February 2020 Edition
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Legislative Segmenting

We know that you may be more interested in specific topics, and we want to deliver the most relevant information to you. So, we have created a survey to allow you to check the areas of activity you want. This is our way of ensuring that you stay on top of those issues and policies that most affect you and your business.

Below you will find the link to our survey.
Bay Area
Bay Area Chamber of Commerce hosts State of the Community Luncheon

Bay County Executive Jim Barcia and Bay City Manager Dana Muscott reported the achievements within local government over the past year and announced projects for the upcoming year.

To read further about the accomplishments of Bay County and Bay City click here.
Saginaw County
We encourage you to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, March 10. As a reminder, the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce has screened and endorsed the following milages: 
To learn more about the milages, click here.
Governor Whitmer's Proposed FY2021 Budget

Governor Whitmer unveiled her budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2021. With a proposed budget of $61.9 billion she plans to focus on allocating more funds to K-12 education, public health and environmental protections. 

Key proposals for FY2021 budget:  
  • $100 million for business attraction and community revitalization--a $20 million increase from the FY2020 budget.  
  • Reinstate the Pure Michigan campaign at $15 million compared to $37.5 million she vetoed from the FY2020 budget.
  • $35 million for Michigan Reconnect which provides training for workers over 25.
  • $27.9 million for the Going PRO Talent Fund, a reduction from the $37.3 the Legislature requested for the FY2020 budget but was vetoed by the Governor.
  • An increase of $150 to $225 per pupil K-12 funding, bringing the state minimum allowance for schools to $8,336.
  • $38.1 million for universities and $8.1 million for community colleges. 
  • $40 million for local climate resilient infrastructure grants, to help protect communities from rising water levels. 
  • $86.5 million to expand MIDocs medical residency program that is critical to the Great Lakes Bay Region. This program is intended to improve rural and medically undeserved areas, physicians are provided loan forgiveness if they commit to serve areas such as ours.

Click here to read the Governor’s additional funding proposals. 

The Bay Area and Saginaw County Chambers of Commerce will continue to monitor and advocate for negotiations on these items between the Legislature and Governor’s office. 
High Water Levels in the Great Lakes Bay Region

Senator Debbie Stabenow visited Bay City to discuss high water levels. We hope she will take the information back with her to Washington D.C. and help the Great Lakes Bay Region established a long term plan.

To read more about her visit, click here.
Coronavirus Resources

The U.S. Chamber has provided Chambers with information about the Coronavirus to prepare the private sector if there should be a need for response.

Click here to visit the resource page and listen to a webinar by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
On behalf of our members, the Bay Area and Saginaw County Chambers of Commerce will continue to monitor public policy that impacts our region, our communities and most importantly--your business!
Any questions or concerns contact Director of Government Affairs Madison Clements: madison@thesaginawbay.com