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Policy Pulse newsletter: Feb 10, 2021
Ask Your Questions About the 2021 Colorado Affordable Health Care Option

Sponsors of the 2021 Affordable Health Care Option bill recently released a brief summary of the planned legislation.
According to the summary, health insurance carriers will begin offering the option in 2023, with affordability targets and premium reductions not specified in the brief overview. However, should insurers not be able to meet these affordability targets, the state will be able to offer the health insurance option instead beginning in 2025.

We need your input
CMS is committed to advocating for our physician members throughout this process to ensure your needs are met and your ability to practice medicine protected. The brief summary provides a broad framework but lacks critical details. CMS is currently collecting a list of meaningful questions from our members to engage with the bill sponsors and we need your help!

What further information do you need to understand how this affordable option proposal may affect you, your practice, and your patients? Please review the summary and share your questions using the Colorado Affordable Option Google Form.
Colorado Medical Board Subcommittee Hears Overwhelming Public Testimony In Favor of Confidential Counseling Services
Over 45 physicians, medical students, health care professionals, and experts spoke in favor of the Colorado Medical Board adopting policy to protect the confidentiality of the peer assistance program.

Few issues have united the health care community and Colorado House of Medicine so fervently as this threat to confidential counseling services. Over 3,200 health care professionals and concerned citizens signed a petition last fall emphasizing that confidential protections are a critical component of patient safety and physician wellbeing.

Look for an in-depth article about the fight to protect confidentiality in the peer assistance program in the next issue of Colorado Medicine.

Contributions to COMPAC and the Small Donor Committee Support Pro-Physician Candidates
Through COMPAC and the Small Donor Committee - which contributes exclusively to candidates who support maintaining a stable medical liability climate - we are one of the only organization fighting for your profession. We get involved in campaigns at a grassroots level to connect with future state leaders to educate them about the priorities and values of Colorado physicians like you.

Thank you to our recent COMPAC and SDC donors!!

Michael Johnson, MD
Barrett Lawshe, MD
Erik VanOs, MD
Briana Money, DO
Matthew Burkley, MD
Brian Bailey, MD
Brian Nichols, MD
Jerry Popham, MD
Carla Murphy, DO

Join CMGMA for their upcoming Annual Legislative Luncheon
February 16, 2021; 12:00 p.m.

Join us for a virtual luncheon to explore the Legislative Response to Recovery. Attendees will receive an e-gift card to grab their lunch and tune into the meeting.
Special thanks to the Partners In Medicine
Upcoming events for physicians
Upcoming CMS committee meetings
All Colorado Medical Society committee meetings are open to all CMS members. Find the latest list of events on the CMS events webpage, cms.org/events. Upcoming meetings for January are listed below with registration links.

  • Physician Wellbeing Committee - Thursday, Feb 11, 7-8 a.m. Register here
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Committee - Wednesday, Feb 17, 6 p.m. Register here
  • Physician Trivia Night - Wednesday, Feb 17, 6 p.m. Register here
  • Physician Mindfulness Group - Thursday, Feb 18, 6 p.m. Register here
  • Committee on Value in Health Care - Tuesday, Feb 23, 6 p.m. Register here

Registration is required; non-members or those unable to be identified at the time of the meeting will be removed from the meeting. Unsure if you are a CMS member? Email membership@cms.org.
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