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February 9, 2020

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Proud recipient of the 2018
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Senior Spotlight: Sophia Szaniawski
An Article by Staff Member Ashley Harbel
Sophia Szaniawski is the complete package of a student. She is smart, pushes herself to do her best, is involved in our school community, and has this great sense of humor that sets her apart from her peers. One of my favorite memories of Sophia is actually not even school-related - I remember the day that Sophia got her first job. She was so excited that her brother even took her to the store to get a prize for it. I ran into them after school and remember laughing as Sophia showed me what she chose for her prize. She is someone who has always kept me laughing and kept me on my toes throughout my four years of knowing her. 

Her other teachers agree. Mr. Cass also appreciates her humor, saying “I've always appreciated her under-the-radar sense of humor. She's smart, observant, and occasionally hilarious.” But her humor isn’t the only thing that makes her stand out of the crowd. Ms. St. Jean, another one of Sophia’s teachers also speaks to her being the whole package, saying “Sophia is a well-rounded student. She thrives academically, works well with her peers, and has a great sense of humor. I've really enjoyed getting to know her over the past couple of years. I'm sure she'll do really well in college and beyond!” 

She pushes herself academically. She will graduate as a NH Scholar with a STEM and Art emphasis and a 32 credit diploma with distinction. She pushes herself in her coursework, taking two AP courses as well as being a member of the Math Team. Doc Young, who has the privilege of teaching Sophia twice this year, remarks, “Sophia is a mathy/sciencey young lady, with a dry wit and a theatre habit. She is currently rocking Physics and AP Calculus, where she keeps me on my toes. She is also a multi-year member of the Math Team, so super-Woot on that. Being the little sister can be rough, though, but she has her brother's hoodie, so all is good.” 

She has also proven herself as a leader at Sanborn within the arts program. She has been an integral part of both the Drama program and the Choral program here at the high school. Mrs. Smith-Davis says, “I've really enjoyed seeing Sophia become a leader throughout her four years in the drama club. This year she holds the coveted Stage Manager position, and she did a fantastic job with all the behind the scenes work and coordination for the fall play of ‘You Can't Take it With You’. Sophia is always calm, cool, and collected and has emerged as a confident leader to her peers.” She pushes herself to be the best and take on leadership positions, pushing herself both in academics and outside the classroom walls. 

Sophia has big plans for herself. She plans to major in either Forensics or Biochemistry to eventually become a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist. I am just imagining her in a lab, goggles over her face, investigating some crime, CSI style. Whatever she decides to do and wherever she ends, she will be brilliant. I cannot wait to see where her life leads here and hear about all of her adventures! 
Senior Spotlight: Alex Hagopian
An Article by Staff Member Cristina Mercedes
Alex is the kind of student who lets his actions speak louder than his words. He came into Sanborn as a freshman, but was new to the area. It took him some time to adjust to the new school environment. He’s a hard worker at heart though, and over time Alex learned to make new friends and make the best of Sanborn. From what I observed in Alex when he was my student last year, he has all of the traits of a fantastic student and a great worker. He’s very dedicated, constantly organized, and is always willing to learn new things. He’s always making great use of his FLT to get work done. 

In addition to his success academically, Alex is also a devoted reader, and often shares with me (his advisor) what he’s reading at the moment. I’ve actually read a few books on his recommendations! He plans to go to college to study theology. I think Alex is also at a kind person at heart. He’s always been searching for a place where he can make a positive difference in other people’s lives. And I think that he has the determination and work ethic to succeed in anything he puts his mind to. 

Below are some of the great things that people in our school have said about Alex. 

Being a substitute teacher, I have known Alex since his freshman year at Sanborn Regional High School. Alex presents a very quiet demeanor, is very polite, honest, and works diligently when he is given academic related work. Along with a rigorous school schedule, Alex has been juggling part time employment at Hannaford Brothers in Exeter since he was sixteen years old. In spite of his hectic schedule, Alex demonstrates a very positive attitude and it is obvious in my observation that Alex is well-liked amongst classmates, faculty and staff at Sanborn Regional High School. - Mrs. Puda

 I had the pleasure of having Alex in my Tech My Way class, where he was a great student. He worked hard all the time, did great work and handed his work early or on time.  He worked so hard I told him to take a few times during the year. - Mr. Adams

I had Alex in Math 3 last year. He worked hard and always had a great attitude. He greeted me with a smile every morning and still does when I see him in the hall. I wish him the best of luck! He will be missed at Sanborn! - Mrs. Black

Alex is a smart and hardworking student who is always willing to put the necessary effort to produce quality work. He accepts criticism very well and takes it as an opportunity to improve and excel in whatever work he is doing. Alex is also very nice and polite, and his interactions with faculty and peers are always pleasant. It was a real pleasure having him in class. - Mr. Kinsley
I think we’ll all miss Alex when he graduates in the spring, but we wish him the best in his future endeavors and know he’ll do great things!
Senior Spotlight: Eric Sitomer
An Article by Staff Member Jack Kelly
Eric Sitomer is one of those students who reminds us why we got into teaching. He is an honor roll student, football captain and best of all, he is a really nice kid. Eric is quiet, he leads by example. His friends say that he is always there to listen or help.  I find it interesting that he moves effortlessly between friend groups at school. He has a great sense of humor, which may explain it.

Eric is interested in math, science and engineering. He excels in pre engineering at SST. The colleges he is applying to all have good engineering programs and I know Eric will find a home there.

Football coach and gym teacher Josh White says “ I have had the pleasure of knowing Eric since freshman year. I have had him in, both, the classroom and the athletic fields. As a student, Eric does all the right things, he shows up to class early, he hands in quality work on time, and he critiques his work based on teacher feedback. As an athlete, Eric is a leader, probably why he was chosen to be named captain of the Varsity Football team during his senior year. Eric is the type of person that will drop everything he is doing to help another person out, which is a trait not many people have anymore, I will personally miss having Eric around, but know that he will be successful in anything he decides to do. 

Eric works outside of school at the Plaistow Y and he is notoriously parsimonious. Eric’s friends say that his dancing skills are underrated. That might be related to his ability to do a split. He is close to his brother and family and his solid character is a credit to his upbringing, One unusual thing about Eric is his propensity to get covered with Silly String on his birthday.  I would be alert at the end of September Eric.  But my favorite thing about Eric might be that he, like me, loves dogs.  
Senior Spotlight: Lillian Zagorites
An Article by Staff Member Katie Graham
I heard her poetry before I knew her name. The shuffle of pages in a journal. The red hair atop a small frame. The microphone stand. Her voice came through the speaker quietly, quick darts of words pierced the air of our school library. It was during an Open Mic her Freshman year. Since then, I’ve enjoyed the power of her words and seeing her grow through the years. This Senior Spotlight is about Lillian Zagorites and putting words together to describe her seems a bit like a Creative Writing Project in and of itself. Of course, it should have the usual elements where you get to know the student and their accomplishments in extra-curriculars. Lillian was a member of Creative Writing Club, Drama Club, and the Academic Quiz Team (you may have seen her on the Granite State Challenge identifying Dave Grohl as the drummer for Nirvana like only a champion would). 

When asked about her favorite moment during her years at Sanborn, Lillian recalled a story involving Vice Principal Mr. K. They met walking opposite directions in the hallway, Lillian holding her cup of coffee. Something made Mr. K stop and greet her by smelling her coffee. He said, “Vanilla Cupcake?” She said, “Yes.”

Mr. K is not the only Sanborn staff Lillian has made an impression upon. Doc Young has this to say: “Over the past three years, in three honors-level mathematics and science classes, I've gotten to know Lily-Ann. :-) She is a quirky, red, intelligent young lady who can often see straight through a problem directly to the solution. Getting her to communicate that can be like pulling teeth. Luckily, she still has a smile-full, which I see when she corrects some mistake I made on the board. She has probably earned a million of those bonus-points... save them for college! My class and day is always brighter (& louder) on a Lillian day.”

Lillian is a creative soul--I hope the stories I’ve shared capture the humor and tenacity of her spirit. Good luck in the future, Lillian. Even if you don’t fulfill all of your plans for after college, you’ll still find some way to make the world a better place. 
FREE SAT Prep for Sanborn Students
A Message From Mrs. Goudreau
SAT Test Dates:
March 14, 2020
May 2, 2020

SAT prep sessions for both math and verbal sections will be offered on January 17th at 9am, 10:30 am and 1pm in room 220.
Beginning January 21st to March 13th, each Tuesday and Friday from 2:15 to 3:30 pm in room 220.

Learn test-taking strategies
Review concepts
Practice using approaches to assist you in determining answers to questions accurately and efficiently
Decrease your level of test-taking anxiety by improving your level of confidence
School Counseling Office News
Course Registration

The course registration process for next year has been completed. Parents/guardians will receive a copy of your child's course selections by the end of next week. Please take a moment to review the courses with your child, sign the form and return it to the high school with any changes you would like to see made. It is much easier to make changes before a student’s schedule is built than when they return to school in August. 

From New Hampshire’s Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF):

“Registration Now Open for 21st Annual Destination College - New Hampshire’s Largest College Planning Convention ( ).
New Hampshire high school juniors and their parents seeking college admissions and financial aid planning information are encouraged to register for the 21st annual Destination College event, to be held at Saint Anselm College Saturday, March 28. This free college planning convention, hosted by The NHHEAF Network Organizations, features a variety of workshops as well as a college fair with over 60 colleges and universities in attendance.
“Destination College provides college-bound students the necessary tools to begin their own customized college search process. As part of the day’s events, college access and financial aid professionals from across the state will share important college admissions and financial aid Information in nearly 20 different workshops such as The Paths to Choosing a Major, The Write Stuff, and Paying for College 101,” according to Cameron Owen, co-chair of the Destination College planning committee. Over 1200 New Hampshire high school juniors and parents are expected to register for the event.
Destination College attendees are encouraged to attend the event’s college fair to meet college admissions professionals from over 60 local and regional postsecondary institutions. Every post-secondary institution in New Hampshire is expected to attend.

In addition, the Destination College Speech Contest is open to current New Hampshire high school seniors. In addition to winning a $1,000 college scholarship, the Speech Contest winner will deliver the keynote address at Destination College. Entries are due Friday, February 14th.
Registration for the event is required. To register for the event or to submit a Speech Contest entry, visit”
Junior Parents College Planning Night

On February 13th in the library at SRHS at 6:00pm, the high school counseling team will be presenting a workshop regarding the college planning process. Juniors will receive the same presentation during an FLT. This is our kickoff for the college and career planning season. We are using some new career exploration tools this year and we hope you are able to make it to the event to learn more about them.

Sophomore Career Exploration

During the week of February 11th, counselors will be in Sophomore classes to help them learn more about transcripts and GPA’s. They will then be doing a career exploration activity through NHHEAF and Gear Up. Students will be able to gather information about job responsibilities, pay scales and job outlooks for the specific careers that they identify.

Signs of Suicide (SOS)

In March, the counseling team will be working with the Freshmen Wellness teachers to present the Signs of Suicide program. We have presented this program for 8 years and it is always well received by the students. The program focuses on teaching the students how to ACT when faced with someone who says or does something concerning. ACT is an acronym for Acknowledge - let the person know you hear what they are saying, Care - tell them you care about them and are worried, Tell- tell a trusted adult. We work with the students on identifying who their trusted adults are and what kinds of things they should be reporting. In order to present the program to your child, we need parent permission. Please look for an email from the Freshmen team to sign the electronic form.

If you have a student in the 9th grade and haven’t already, please review and complete the consent form below regarding your student’s participation.  


Finally, looking ahead to March, the counseling team will be teaming up with NHHEAF to present a workshop for parents of seniors regarding Financial Aid Award Letters and How to Finance the Gap between what your child was awarded for scholarships and aid and what the actual cost of attendance will be.  

As always, if we can be of any assistance to your child both academically or emotionally, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Seniors, Its Time To Reserve Your Cap & Gown
Seniors, your Senior class council is working hard to ensure that your graduation is the best ever! We need you to complete your color choice (silver or blue) and sizing for your cap and gown ("regalia") ASAP if you did not do it at our last class meeting. Below is the URL for you to take care of this. Thank you.
If you have any questions, please see a class council member or one of the advisors.
SST To Offer Tech Fun Night
Sign Ups For Driver Education
The next driver’s education course will run from March 4th thru April 22nd. To be eligible for this course a student must be at least 15 years and nine months old on March 4th. Sign-up on our website.
Yearbook Sponsors Wanted!
Penny Wars For Winter Carnival
Kingston Recreation Sponsors Launch Trip for February Vacation
Junior Class to Offer Babysitting on Valentine's Day
Parents of Juniors: We Need Your Consent for April's SAT Test!
All grade 11 students will take the SAT during the school day on April 14th. Since this is the state's accountability test, there is no testing fee. Students will be able to send their scores for free to 4 schools from this test.

With this test, the College Board will also offer an optional program called 'Student Search Service." Parents who want their child to be included in this program must give consent as NH state law prevents schools from allowing students to send their personal information without parental permission. Please be aware that this is a for-profit service that College Board provides. If you give consent, your child's information may be sold to colleges, universities, and other scholarship organizations. In return, you and your child will receive information on opportunities that may be of interest to you and your child.

Please click on the button below to complete the form granting, or not granting, consent for the optional component. Every parent must respond to the school with a "yes" or "no".
SRSD Offers Exciting Summer Enrichment Programs for Students of All Ages
Interested in the Sanborn Regional Music Boosters Association?
Sanborn Music Boosters is running a fundraiser through Savers that won't cost you a dime!! As a matter of fact, this fundraiser may actually help you with your Spring Cleaning!!

All you have to do is pack up your gently used clothing and linens as you organize and declutter this winter/spring, put them aside, contact the Music Boosters, and we'll arrange to pick up your donations!

The boosters email address is:

Thank you in advance for your support!!
Join the PTO!
The mission of the Sanborn Regional High School Parent Teacher Organization is to enhance and support the Sanborn Regional High School learning community of students, staff, and families of Fremont, Kingston, and Newton.

This is accomplished through the following endeavors: Community Outreach, Teacher Involvement, Educational Programs, Civic Cooperation, Volunteer Programs, and Fundraising.

When we all help a little it is amazing how much we accomplish as an organization.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 12th at 6pm in the Conference Room (Room 102) at the school. We normally meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6pm.

If you have any questions or information you would like to share with our organization, please contact Barbara Munroe, PTO President, at [email protected].
SRHS PTO Launches its Back to School "Un-Fundraiser"
We are asking for your support for our 2019 back to school Un-Fundraiser. Simply put, an Un-Fundraiser is a way to donate money without having to sell or buy anything. Isn’t that the best?? 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to the SRHS PTO, and then it goes right to our kids, which is the best place to put it! Where does this money go you might ask? 

Each year, our PTO supports the following kinds of activities:
• Starter cash for the in-coming freshmen student activities account
• Classroom grants, up to $250 per teacher, to fund innovative programming
• Scholarships to Sanborn Seniors
• Funds to support class activities such as the Senior Cruise in Boston.
• Senior Success Day
• Teachers’ meals for the open houses & Teacher Appreciation Week
• Strategies for College Presentation for parents
We hope you were able to appreciate the sarcasm and humor in this form of request and we thank you for your time and monetary donation.
Athletic Booster Update
GIRLS and BOYS JV and Varsity Basketball

Please help out the Boosters by signing up for a slot or two! The Booster Club really needs your help! If you can't do the whole time slot, no problem! Leave a message in the comments letting us know how long you can help out for. Your daughter or son is on JV? Work the Varsity game so you won't miss the action! You don't even have to have a basketball player to help out! Thanks for supporting the Sanborn athletes! 

NOTE!!! The games are listed as GIRLS JV and VARSITY (GJV or GV) or BOYS (BJV or BV) in the location section of signups :)

An Update From Southern Rockingham Coalition for Youth (SoROCK)
SoRock’s funding has expired. We are reaching out to our towns in hopes of your support on March 10th to enable us to retain one part time staff position to coordinate the good work we do for our communities. Please visit our toolbox to learn more about SoRock and help spread the word! 

This week is National Children of Alcoholics week. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction please visit for support group near you. 
Youth In Action Meets during FLT on C days in SoRock rm 111. Sign up for Mrs. Feeney if you’re interested in joining! 
An Important Message From School Administrators:
PTO Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins
When you drop your unwanted clothing and shoes off in these bins, the SRHS PTO gets paid based on the weight of the clothing! This is a really easy way to help our school. All PTO proceeds go directly back to programming and scholarships that directly benefit our students.  NOTE: Shoes must go in a separate bin.

Did you know? From April of 2015 - May 2017, this fundraiser has helped us raise nearly $2400.00 for the PTO. Help us double that number by sharing this opportunity with your friends, your family, and your neighbors!

* Not Sponsored by the Sanborn Regional School District