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July 19, 2016
Changes to Circulation of CanSIA's Policy & Research Update
A Note from CanSIA's Business Development and Member Relations Manager, Lisa Hatina

The solar industry is changing. CanSIA is seeing a trend in the increasing value of policy and market information made available through our monthly Policy & Research Update. In a recent survey of our members, the value of this newsletter, which offers highlights and neatly packaged summaries of policy and regulatory developments impacting the solar industry in Canada, was rated highest by our membership, among all CanSIA communication channels, in both relevance and quality.

CanSIA members show their commitment to the industry in many ways, one of which is their financial support of CanSIA's work on behalf of the industry through their annual membership fees. In recognition of that support, it is only fair that CanSIA members enjoy greater access to valuable information than non-members. To this end, CanSIA will no longer circulate our monthly Policy and Research Update to non-members as of September 1st. CanSIA will, however, continue to circulate the communication to policy-makers, regulators and other stakeholders of importance to our industry.

Non-members can view a list of what was included in the Update by reviewing the monthly Member Benefits Update which will continue to be widely circulated on the last Wednesday of each month. A selection of CanSIA's policy briefs and submissions will continue to be publicly available on our website.

We thank all industry stakeholders for the various ways that they support CanSIA and the industry at large and look forward to growing adoption of solar energy across Canada.


Lisa Hatina
Business Development and Member Relations Manager

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Upcoming Events
CanSIA's Edmonton Networking Mixer
Members of CanSIA are invited to join us for CanSIA's Edmonton Networking Mixer on Wednesday, July 27th from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Yellowhead Brewery in Edmonton, Alberta. This event is exclusive to Corporate and Supporter Members of CanSIA and special guests.
CanSIA and solar professionals, who are focused on residential, commercial and community-scale solar, are welcome for a casual networking mixer to discuss the on-going distribution-connected policy and regulatory framework development for solar electricity generation in Alberta. See registration details below.

Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM MT
Location: Yellowhead Brewery, 10229 105th Street NW, Edmonton, AB

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Policy & Market Development
CanSIA and CanWEA continue collaboration at the federal levelcanwea
In follow-up to the joint submission made by CanSIA and CanWEA to the Federal Government on the Pan-Canadian Climate Change Framework in early June, both Associations have been continuing to collaborate in the communication of the recommendations to key participants in the Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Working Groups.  In advance of an August 5th deadline for pre-budgetary consultation submission deadlines the Memberships of both Associations are now re-engaging and consulting with our Memberships through the joint "Pan-Canadian Climate Change Framework Working Group" with two webinars and feedback periods in the coming weeks.  If you would like to get involved in the discussion on green bonds, tax, solar in buildings, solar in the north and the other topics flagged in the initial submission for follow-up, please contact Patrick Bateman.

Canada, United States and Mexico pledge 25% Clean Power by 2025Mexico
Chris Wattie_Reuters
The U.S. and Mexico will commit to joining Canada in boosting their use of wind, solar and other carbon-free sources of electricity, helping North America meet an ambitious goal of generating at least 50 percent of its energy from 'clean' sources by 2025.  The target represents a stronger pledge for the United States and Mexico as Canada is already a global leader in non-emitting electricity generation. The Obama administration had previously said it aimed for the U.S. to get a fifth of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, as part of a commitment made with Brazil last year. Mexico last year promised to get 35 percent of its electricity from wind, solar and other renewable sources by 2024, up from 3 percent a year ago.

Ontario microFIT Program Re-OpensFIT
On June 21, 2016 the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator re-opened the microFIT Program and implemented a new version of the program rules and contract (microFIT 4.0).

The new microFIT Rules include changes relating to:
  1. The implementation of new/revised declaration forms which must be either notarized by a notary or commissioned by a commissioner of oaths before being submitted with the Application;
  2. The implementation of a new Price Schedule which includes a new price of ¢31.2/kWh for Rooftop Solar microFIT projects ≤ 6 kW;
  3. The ability to utilize in-series metering, when permitted by the connecting Local Distribution Company; and
  4. Changing the requirement for satisfying the conditions of the Application Approval Notice. Projects must now be built within 180 days of the date the Application Approval Notice was issued. This includes both receiving connection authorization from the Electrical Safety Authority, connecting the project with the LDC, and having the LDC report the connection details to the IESO.
The IESO's revised Representative and Applicant Declaration form also includes a declaration for CanSIA Members regarding the provision of CanSIA's new Solar Business Code of Conduct to applicants/consumers. On June 13, 2016 CanSIA launched a new consumer protection initiative including the new Solar Business Code of Conduct. More information on the consumer protection initiative and all materials are available on CanSIA's website.

Please note: Members are required to pledge their commitment to consumer protection by agreeing to and complying with the new Solar Business Code of Conduct and Complaint Resolution and Disciplinary Process. To adhere to this requirement members can complete an agreement form which is accessible here.

Ontario Large Renewable Procurement RFQ Released for Stakeholder CommentLRP
On June 27, 2016 the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) released the draft LRP II RFQ and other draft program documents for stakeholder feedback. The draft LRP II RFQ reflected most of CanSIA's recommendations which had been submitted earlier this year. CanSIA's subsequent submission was made to the IESO on July 14, 2016 which focused on:
  1. Clarifying an apparent misinterpretation of the Development Experience requirements;
  2. Inserting additional clarity on the ability for RFQ Applicants to form partnerships with other participants;
  3. Opening up confidentiality requirements to allow necessary approval processes; and
  4. Reducing the restrictions for participants who are proposing technological upgrades to existing projects.
CanSIA's LRP II Forum is also working over the rest of July to provide feedback to the IESO on how to operationalize the recent Minister's Directive which directs the IESO to explore procuring up to 50 MW of technological upgrades and optimizations to existing renewable generating facilities.

Ontario FIT 5 Program Released for Stakeholder Commentcomment
On July 8, 2016 the IESO posted draft program documents for the FIT 5 procurement for stakeholder feedback and initiated the annual Price Review process. Feedback on the draft FIT 5 documents and input into the Price Review process are due by July 28, 2016.

CanSIA has re-initiated our FIT 5 Forum to coordinate our feedback on the draft FIT 5 program documents as well as to act as the central body for consultation on the FIT and microFIT Price Review. This process will set the applicable rates for the FIT 5 procurement and microFIT in 2017.

CanSIA has also distributed a call to all PV members for installed cost data to form the basis of the Price Review submission and for ongoing analytical efforts.

CanSIA members can contact us to find out how you can get involved with the FIT 5 Forum or the Price Review submission.

Please note that CanSIA Forums are open to Coporate and Supporter 1 Members only.

Utilities & Regulatory Affairs
Distribution-Connected Solar in Alberta Under the SpotlightDistribution
On July 11th 2016, CanSIA made recommendations to Alberta Energy and the Climate Change Office in response to the "Distributed Alternative and Renewable Energy Generation" questionnaire. The desired outcomes of this stakeholder engagement is to develop a clear and comprehensive policy and regulatory framework for micro- and small-scale community generation in Alberta.

View CanSIA's submission to this consultation here.

Key recommendations included renewal of the policy and regulatory frameworks for both load displacement and stand-alone generation, enabling both forms of generation to realize their true value for their electricity, system benefits and environmental attributes and the introduction of Virtual Net-Metering in Micro-Generation to facilitate "shared" or "community" solar.

Continued stakeholder engagement is scheduled throughout the summer with an expectation that the Micro-Generation regulation will be in place for January 1st, 2017.  CanSIA members wishing to get involved in ongoing discussions on this topic may participate in the 'Growing Solar Market Share in Alberta and Saskatchewan' Strategic Project or contact us to sign-up for the Alberta Distribution-Connected Solar Forum.

Please note that CanSIA Forums are open to Coporate and Supporter 1 Members only.

Current practices across Canada for solar interconnection at the distribution-levelInterconnection
The process, cost and cost allocation for connecting solar facilities at the distribution level in Canada varies widely between utilities and jurisdictions.  Electricity consumers, utilities, regulators and the solar industry all have an interest in costs being fair and connection processes being efficient.  CanSIA has initiated this Interconnection Costs Forum, comprised of utilities, solar developers and interconnection specialists, to explore current practices in Canada, to review a jurisdictional scan, the literature on best practices, and to determine whether actions could be taken by Canadian utilities or regulators to improve connection processes, costs and cost allocation.  A meeting was recently held to provide a progress update meeting materials are available online through the Members-Only Portal. CanSIA members can subscribe to the mailing list to participate in the Forum.

Please note that CanSIA Forums are open to Coporate and Supporter 1 Members only.

Ontario IESO Releases Regular Quarterly ReportsIESO
T he Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has released updates to a number of their regular reports including:
  1.   The 18-Month Outlook which forecasts generation, transmission and demand needs to December 2017;
  2. The Contracted Electricity Supply quarterly report for Q1 2016;
  3. The Conservation Progress Report for Q1 2016; and
  4. The Ontario Energy Report for Q1 2016.
These reports provide a helpful update on a number of ongoing programs and functions of the IESO for electricity sector stakeholders in Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Energy Continues Green Button ConsultationsButton
The Ontario Ministry of Energy is continuing their consultation on the implementation of the Green Button Initiative. This initiative will make it easier for the private sector to work with individuals and businesses to get standardized and accurate utility usage information in order to best suite technological solutions like PV and solar thermal systems to individual customer needs.

A number of policy workshops/focus groups have been scheduled by the Ministry of Energy which are to be attended by industry associations and utilities. If you have thoughts or feedback on how the Green Button Initiative may help your business, you are invited to reach out to Ben Weir, CanSIA Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs to discuss this initiative.

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