Policy Alert
Kansas Economic Development Town Halls
Secretary of Commerce David Toland announced today that four town halls have been scheduled to engage the public in the development of the Kansas Framework for Growth, the economic development planning process kicked off earlier this year by Governor Laura Kelly.

These town halls are an expressed opportunity for the Kansas government to hear directly from the public. ArtsKC and the Arts Council of Johnson County believe that the arts must have robust representation at these town halls to highlight our part to play in the economic development of not only Kansas, but any geographical area.

The town halls are open to the public and scheduled at locations
across the state in the evenings to encourage participation.

Each of the town halls will give the public the opportunity to view data around key
indicators of economic performance in Kansas, including demographics, education,
workforce participation, incentive efficiency and industry mix.

Can't attend the town halls?
The Governor would still like to hear from you.
Complete their ONLINE SURVEY to give feedback around the issues
you think are major priorities for their economic development strategy.

This would be a great avenue to voice your support for the arts and to raise your arts funding.
Talking Points
We have developed a few key talking points that may prove beneficial as you attend these town halls and engage with the Kansas government.

  • Kansas state art agencies receive a fraction of the appropriations their local counterparts do. Kansas agencies receive match appropriations from the state government at $0.29 to $1 given from the NEA, while the national average is $8 to $1 from the NEA. To learn more about this, review the NEA's infographic on the topic.

  • Overall, the arts contribute at least $3,200,000 in revenue to the state, only including Douglas County, the City of Wichita, and Johnson County.

  • Arts-related businesses employ over 21,000 people, and make up 3% of all businesses in the state, and 1.3% of all employees of the state.

  • Regionally, the arts contribute $276 million to the economic impact of the KC Metro area.

  • And the arts employ 8,970 residents in the area, making our sector the third largest employer in the Greater Kansas City area.

  • In 2019, arts advocates were able to secure $500,000 in state funding for the arts, over double what it was the previous year. Your advocacy efforts matter!

Hopefully these numbers will help you feel more secure in your efforts
to advocate to our state government that the arts are effective
as a matter of economic development and deserve their attention.
To learn more about ArtsKC's advocacy initiatives, visit our advocacy page.
Questions? Contact:
Branden Haralson | Communications Manager, Engagement & Public Policy | bharalson@artskc.org