Help Me Help Them Help You
Exterior cameras are affordable and effective.
As technology has improved, costs have declined. A video surveillance system at one time was an expensive undertaking. Today, cameras can be purchased for $50-ish and easily connected to your internet wirelessly.

Cameras outside your home are a deterrent. But possibly more important, they help catch perpetrators committing crimes elsewhere.

The downtown graffiti vandal was caught on a camera.
Teens robbing unlocked cars in a subdivision were caught on a camera.
A shooter was caught … on his own camera!

If you can afford it, you can help me help them (our PD) help us by simply adding a camera or two at your home.

Follow-up: For much of the past year, I have spoken of Covington's police officers being the lowest paid in St. Tammany Parish. As such, of the 23 patrol and traffic positions, we only have 13 officers. In the past ten years 40 officers have left our ranks to go work for other agencies. They did not leave police work. They left us. Last week former councilmen, business people and residents spoke in favor of a raise for our officers. After careful consideration, the City Council voted in favor of my request to increase salaries $4,000 per person per year. Kudos to the Council and the Community for recognizing this need and addressing it.

Sidenote: Addition of $4,000 per year is still short of other agencies' salaries.
Safety and Security are key elements of a positive quality of life.
Zumba with the Mayor
Mayor's Council on Healthy Lifestyles
Sunday, August 16th, Noon,
Bogue Falaya Hall

Good cardio, good core, good times. Join the Mayor (me) and the Zumba community on Sunday, August 16th, at noon at Bogue Falaya Hall.

Free, limited to 50. Register at link below or reply to this e-mail.

Great opportunity for first-timers.
Big Thanks to Ochsner Health Systems partnering with St. Tammany Health for sponsoring Zumba with the Mayor. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful healthcare partnership in our community.

Good health is a key component of a positive quality of life.
Tire Disposal Day
Saturday, August 15th
Bring out your tires! Bring out your tires!
Drop off unwanted tires at Peter Atkins Park. DEQ limits 5 per person, none accepted from businesses.

So, if you know of a tire stuck in a ditch or on City property, be a good camper and bring it to us. We'll find a good home for it i.e. Environmental Recycling.

Big Thanks to Robert Celestine for getting us started.
Cleanliness and scenic beauty are key components of a positive quality of life.
What's with the pink tags?
To have bulk debris or green waste picked up curbside, one needs to make a request of our waste hauler, Coastal Environmental Services. This can easily be done using their Customer Care online form or by telephone (833-243-8237).

Many in our community believe trucks routinely pass by randomly picking up debris. This is not the case. Drivers are given a list of requested piles. Hence, they will pick up one pile, but drive right past another. If they were to add the unrequested piles to their load, they would lack capacity at the end of their route.
After requesting a pick-up, it should take about one week. If not removed in seven days, contact Coastal with a reminder. If not done in ten days, notify me via e-mail.
Cleanliness and scenic beauty are key components of a positive quality of life.
A History of the West 30s
by Dr. Eva Baham
Looking for a little more CovLA History?

Get yourself a copy of the book African Americans in Covington, researched and written by Dr. Eva Baham ... some good stories : )

Also, available at CVS, 21st and Tyler St.
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Report a Missed Trash Pick Up or Debris Pile: Customer Care Form
Or call 985-781-3171

Signing up for utility bill auto-pay (from your checking account, no additional fees) decreases paperwork at City Hall, thereby making Government more efficient. That's a good thing.

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