Hosanna E-Update

July 19, 2016
We are called, gathered and sent to be a people living, loving
and serving as Jesus did so that all may know Him.
From Pastor Linda
  -- STOP!!
Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim
till all the world adore his sacred name. (ELW660)

Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of people have taken to roaming the streets, interacting with invisible beings that now inhabit our cities, our neighborhoods-even our church!  These fanatics speak in a special language, undertake hours of devotional activity, and together experience moments of great joy and great sorrow. It is an obsession that has taken over their lives . I have been told that we have a Pokemon STOP at Hosanna; it's in the parking lot at the foot of the cross.
I drive into the parking lot at Hosanna most every day. Do I stop or even take pause at the cross- or do I just drive by? Do you stop or pause? Is the cross an obsession that takes over my life? I would like to say yes, but I am human and know that I fall short-and yet I try to follow God's call and direction with respect and integrity.  I find it interesting that there is a STOP at the cross. The cross makes a quiet, very apparent statement that this place is home to a Christian faith community. Not a perfect community- but a community that strives to live and love and serve as Jesus did so that all may know Him.
Why is the cross so important to our life together?
  • Because it is here at the cross that Jesus holds what we cannot hold, and bears what we cannot bear.
  • Because it is here at the cross that all our malice and ignorance, all our willfulness and pettiness and hardheartedness are continually met by the love of God.
  • Because it is here that we see God's willingness to be utterly vulnerable, and here that we learn that nothing can separate us from the love of God.
  • Because here we are set free from the power of death, and set free as well from the endless, futile attempt to save ourselves and to earn our own salvation. 
 What do we see when we stop and gaze at the cross of Christ?  A love without bounds, a love without limits.   Thanks be to God!

See you in church!  
                           ~Pastor Linda  
July 17th Roundtable Update
On Sunday, July 17, Hosanna's Personnel Committee and Council presented the new organization structure that was approved and implemented by council on July 11, 2016. This new organization structure was arrived at after many months of research, time studies, staff reviews and conversations with our benefits providers, the St. Paul Synod and other area churches. After prayerfully and carefully reviewing our current needs, staffing and budget, the Personnel Committee proposed a restructuring of our office and facilities staff to best meet the present and future needs of Hosanna and the following guiding principles.
  1. Appropriate and efficient distribution of work - Through staff reviews, with all staff, for two consecutive years, it has come to our attention that the our staff members' job duties differed greatly from the job responsibilities that they originally were brought on to perform. Due to the many challenges that have faced our congregation over the past several years, our needs have changed and the current organizational structure did not fit the current needs or budget of the church.
  2. Fair pay and benefits for all staff - Over many years, our number of staff, and our salary and benefit budgets have decreased dramatically. Through reviews of staffing models, pay scales and benefits of other area churches, it was determined that the way we were currently compensating and benefiting our employees was not fair or equitable across our own staff, nor was it comparable to what is offered in comparable positions with other churches. Our new model addresses these issues and provides all employees with more fair and equitable benefits and pay.
  3. Checks and balances in decision making - This new model provides for more direct supervision and a team approach in staffing our front office and facilities. This new plan frees up our Senior Pastor from some of the day-to-day administrative duties, allowing them to be more available to meet the spiritual needs of the church. This additional layer of leadership and guidance will also provide structure and support for our hourly staff and the volunteer teams that work so hard to help keep Hosanna strong. This model also keeps our finance and bookkeeping very transparent with appropriate checks and balances in place. Within this model, the bookkeeper will be communicating and reporting simultaneously to the Church Council Treasurer, the Senior Pastor and the Executive Assistant.
  4. Stewardship of all assets - In order to appropriately and fairly compensate our staff, we need the budget and resources to do so. By adjusting our staffing model, we will be able to better meet the needs of Hosanna and fairly compensate ALL staff, while remaining within our approved budget.
On behalf of the Personnel Committee and Church Council, I would like to thank all of you who have brought forth your questions, concerns and support both during and after Sunday's meeting. This decision was not easy for any of us to make. It took months of meetings, conversations and prayerful discernment to arrive where we are today. While we know that this decision may not be what each of our members would have chosen, we do believe that this plan is in the best interest of Hosanna and our staff as a whole, and that we are making sure that all staff, past and present, have are being properly cared for and loved by this church. It is our hope, as we move forward with implementing these changes, that you will continue to pray for our church, its staff and all of its members so that we can use these changes as an opportunity to grow as a community, Living, Loving and Serving.

Copies of the new council approved Staffing Reorganization Chart are available at Hosanna. Contact the church office to request one or pick one up.  If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to Pastor Linda or a member of the Personnel Committee. We are here for you and appreciate the opportunity to share with you our vision for Hosanna.


Rachel Kaup
Personnel Committee & Church Council member
Personnel Committee: Buck Carlson, Kelly Monson, Karen Christensen, Gene Janicke, Max DeRaad, Tom Croce, Rachel Kaup, Pastor Linda Friesen
Church Council: Tom Croce, Terry Dreyer, Rochelle Sosnoski, Roxanne Anderson, Rick Calkins, Betsy Kelley, Kelly Andrews, Rachel Kaup, Pastor Linda Friesen-ex officio, Pastor Jen Collins-ex officio

S ummer Outdoor Worship at
Lakeside Memorial Park 

2016 Summer Sunday Worship  
9:30 am at Lakeside Memorial Park  
in Downtown Forest Lake    
Bring your lawn chair or blanket to sit on as we  
gather to worship in this beautiful setting.
In the event of inclement weather, worship moves
indoors to the Garden Chapel (upper level) at Hosanna.
Weather notice will be posted on Hosanna's website
and Facebook page by 8:00 am

= = = = = = =

Bible Study 8-8:45 am
on Summer Sundays (June-Aug)  
in Hosanna's Conference Room.  
Together we will looker deeper into the stories that  
Jesus told to both conceal and reveal the gospel. 
Come and join in on some engaging conversations  
and bring your Bible if you have one.
Tell your neighbors - bring your friends and family to the Forest Lake Bluegrass Festival!  A great community event to meet new people and enjoy some good food and music with a silent auction and games for the kids!  

This event is a fundraiser for local, national and international charities and is sponsored by local churches in the Forest Lake area. The international charity chosen to benefit from this year's event is Feed My Starving Children.  

The local charity to benefit this year is Haven Home, a mission of Forest Lake Area Mission for Families that will provide housing for temporarily displaced families in the Forest Lake school district. 

Do you love event planning? Hosanna is hosting a booth again this year and we need volunteers to help plan, set up and represent Hosanna on July 30th. If you are interested in volunteering for this fun event, please contact Susy Richey at 651-464-4099 or Kathy Peterson at 651-982-9829.

Guest Preacher - July 31

Pastor Amie Barsch Odahl (pictured above with her father Pastor Jim Barsch) will be our guest preacher on July 31.
Prayer Requests
Praise & Thanksgiving

Comfort, Strength & Healing in Cancer Journey
Santa Ferraro, friend of Susy Richie; Tracy, friend of Anne & Rob Myre; Terry Longville, friend of Sharon Sill; Charlie Wallin; Bob Rupar; Laura-daughter of Elaine Schumacher's friend; Terry & Donna Beck's daughter Angie

Healing, Recovery, Facing Other Health Issues 
Kelly (Curt) Monson's mother and their family; Hannah Bergan, her family & medical team; Cole & Stacia, grandson & daughter of Ruth & Marlin Lackas; Audry Girard, mother of Paul (Sue) Girard; Blake Brandt; Lynda Olson; Rick Bahnemann; Jan Hill; Mel (Ekko) Blumer, grandson-in-law of Dale & Barbara Johansen; Laney Hays and family, granddaughter of Brad & Barb Turgeon; Stephanie, daughter of Ruth & Marlin Lackas; Norman Schaible, family friend of Teresa & Mike Bredahl; Johnita, Ruth (Marlin) Lackas' sister; Craig-Dick & Nancy Westcott's nephew; Joanne Johnson, mother of Julie (Ross) Ohman; Deb Krinke & family; Alex-Jen Bergan's friend's in-law; Mary (Jeff) Peterson's sister Betty & husband Steve; Jeff (Ann) St. Martin, son-in-law of Jack & Sue Severson; Cooper, great nephew of Mary Gookins; Sharon, sister of Betty (Glen) Corum

Grief Compassion 
Doug & Judy Cowen, former members-death of Doug's mother
Keep Safe From Harm and Military
Cole & Stacia, grandson & daughter of Ruth & Marlin Lackas; Kelley & babies (protection & healing), Marlin & Ruth Lackas' God child; Hayden Oliver, serving in the Coast Guard 
State Fair Coliseum Project

It's not too early to start thinking about  
and signing up for Hosanna's Annual  
State Fair Coliseum Project!!

Sign-up sheets available after worship  

For over 20 years Hosanna volunteers
have helped clean the inside of the Coliseum
at the State Fair to raise funding for its ministries.
Be a part of thi project
that will raise $11,000 this year!! 

This Summer - Mark Your Calendars  
Wednesday, August 17
5:00-8:00 pm   
Sign up as a team
or just show up.
Bring a treat to share
with your table or everyone!

Contact Us 
Lutheran Church
9300 Scandia Trail North
Forest Lake, MN 55025
651-464-9020 fax

Linda Friesen, Pastor 
651-464-5502 ext.2006 
Jen Collins, Assoc.Pastor 
651-464-5502 ext.2023 
Rob Anderson 
Director, Worship & Music 
651-464-5502 ext.2008 
Jackie Verdick 
Office Coordinator 
651-464-5502 ext.2000 
Charlie Ollmann 
Choir Director 
Mary Gookins 
Handbell Choir Director 
Lisa Sauer 
Children's Choir Director 

Phyllis Lindberg 
Quick Links

Higher Ground 
Youth Camp
at Luther Dell
August 7-12, 2016
completed grades 8-12
Cost: $410
Register online directly  
through Camp Wapo.  
A registration page 
 has been set up
specifically for campers
from Hosanna-Forest Lake 
Click below to register.
with questions or concerns.
Camp scholarships
available upon request. 
2016 Forest Lake  
Relay For Life
Sat, August 6
12 noon - midnight
Lakeside Memorial Park 
Downtown Forest Lake
(new venue this year)
What Is Relay For Life?

Each year, more than 4 million people in over 20 countries raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer through the Relay For Life movement.

During a Relay event, participants and survivors celebrate what they've overcome.

We remember people lost to the disease, and honor people who have fought or are fighting cancer.

Fight Back
The event inspires Relay participants to take action against a disease that has taken too much.

Hosanna is again sponsoring their Cool Runnings teams
for this event and are looking for more team members.

For more information or if you would like to join one of our teams, contact the following team captains.

Diane Zak

Sue Palmer
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