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Not In Our Town and DOJ COPS Leader Featured in Police Chief Magazine on the Hate Crimes Reporting Gap

COPS Office Director Ronald L. Davis and Not In Our Town Executive Producer Patrice O'Neill co-authored an article highlighting the problems raised by the hate crimes reporting gap and practical solutions to combat the under reporting. The article appears in the May 2016 edition of The Police Chief, the official publication of the International Association of Chiefs of Police 

Illinois Library Hosts NIOT Film Series to Engage Community

A screening of "Light in the Darkness" at the library.
Over 500 people gathered at the Library in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, IL to view  NIOT's  Light in the Darkness as part of the  a Not In our Town film series designed to spark dialogue in the town. Community Engagement Liaison Danielle Henson of the Gail Borden Public Library convened the series to bring together people in her town to promote diversity and address issues of inclusion.  Read more about what happened during the first discussion on NIOT.org. 

The library is planning for Not In Our Town: When Hate Happens Here to be screened on Sunday, June 5th.

Please contact us (info@niot.org) if your town is interested in starting a Not In Our Town film series.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch Affirms Transgender Civil Rights in Moving Speech and Actions: Theresa Sparks Responds

Attorney General Loretta Lynch (Reuters)
United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch struck down a discriminatory law in North Carolina aimed at transgender people. Her moving speech and actions prompted this response from San Francisco Human Relations Commission Executive Director Theresa Sparks. 

"As one who has been on the front lines for transgender rights for nearly two decades, the remarks made by US Attorney General Lynch and the action of filing a Civil Rights lawsuit against HB2 and North Carolina left me breathless and in tears. After all of these years, one of the most powerful defenders of our civil rights has proclaimed to all that we are here, worthwhile and deserve the protection of the entire might of the United States Federal Government. There are really no words to convey how I feel."   

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Stop Hate: Action Steps for Local Communities

NIOT's "Stop Hate: Action Steps for Local Communities" was distributed to 7000 law enforcement leaders  in The Dispatch, the official e-newsletter of the COPS Office.

See how you can get involved and what steps you can take to stop hate. 

Resources for Law Enforcement and the Transgender Community

Not In Our Town presents resources for law enforcement agencies on how to engage with the transgender community:
  • Videos that can be used in training and community meetings.
  • Lesson plans and discussion guides for law enforcement produced by a U.S. Marshal and the DOJ Community Relations Service.
  • Blogs from the perspective of a transgender law enforcement official.