Polar Paw 5K & 10K
February 27, 2021
Robin Hills Farm, 20390 M-52
Chelsea, MI 48118

We have missed you so, polar bears! Please read through this e-mail, there is a lot of important information!

We're excited to spend an evening at Robin Hills Farms socially distanced from you! The name of the game is run a 5K or 10K, drink, party and stay the heck away from each other... while having a fun night out! Robin Hills Farms is an ideal place to spread out and enjoy the evening safely.

Please wear a mask or other face covering at all times. Masks are required when picking your bib up, turning in your waiver, making your way to the starting chute, when leaving the finish chute, when waiting for and using the restroom, and when lining up to purchase beverages. Please do your best to be courteous of those around you!

Packets will be available for pickup from 3:30PM until the final start time. We suggest you do no arrive until 15-20 minutes prior to your start time to eliminate pre-race gathering.

All participants will need to fill out and sign a HEALTH WAIVER prior to starting the race. Please print this and sign it prior to arrival if possible. There will be a waiver table with sanitizer on site but to eliminate congregating we encourage you to do this before you arrive. If you have spectators joining you, they will also be required to fill out a HEALTH WAIVER. Nobody will be allowed in to the patio/starting area until they have turned in a HEALTH WAIVER.

Your bib number will be texted to you prior to your arrival. If you do not receive a text with your bib number, you may also check it here: POLAR PAW BIB NUMBERS.(This link will be updated when it is ready, there are no numbers yet) Please know your bib number prior to arrival as we will not have them posted anywhere (to eliminate any gathering point). Your physical bib number will be hung on a clothesline in the parking lot at Robin Hills Farm. Please do not approach the line if there is somebody near your number, wait until you can be at least 10' apart. Pins will be pre-attached to your bib number. If you ordered a shirt or medal, these will be in a bag on the ground with your bib number visibly displayed. Having the clothes-line in the parking lot will make it easy for you to stash your gear back in your car, grab your credit card and ID and head to the starting line. 
You will need to drop your waiver in the bucket at the entrance to the Robin Hills Farm patio. We will encourage one way traffic on the patio. A diagram is included below. If you need to use the restroom pre-race please follow the signs, the restrooms are indoors. As you leave the patio you will have a clear view of the starting line with flags 15' apart leading to it. Do not proceed to the next medal or flag until the one in front of you is clear. When you get to the starting line please wait at least 15 seconds to start between groups (your covid-crew and family can run together). Follow the flags on the course, 5K WILL BE MARKED IN PINK FLAGS, 10K WILL BE MARKED IN BLUE FLAGS. The course is a great mix of wooded paths and fields. With the warmer temps, it could be a muddy mess! Prepare for the worst! If you have snowshoes and are interesting in snowshoeing, we suggest bringing them because there may still be plenty of snow on the ground! Walk, run and enjoy! Stick close to the flags and try to stay 10' away from those you pass. Please no drafting. There will be NO aid station. If you think you will need water on course please bring your own from home. It looks like it will be fairly warm this weekend so it is going to be a muddy trail race!

START TIMES: If you forgot the start time you signed up for you may check it here. Once you arrive, pick up your bib and turn in your health waiver proceed directly to the start and get going!
In the finish line water bottles will be spaced out for you to take. Grab your water, and head down to the bar! NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL. Please spend some money at Robin Hills Farms, it is so kind of them to allow us on their property! Beers start at $3. There will be beer, wine and a specialty cocktail available for purchase.

FOOD: Nom Nom Ninja food truck will be on site serving up delicious hibachi burritos! Check out their menu here! Don't forget your cash and cards for food and drink!

Robin Hills Farms will have fire pits available to sit by. Firewood is for sale on site. Grab a ring and some wood and stay a while with your pod! Don't forget your credit card and cash for a fun evening out!

Live music will begin at 4PM on the Robin Hills Farm patio.

Results will be available online http://rfeventservices.com/.

Enjoy a fun evening at the farm!

The RF Events Crew thanks you for your support!