April 2, 2021
In the final weeks of a challenging session, one of the highest profile topics appears to be on track toward its resolution. Through late-night debates, the full Maryland Senate has passed its own version of the House’s central police reform legislation – with multiple amendments, and amidst deeply emotional debate. The House, meanwhile, appears to be fast-tracking multiple individual Senate bills toward passage on a similar timetable. Wrapping these efforts by Monday could ensure that the debate, including a possible veto (and subsequent override effort) could be completed by the end of the regular session on April 12. Conduit Street has your coverage, with our own look at liability changes that may recalibrate the cost of policing, and links to bill information and the coverage from around the legislature’s most contentious issue of the year.
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Conduit Street Podcast Corner:

On the latest episode of the Conduit Street Podcast, Anne Arundel County Budget Officer Chris Trumbauer joins Kevin Kinnally and Michael Sanderson to discuss the latest news and notes from Annapolis, including the ins and outs of budgeting amidst a pandemic, using budgets to set priorities, and the impact of a bipartisan agreement between Governor Hogan, House Speaker Jones, and Senate President Ferguson to allocate more than $3.9 billion in federal funding that the State expects to receive through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Counties In Action
Harford welcomes Wayfair (and 250 new jobs!)
to their e-commerce sector
Council Member Patoka thanks the Student Support Network for food distributions surpassing $4M mark in total food
MD's U.S. Rep Andy Harris
(also a medical doctor) administered COVID vax at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center
Corporate Partner Corner

MACo Gold Corporate Partner, Motorola Solutions Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Mahesh Saptharishi, talks security risk posture in a recent Forbes article.
Motorola Solutions, Inc. provides public safety and public service sector integration and communications solutions to the State of Maryland, 16 of its 23 Counties plus the Cities of Baltimore, Salisbury, and Annapolis. Motorola’s portfolio of solutions includes wireless voice and 4G data systems, Computer Aided Dispatch, Records & Jail Management Systems, Mobile Data Software, Mobile Computing Hardware, Citizen Response Management (311) Systems, Wireless Broadband Networks, Video Surveillance Systems, and Interoperability Networks. @MotoSolutions

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