7 at 6:30pm: Grades 6-12 Band Concert
May 14 at 6:30pm: Grades 6-12 Choral Concert
May 31 at 6:00pm: High School Choral Pops Concert
June 4 at 5:30pm: High School Music Awards Night (starts with a dinner in the Cafeteria)

The chorus and band will also be part of graduation festivities on June 6 and 7 (Baccalaureate and Graduation).
Prom Message From Principal Brian Stack
Prom night is the night that every high school principal dreads. When I leave DiBurro's Function Hall on Saturday night May 18 at 11PM, I will be a miserable wreck until the next morning. Each year, on prom night, I pray that I won't get a call from a police officer letting me know that something tragic has happened to one of our students as a result of a poor decision made on prom night.

Parents, I urge you to make sure you know where your children are after they leave the prom venue. Call them. Call them again. Call the adults of the homes are staying at for the night. Call them again. Bother them all night long with calls and text messages. If you are hosting a post-prom event for your child and his or her friends, make sure you have checked in with each of the kids at your gathering to be sure that they have connected with their parents.

On prom night, we are all the parents for all of the children in our community. Let's all have a safe prom night.

On Saturday, May 18th, Sanborn Regional High School will hold its prom at DiBurro's Function Hall in Haverhill beginning at 6:00PM. Prior to that event, family and friends are invited to our promenade ceremony in front of our school at 4:30PM (students should report by 4). Please come out and see all of our students dressed up and ready to have a night to remember!

Thank you for taking the time to read my request.
Hockey Boosters
The Sanborn Ice Hockey Boosters Committee is sponsoring a golf tournament fundraiser at Apple Hill Golf Club on Saturday, May 18, 2019. We hope you come to support the kids. They work very hard for this team that they are all committed to.
Austin17 House Offering Tutoring at SRHS
Graduation Has Been Set for June 7, 2019
A Message From Principal Brian M. Stack
Dear Students in the Class of 2019:

It is hard to believe your time at Sanborn is almost over! This is an exciting time of year with many events and activities culminating with graduation set for Friday, June 7, 2019. Congratulations to all seniors on your many accomplishments.
IMPORTANT: Our gymnasium has been closed unexpectedly due to a major water leak. As a result, we have no "back up" facility in the event of bad weather. Graduation will be LIGHT RAIN OR SHINE. Graduates will be under a tent, but audience members may need an umbrella. In the event of a heavy downpour or thunderstorms on June 7, graduation will be moved to Saturday June 8 (time to be determined). Please note, this is an emergency-option only, but one that we must keep available.
The following is a list of senior activities for the remainder of the school year. Seniors who are on the “probationary” graduation list are not permitted to participate in senior activities and should speak to their counselor to find out what they need to do to be removed from probation. Please note the mandatory activities and graduation practices on June 6 and 7. Please also remember that all students must have their $50 class dues ($20 senior dues) paid in order to participate in the graduation ceremonies. 
April 9 Senior Success Day ( MANDATORY)
May 7        Spring Band Concert – 6:30pm in the Auditorium
May 13       Drama Dinner and Awards Night – 5:30pm in the cafeteria
May 14       Spring Choral Concert – 6:30pm in the Auditorium
May 18       Prom – 4:30pm Promenade at SRHS, 6:30pm - 11:30 event at DiBurro’s, Haverhill, MA 
May 20       Senior Recognition Banquet (By Invitation Only) – 5:00pm in the cafeteria
May 20       Scholarship and Academic Awards Night for Seniors – 7:00PM in the auditorium
May 30        Yearbook Dedication – 8:45am in the auditorium ( MANDATORY)
May 31       Last day of regular classes for seniors
May 31 Choral Pops Concert - 5:30pm in the auditorium
May 31 Senior Cruise in Boston - 7:30pm - 3:30am (depart for Boston at 9:15PM)
June 3       Reassessment Day 1 – Students only come to school as needed.
June 3       Spring Sports Awards – 5:30pm in the cafeteria / auditorium
June 4       Reassessment Day 2 – Students only come to school as needed.
June 4        Music Dinner and Awards Night – 5:30pm in the cafeteria
June 5       Reassessment Day 3 – Students only come to school as needed.
June 5        Senior Sports Awards – 6:00pm at DiBurro’s in Haverhill
June 6       Graduation Practice – 9:00am to 11:00am in the gym ( MANDATORY)
             Baccalaureate, 7pm ceremony at Kingston Congregational Church (cap/gown)
June 7       Elementary School Walk – Report at 8:45am to SRHS (cap/gown) ( MANDATORY)
             Class Day – 11:00am on the library lawn or the gym (cap/gown) ( MANDATORY)
             Senior Luncheon – 12:00 in the cafeteria ( MANDATORY)
             Senior Video – 1:00pm in the auditorium ( MANDATORY)
             Graduation – 6:00pm on library lawn (grads must report at 5:00pm in cap/gown)
June 8 EMERGENCY-OPTION for the graduation ceremony in the event of bad weather on the 7th
The decision to hold graduation on June 7 or 8 will be made 24 hours before the event.
Athletic Booster Update
Welcome Spring!

Your Sanborn Athletic Boosters are looking forward to moving outdoors to our concession stand!

Sign Up Genius has been updated for the home games we will be open, take a look and see if you can volunteer for a slot we would love to see you! The link is below.

Upcoming Activities:

4-17-2019 Boys Tennis, Varsity Baseball & Varsity Softball

4-30-2019 High School Track Meet

5-1-2019 Middle School Track Meet

5-3-2019 Timberlane Middle School Track Meet

5-7-2019 High School Track Meet

5-8-2019 Middle School Track Meet

5-15-2019 High School Track Meet

5-17-2019 Timberlane Middle School Track Meet

6-3-2019 Spring Sports Banquet
Come To The Next PTO Meeting!
The mission of the Sanborn Regional High School Parent Teacher Organization is to enhance and support the Sanborn Regional High School learning community of students, staff, and families of Fremont, Kingston, and Newton.

This is accomplished through the following endeavors: Community Outreach, Teacher Involvement, Educational Programs, Civic Cooperation, Volunteer Programs, and Fundraising.

When we all help a little it is amazing how much we accomplish as an organization.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, May 15th at 6pm in the Special Education Conference Room at the school. We normally meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6pm.

If you have any questions or information you would like to share with our organization, please contact Barbara Munroe, PTO President, at or Tammy Gluck, PTO Vice President, at 
An Update From Southern Rockingham Coalition for Youth (SoROCK)

Charlotte Scott
SoRock Coalition for Healthy Youth
An Important Message From School Administrators:
PTO Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins
When you drop your unwanted clothing and shoes off in these bins, the SRHS PTO gets paid based on the weight of the clothing! This is a really easy way to help our school. All PTO proceeds go directly back to programming and scholarships that directly benefit our students.  NOTE: Shoes must go in a separate bin.

Did you know? From April of 2015 - May 2017, this fundraiser has helped us raise nearly $2400.00 for the PTO. Help us double that number by sharing this opportunity with your friends, your family, and your neighbors!

* Not Sponsored by the Sanborn Regional School District