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Records News
FL considers records exemption for witnesses to homicides


OH Supreme Court rules police video is public record

MO police union sues department over records 

PD sued for removing critical Facebook comments 

Video Redaction Services
We provide secure, remote and timely redaction of law enforcement video.  Why hire staff when you can get up and running and responsive to records requests today. See details here.
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The Best Training Seminars Around
Over 1500 professionals trained.  Our courses consistently receive excellent feedback.  We keep it interesting and relative; information provided by people who have worked on the job and know what they're talking about.
Evidence & Records: retention & destruction

Building a Model Police Records Unit Seminar

Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive Seminar

Managing Social Media & Body-cam Records Seminar
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Got an RMS that isn't used as it should be?

Investment in a records management system can range from as low as  $35,000 for a very small agency up to millions for a large one.  So with this expenditure, why do so many agencies not use the system as it should be?  Does your agency utilize all of the RMS features? Worse yet, are you printing reports from the system and filing them as standard practice? STOP! TODAY! Such a practice is a complete waste of time, energy and money. 

NIBRS Conversion Training
We now have NIBRS training including information on making the transition.  To have a successful transition requires much more than just making some changes to RMS. We have a 6 step model to ensure success from start to finish- planning all the way through to certification. Learn about NIBRS reporting, how to ensure accurate data, quality control procedure and what is required to make the transition in our live webinar.
Body-worn Camera Records: Law, Policy, Practice
Wayne, NJ March 23-24
The management and dissemination of BWC recordings is a rather, albeit unnecessarily, contentious issue in public safety. Whether or not the video shall be released according to the law is one matter while the decision to voluntarily release it is another. These issues are often conflated with the preservation of videos as "evidence"- a separate matter altogether from public records law. In this 2 day course, in-depth practical information including legal requirements and best practices combined with a hands-on policy development exercise will be provided by subject matter experts from law enforcement. 

 St. Augustine, FL March 1
Vandalia, OH March 24
Concord, CA April 20
Culver City, CA May 10
Learn what the law requires. Is it a record or is it evidence? How long should evidence be kept? What about the records associated with the case? When the court sends a letter saying the evidence can be destroyed, should it be?

Orlando, FL April 4

This is a hands-on course and participants will need to bring their own laptop with Excel 2010 or higher.  Sample data files, reports, and other materials used in the training will be provided.

This course provides a working knowledge of crime analysis and some ways your agency can implement basic crime analysis on a shoestring budget.  The task of providing statistics often falls to records or communications personnel.

March 14
March 15

Does your agency still sign forms with a pen?
Does your District Attorney's office tell you they have to have the "original"? Are you scanning agency forms? Does your agency believe a new CAD/RMS system means going paperless?

But...what about all that other paper including leave slips, memos, affidavits, bonds, OT forms, statements, watch orders, inventory forms, qualifications forms, rosters, booking sheets, property forms, warrants, etc? Are they on paper? Are they electronic but getting printed out, signed and scanned? Scanning should be done for retrieval of records- not storing them! Don't scan just to get rid of paper. There's a better way to do it.

Ensure the success of your records management operations with our consulting services:
  • NIBRS conversion
  • Retention schedules/records destruction
  • Document imaging
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Digital records management
  • Report corrections procedure
  • IT systems planning and implementation