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Given the highly uncertain conditions of the Middle East with the extensive embargo on Qatar, readers may like to read the very first commentary we released with featured extracts from Politics, protest and pillage –  finance professional views. In fact, edition 9 of Accountancy Futures concentrates on how the CFO and their finance function manages in situations of turmoil and may be worth a re-read. If you have not done so already there is an ACCA app that you can download from play store on android devices that will allow you to view numerous reports and journals from ACCA’s professional insights people.

We are also entering the last six months before the adoption of major VAT legislation across the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC. Readers can get a quick synopsis of the VAT laws for the UAE at Ministry of Finance website.

Be sure to continually visit and read the professional insights pages which will sharpen your knowledge around the matters that CFOs and other leaders are thinking about. Next quarter sees seven reports being released: (i) CG In Africa (ii) Digital CFO (iii) Shadow Economy (iv) Oil and Gas (v) GECS qtr.2 (vi) Gen Next  (vii) Ethics.

Here is the 4th Policy Insights - Commentaries from MENASA with again short observations written by our members from across MENASA as well as other guest writers. We are as always delighted to feature regular contributions from members like Nayeema Zareen Bashar, FCCA, CPFA, MBA from Bangladesh and Omer Zaheer Meer CFA, FCCA from Pakistan. I am always interested to hear from you and feature new topics which you think affect the region and your country. 

Arif Masud Mirza

Head of Policy – MENASA

Featured below are brief commentaries on current topics impacting finance professionals in the region:
MENA Sovereign Wealth Funds in the post-oil era 
by Saleh Khan, FCCA
Most MENA sovereign funds experienced significant growth during periods of high oil and gas prices, in particular between 2007 and 2014. However, decline in hydrocarbon prices in last two years is constricting AUM expansion in the region. 
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Women in finance - a perspective from Bangladesh
by Nayeema Zareen Bashar, FCCA
Achieving greater economic empowerment of women will promote competitiveness in the business sector and will give an impetus to the overall economic growth in Bangladesh. 
Managing people – a historical overview and the new frontier 
by Hassan Ashraf, ACCA 
The challenge of effective people management is going to be even more exacting with the entry of millennials in the workplace. 

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Disruptive behaviours in Sri-Lanka's higher education sector
by Dinusha Weerawardane, ACCA 
Whilst global recognition of the qualification and benefits such as greater employability, career prospects and increased financial stability are the main motives behind students’ choice of HE in Sri Lanka, social reasons such as meeting new people has proven to be the least important. 

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Focus on MENASA - GECS and other readings 
by Editorial Team
ACCA members can play an important role in advocating tax compliance in MENASA countries by dedicating their CPD to understanding the new laws and regulations.
Solving Pakistan’s Tax Collection Dilemma
by Omer Zaheer Meer, FCCA
In Pakistan, ordinary people are taxed indirectly on just about everything. Nowhere in the developed world is indirect taxation utilized as heavily as in Pakistan due to the negative effects that it creates for the economy.
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