Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
Policy & Review Board Notes

April 26 , 2017


Following are notes from the Policy & Review Board (PRB) meeting on April 24th held at the Discovery Center.

Wake Boats -- There was considerable discussion about this type of boat and some of the impacts on docks, boats, and the shoreline of the waves created.  It was generally agreed that an attempt should be made during this boating season to educate wake boat owners and the general public about the impacts and what can be done to minimize them.  Deep Creek Marine and Bill's Marine Service were represented at the meeting and pledged their support in this education effort.  Further, DNR will measure the coves as to their width so those that are too narrow for this type of boating activity can be easily identified to all.  Also, DNR will attempt to identify complaints regarding wake boats during this season in an attempt to determine the scope of any problem.  The POA Board will forward any pertinent information received during the season to our members.
Goose Hunt -- Although lacking specific numbers at this time, DNR believes the hunt last year was very successfull, particularly in fields, so another hunt for 2017 will be planned.  Currently goose eggs found in nests on and around the lake are being oiled as in years past so if you see a nest, please advise the Lake Manager's Office at (301) 387-4111 as to its location.
DNR Water Quality Monitoring --  Water quality monitoring will be conducted in the lake again this year but more attention will be given to shallower waters in various coves.  We will publish more information on this topic in the Spring 2017 Dispatch newsletter.
Hydrilla Control Program -- This year will be the fourth year for the control program at Deep Creek Lake.  No new patches of Hydrilla were noted last year.  This year, DNR will modify the treatment slightly to reduce costs and will advertise the schedule to the public as the time for administering the chemicals  gets closer.

Bob Hoffmann
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