Policy Updates
Now more than ever it is important for all of us to tell our legislators why afterschool matters to us. We invite you to join us in reaching out to our local and national representatives to share the stories of how afterschool makes a difference for youth and their communities. 

OregonASK will be sending out policy updates every Friday this spring, to keep you all aware of changes and happenings on the state and national level. 
Five Actions

We know it can be tough to know where to start with advocacy. Here are five actions you can take right now as an individual or with your program.
OregonASK Day at the Capitol
It's not too late to join us on Tuesday, May 2nd in Salem to share with your local legislators why afterschool matters to you. 

Advocacy Toolkit

Check out this our new  Advocacy Guide .   This guide is intended to help any afterschool stakeholder engage in legislative or other advocacy in support of high-quality afterschool programming. 

Looking for more information? Here are some more resources:
Staying Up to Date with State Policy

We know how important it is to stay up-to-date on current state legislation and encourage those of you who are interested to know more about the happenings in Salem, you can follow bills directly from the  Oregon State Legislature  or contact  James Barta  to get weekly updates from Children First about a plethora of child related issues. 
There is Evidence

"They're supposed to be educational programs, right? That's what they're supposed to do. They're supposed to help kids who don't get fed at home, get fed so that they do better at school. Guess what? There's no demonstrable evidence they're actually doing that.  There's no demonstrable evidence they're actually helping results, helping kids do better at school ."
- Mick Mulvaney, Director, Office of Management and Budget,  3/16/2017 

The White House wants to cut afterschool and summer learning opportunities because the new Administration fails to see the results. Despite a preponderance of national and local evidence demonstrating social, emotional, and academic success, out-of-school time learning programs and meals are on the chopping block.

We know how wrong Director Mulvaney is. We know the truth of afterschool and summer programs, and their value to youth and families in Oregon and across the country.  This is not a partisan issue, this is our reality:
  • Every $1 invested in afterschool saves $9 (Source: Afterschool Alliance)
  • 80% of American parents report that afterschool programs help them keep their jobs and support their families (Source: Afterschool Alliance
  • 70% of 21st Century Community Learning Center youth participants nationwide improved homework completion and class participation (Source: Afterschool Alliance
  • We need more investment in OST, since demand has far outpaced supply in Oregon and across the US (Source: America After 3)
OregonASK is prepared to fight these and any proposed cuts to afterschool and summer programs, but it will be a long fight, and we need your help! Join us in the fight by being a champion for afterschool and advocating for out-of-school time programs.

Thank you for your support of afterschool in Oregon and across the nation.

Beth Unverzagt, Executive Director
(503)689-1656 | general@oregonask.org | www.oregonask.org
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