Policy & Research SPECIAL ALERT
Parents Retain Medicaid while Child is Temporarily in Foster Care
SECTION 9D.14.(a) – (c), page 121 of S. 105

What this provision does: Allows parents to retain Medicaid eligibility while a child is temporarily served in the foster care system. 
Why is this important: Allows parents to continue to receive services that can help them be emotionally and physically healthy for their children. This is part of the family stability and engagement that provides children with the greatest potential for success in their growth. 
Committee [Money] Report (page C47, item 113) funding levels:
SFY 2021-2022   $8.13 M Recurring
SFY2022-2023    $18 M Recurring
Action: Ask legislators to support this provision of the Senate budget proposal. Provide the detail above, any pertinent brief story you have and your contact information if they would like to discuss it further. 
Who to Contact:
-Write House Appropriations members now
-Contact your home House members between now and when the bill has passed Appropriations
-Thank Senators KrawiecBurgin and 
Britt for sponsoring legislation that could be included as a budget provision. 
-Write the Governor with similar message to House members because he will have to decide whether to veto the budget or not when he receives it from the NC General Assembly.
Written correspondence to the Governor can be mailed to:
North Carolina Office of the Governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301
Phone: 919-814-2000
Twitter: @NC_Governor
Note: Recommend not to use this as an opportunity to discuss full Medicaid expansion. Limit comments to the budget provision. 
Who is the State Collaborative?
Our Mission: The North Carolina Collaborative for Children, Youth, and Families ("State Collaborative"), through a System of Care framework, provides a forum for collaboration, advocacy and action among families, public and private child, family serving agencies and community partners to improve outcomes for all children, youth and families. 
Our Vision: Children, youth, and families are healthy, safe and successful at home, in school and in their communities.