September 30, 2019
Opening Note: CanSIA Presents at Ontario  Energy Board Stakeholder Meeting
On September 18, 2019, CanSIA presented in a stakeholder engagement meeting hosted by Ontario Energy Board (OEB) with respect to Utility Remuneration and Responding to Distributed Energy Resources (EB-2018-0287 and EB-2018-0288, respectively).
This engagement by CanSIA is critical to ensuring that solar and energy storage technologies are well represented and positioned in the development of new electricity regulations, and to ensure Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) play a meaningful role in Ontario's energy future.
All presentations and transcripts of the sessions are available on the OEB's website . As a next step, stakeholders have an opportunity to provide supplemental comments to the OEB by October 18. As a following step, the OEB will prepare a summary of the stakeholder meeting and allow stakeholders to provide further commentary on the scope and objectives of these proceedings. CanSIA is coordinating participation in this process with members through the NEXUS strategic project.
Please read on for further updates from the CanSIA Team. 

Policy & Market Development: 
Policy & Market Development
Ontario Ground-Mount Solar Facilities See Regulations ChangePMD1
Given the changes resulting from the repeal of the Green Energy Act, this update is to clarify the regulations governing ground-mounted solar facilities. With the repeal of the Green Energy Act, ground-mount solar facilities are now no longer exempt from the Planning Act , meaning that new projects must comply with site plan approval, official plans and zoning by-laws. Per the Transitional Matters regulation, certain facilities that were in development were grandfathered and remain under the former regulations as enabled by the Green Energy Act. The new provisions remove the need for local distribution companies to verify siting requirements. Projects less than 10 kW remain exempt from permitting requirements; however, they are subject to municipal planning by-laws.

Due to CanSIA's Red Tape Reduction and Regulatory Burdens Reductions Submission and CanSIA's subsequent advocacy efforts, the solar industry should note that as of August 31, 2019 the previously over burdensome regulation; O. Reg. 274/18 Siting Restrictions for Renewable Energy Generation Facilities , no longer applies to any projects. This regulation was also amended with the Green Energy Repeal Act to align with the changes to the Planning Act. Developers of ground-mount solar projects are encouraged to discuss proposals with the applicable municipal planning department. Siting restrictions that are associated with Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) must also be considered.
IESO Moving forward with Market Renewal Program InitiativesPMD2
The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has formally launched the Detailed Design Phase  of the Market Renewal Program (MRP), consisting of implementation of locational marginal pricing, a day-ahead market and enhanced real-time unit commitment. Meetings are now scheduled for September and November, focusing on technical elements such as market power mitigation, offers, bids and data inputs, etc. Group one Detailed Design documents will be published in the end of November 2019, and Group two Detailed Design documents will be published in March 2020.

Furthermore, the IESO is continuing with their implementation of   Capacity Auctions . The December 2019 auction will include Demand Response (including eligible behind-the-meter storage) and off-contract dispatch-able generation. Two Capacity Auctions are planned for 2020, which includes plans to broaden eligible technologies, including in-front-of-the-meter energy storage, imports, and facility updates. In addition to Capacity Auctions, the IESO will also be launching a new stakeholder engagement on broader mechanisms to secure future resource adequacy.
In July 2019, CanSIA made an information request to the OEB with respect to net metering uptake across Ontario. Uptake of net metering has increased steadily since 2015, with a total of approximately 24 MW now installed. CanSIA has prepared a summary report. It is important to note that this report does not cover load-displacement generation.
The Nova Scotia Government is seeking input on updating its Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. The new legislation, to be called the Sustainable Prosperity Act, will focus on a number of key areas including:
  • Renewable energy opportunities
  • Energy performance and efficiency of buildings and homes
  • Supporting low-carbon and active transportation
  • Fighting climate change through cap and trade program and other initiatives
  • Building resilience to a changing climate.
CanSIA, in its submission, recommended that the Province set three new targets for 2030 in the areas of GHG reduction, renewable energy and powering provincial operations with clean energy. These include that the Province legislate the following:
  • A 2030 GHG target under the Sustainable Prosperity Act of 50% below 1990 levels.
  • A 2030 renewable energy target under the Sustainable Prosperity Act of at least 50% from local sources, with a solar set-aside representing at least 5% of total electricity production.
  • 100% of Provincial operations be powered by renewable energy sources by 2030.
For the full CanSIA submission, click here .
Utilities & Regulatory Affairs
The Community Generation Working Group (CGWG), consisting of CanSIA, First Nations Power Authority and the Alberta Community & Co-operative Association, participated in a three-day Technical Conference for Module One of the Alberta Utilities Commission's (AUC) Distribution System Inquiry (Proceeding 24116). As a next step, the AUC will prepare a summary report and permit participants to prepare final comments. CanSIA looks forward to the launch of Module Two, which will include a more depth review of the impacts of technologies on distributors, opportunities to evolve business models, implications for the monopoly franchise and a range of other important matters. CanSIA will continue to engage with members of NEXUS and the Alberta Solar Market Development (ASMD) strategic projects.
On September 22, the AUC issued a decision with respect to the ISO Tariff. CanSIA participated as an intervener in in Proceeding 22942 along with other members of the CGWG. Unfortunately, the decision was not completely in CGWG's favour with the AUC approving the AESO's proposed adjustments to gross metering practices and resulting substation fractioning amounts. A summary of the decision is provided here, and CanSIA is engaging with members of the ASMD strategic project with respect to next steps.
CanSIA submitted comments  with respect to the Alberta Electric System Operator's (AESO) plans to develop an Energy Storage Roadmap which aims to facilitate integration of energy storage in Alberta. CanSIA will continue to monitor next steps and is coordinating engagement with members through the NEXUS strategic project.
CanSIA filed comments in response to the OEB's kick-off letter with respect to the DER Connection Review (EB-2019-0207). This initiative will address connection process timelines, connection cost responsibility, and technical connection requirements. CanSIA's submission focused on a need to raise-the-bar for connection, providing greater transparency in connection capabilities, and the need to revising the Distribution System Code including removing the 1% net metering connection threshold and updating terms and definitions for load displacement and energy storage. CanSIA is coordinating participation in this process through the NEXUS strategic project.  
Nova Scotia Power is taking initial steps to modernize Nova Scotia's electricity grid by upgrading customers' current electrical meters to smart meters. This work will begin in the fall of 2019 and continue through to early 2021. 

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Nova Scotia Solar Summit - December 4, 2019 in Halifax, NSNSSS
Mark your calendars. The second annual Nova Scotia Solar Summit and Solar Mixer will take place on Wednesday, December 4th at the Marriott Harbourfront in downtown Halifax. The mixer will take place at a nearby location following the event. Last year's inaugural summit was a huge success with over 150 attendees, and we expect an even better conference this year!
Registration is expected to open soon. For opportunities to sponsor the Summit or Mixer, please contact Julie Mair at
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