November 2017
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Body Worn Camera Records: Law, Policy, Practice 
The management and dissemination of BWC recordings is a rather, albeit unnecessarily, contentious issue. Whether or not the video shall be released according to the law is one matter while the decision to voluntarily release it is another. These issues are often conflated with the preservation of videos as "evidence"- a separate matter altogether from public records law.  In this 2 day course, in-depth practical information including legal requirements and best practices combined with a hands-on policy development exercise will be provided by subject matter experts from law enforcement.

Managing Police Records 
In this class you will learn how to determine how long records must be kept, in what format, when they can be destroyed and what the legal requirements are for releasing information to the public.

Building a Model Police Records Unit
The only one of its kind, in this two day course learn how to minimize liability, improve performance, empower the records function, build professionalism, and increase customer service. Designed for records managers, clerks and supervisors, this course teaches you how to run the records unit as if it were a business: efficiently, legally and customer focused. Learn practical techniques that will improve the operations of this critical support component.

Evidence & Records: retention and destruction  
This course focuses on the proper management of the records related to evidence and property. Learn what the law requires. How long should evidence be kept? What about the records associated with the case? When the court sends a letter saying the evidence can be destroyed, should it be?  

Crime Stats and NIBRS for the Police Executive

NIBRS is coming- learn all about it in this 1 day, extraordinarily informative course about your crime stats. This course is for those who need to understand the changes that are coming and how the numbers work, how to keep them accurate and how they will change.


Transitioning to NIBRS
$79/person (with personalized certificate of completion, reference materials, Q&A)

The FBI has announced that all agencies will be reporting crime data via the NIBRS program by 2021. Learn about what is required to make a successful transition. We have a 4 step model to ensure success from start to finish- planning all the way through to certification.


Digital Transformation: going truly paperless in law enforcement
$149/agency (with personalized certificate of completion, reference materials, Q&A)

Does your agency print reports out and file them?  Do you maintain paper case files?  Do you scan everything?  Do you print MS Word forms and fill them out with a pen?  Does your prosecutor's office demand "the original" paper copy?  Do you sign documents...with a pen?

This very practical and highly informative webinar teaches you exactly what you need to know to convert existing forms to fillable PDFs, maintain all agency records electronically and send them electronically.  We answer all those questions regarding the legality of electronic forms and signatures and provide the statutes. Learn about what should be scanned and what should be left as is. 

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What is PRI?

PRI is a highly specialized management consulting firm that provides public safety agencies records management, IT and crime data consulting, training and project management services. With core competencies in public records compliance, UCR/NIBRS, CJIS, RMS/CAD systems and records operations, PRI has proudly served over 1400 agencies since 2008.  
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Transforming a police agency one record at a time  
Ed Claughton
President, PRI
Collaborative reform.  Consent decrees.  The need for these is often based on issues that run deep within and throughout the agency, not on isolated problems that are one-dimensional.  They are matters which transverse organizational structure and transcend the obvious.  They typically can be traced to deficient training, substandard hiring practices, poor leadership, bias and the like- all of which create a broken culture and bad performance.  Yet one common denominator often overlooked is an issue that pervades law enforcement.  It is an issue that sets the tone of a police agency; it serves as one of the most visible representations of the organization's level of professionalism. 

Why Records Matter
Next to the officer in the field, the assigned detective and the Chief's/Sheriff's public facing activity, it is the information produced by the agency that shapes the opinion of so many.  From the crime stats which get published to the reports that are read by victims, attorney's, insurance companies and the media, to the social media and videos posted, infor mation is at the center of it all.  When mismanaged, these sometimes high-profile channels of information paint a picture of dysfunction, often rooted in reality. Once made public, the mismanaged information reveals bad crime data, missing records or improper use of law enforcement systems and when this happens, the agency faces a firestorm of media attention and criticism.  One of the somewhat common elements of consent decrees over the years has been a determination that records and data have been mismanaged, leading to the production of bad information.

After working with literally hundreds of police agencies, we have seen professionalism shine through in the investigative records, quality control procedure and accountability measures of those that are high-performing organizations.  We've also seen the decrepit, and sometimes outright malfeasant operations of those which are dysfunctional, evidenced by the willful disregard for the proper management of the agency, its staff, decisions and....records.

Crime Stats
A recent crime stat audit conducted by PRI revealed the agency was over-reporting violent-crime by 17%, leading to an erroneous ranking as the most violent city in the state. Our job is to correct that error- and the damage it has done. 

How do such mistakes occur?  Sometimes simple negligence; a disregard for what some consider to be the menial task of records management- that is until they find themselves in the unenviable position of having to justify what happened.  Then the proper management of case status, disposition and proper classification of reports suddenly becomes really important.   

What we know at PRI is that records are important before most of our clients do.  We have seen it happen all too often and fortunately for law enforcement, help is available.  And we're really good at it.   

Someone once said "you can't fix broken culture- you can only fix the things that cause it- then everything else will fall into line thereafter".  There is some truth to that.  Sometimes fixing the obvious requires going after the hidden.  In the 1990s when the City of New York underwent an unprecedented transformation, ending epic levels of violence and disorder to becoming a safe city, the police department targeted the unexpected- low level crimes and offenders, internal mismanagement matters, training and...information management among other things.  It sent a message; suddenly things had to be done correctly or face the consequences.  It worked.
Bill Bratton's book, "The Turnaround: How America's Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic" is a fascinating read that any agency experiencing problems would benefit from.
If your officers and records staff aren't held accountable to producing information which is accurate, error-free and well-written, how can one expect the agency to perform the way it should when it comes to the obvious?

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Training Reviews
"I had the pleasure of attending your webinar yesterday on converting to NIBRS. It was excellent."

"The webinar was very informative and well put together.  It was very easy to take in."
Manatee Sheriff's Office

"I have attended many seminars and training classes over the last 20 years in law enforcement; I have to say with certainty, yours was simply amazing. You are very informed about the topic you teach. VERY informed."
Pleasant Hill PD

"I just recently attended one of your classes in Salina KS, which was one of the best classes I have ever attended by the way.  You spoke about a correction list that you would send to us if we emailed you.  Would you mind forwarding that to me?"
Norman, OK PD

Ensure the success of your records management operations with our consulting services:
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  • NIBRS conversion
  • Retention schedules/records destruction
  • Document imaging
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Digital records management
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