Policies for the Safety of Youth and Children
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Dear Reverend Clergy, Parish Council Presidents and Youth Safety Parish Administrators,

It is time to officially begin the implementation process of the of the “Policies for the Safety of Children and Youth” referred to as the “Policies” in your parish and other youth events. Please review the " Youth Safety Implementation Plan schedule with dates and deadlines. Praesidium will be providing TRAINING COURSES starting the second week of September for your role as a Youth Safety Parish Administration.


STEP ONE:  Please find the reviewed and approved Parish Contract with Praesidium Inc , for training and background checks. This contract needs to be IMMEDIATELY signed by your Parish Priest or Parish Council President before any video training or background checks can be processed. This contract is a payment agreement between your parish and Praesidium . Your parish will be billed directly by Praesidium under the terms of the contract and your parish can decide to pay for all the costs of certification or ask your volunteers to reimburse these individual costs.  $17 (General Background Check) to $22 (Driving Record Background Check)

NOTE: Even if you currently have a contract with Presidium, this new contract must be signed and will replace any previous agreement.
To be signed by Parish Priest or PC President
STEP TWO: The Youth Safety Parish Administrator will need to identify all Potential Youth Workers and collect their legal name, email address and phone number. Praesidium will provide instructions to all Parish Youth Safety Administrators on how to utilize the system including how to upload your potential Youth Workers.  All clergy, active and retired, need to complete this process; as well as all who will be working to help put on youth events.
Parish Youth Safety Administrator
(Parish Council President or their designee)
STEP THREE: Once the two steps are completed, the potential youth worker will receive two separate emails from Praesidium . These two emails will provide: 1) an invitation to watch the video courses and take the short quizzes and; 2) submit personal information in order to obtain a background check for the safety of our children. No confidential information or numbers will be stored by the Archdiocese. Praesidium will maintain confidential records in their verified and well-maintained secured system.

STEP FOUR: Let all Potential Youth Worker from your parish know that once they receive the two emails from Praesidium, they will have two weeks to complete the video quizzes and to request a background check before their link is disabled.
(All Clergy, Sunday/Greek/School Teachers, Altar Captains, Sport Coaches, Dance Instructors,
HOPE, JOY & GOYA Advisors, Youth Retreat/Camp Leaders, Parent Volunteers...etc)
Will receive 2 email from Praesidium and will have 2 weeks to comply
STEP FIVE: The Parish Youth Safety Administrator will confirm that all Parish Youth Workers are screened and trained. The Youth Safety Administrator will send a Parish Compliance Letter and will attach a complete roster of screened and trained parish youth workers. They also will insecure that no other individuals will be permitted to serve in youth ministry programs and event at the parish until the next registration period.
Parish Youth Safety Administrator
(Parish Council President or their designee)
If you have questions, you may contact me at youth@atlmetropolis.org . If I am not available, you may bring all questions to Fr. Earl Cantos of the Department of Youth Safety Compliance at 480-440-2277 or YouthSafety@goarch.org.

Thank you for helping to protect all of our children and youth. You are doing a great service for all our Orthodox children.

Monica Gjerde
Youth, Education & Hellenic Culture Coordinator
Metropolis of Atlanta