Seasonal Newsletter
June 28, 2021
Selling Your Trailer
It’s wonderful to see our seasonal campers enjoying Fish Lake Beach again with their families!

Few people think about the process of selling their trailer until circumstance or life changes necessitate. However, selling your trailer is a part of licensing a site at Fish Lake Beach and must be handled responsibly by the seller, following the policies created to protect all parties. This letter is merely a reminder of those policies.

The excerpts below are the policies contained in the 2021 Handbook and the 2021 Permit & License Agreement. The Handbook and Permit & License Agreement are in the seasonal registration packet of forms signed by seasonal campers. If you require a copy, please contact us at

Page 4 of 2021 Seasonal Handbook
1)  Unit sale. Fish Lake Beach must approve the licensees unit to sell it on the licensed site and must approve licensee’s intended purchaser of licensee’s unit in order to remain on licensed site. All outstanding balances plus a $200 inspection fee must be paid in full prior to inspection. If the unit is not approved for sale on the licensed site, Fish Lake Beach will remove it from the site for $1000 plus the title. The unit must be equipped with a marine toilet and holding tank, may not have washers or dryers, have an unsafe deck or stairs or animal damage. Park models must meet condition standards. RV’s over 12 years old cannot be sold on the licensed site or in the campground. "For Sale" or "Open House" signs cannot be displayed in the unit or at the site. Prospective buyers must meet with Fish Lake Beach management prior to sale. If the sale occurs, the buyers must complete the seasonal license registration process and pay a $50 transfer and processing fee.

Paragraph 9 of 2021 Seasonal Permit and License Agreement 
Unit sale. Licensor must approve licensee’s intended purchaser of licensee’s unit in order to remain on licensed site.

Additional Reminder
The seller is responsible for contacting Yvonne (YC) to determine if the unit can be sold on the site based upon the completed inspection. If approved, the seller must provide Fish Lake Beach with a final meter reading and the trailer title upon transferring to new owner.

If you questions feel free to email us at 

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Fish Lake Beach Family
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