Policy Update
Now is the time to speak up for afterschool and summer programs- remind our legislators that kids matter and need support all day and all year long!
 Oregon Budget and Session Update  
The Oregon Legislature is wrapping up the current session- they are only allowed to continue until July 10, next Monday. Legislators have been working long days and weekends to complete their duties, and the Senate spent July 4th in session. The future of a handful of bills is still uncertain, but with no further budget measures passed we can assume many of the bills waiting in Ways and Means are likely done for the session. There are occasionally surprises, so we will keep you posted, but the budget is tying legislators hands in many ways. 
Educator Advancement Council Advances

Senate Bill 182B was unanimously passed through Joint Ways & Means last Saturday to be voted on by House and Senate. SB 182B would be the new law supporting the connection of K-12 educators with Early Learning professionals and also calls for the creation of an inclusive council to oversee professional development across the state. The council would include; practicing educators, early learning providers, professionals and school district board members, representatives of educator preparation providers, education-focused nonprofit organizations, education-focused philanthropic organizations, professional education associations, community-based education organizations that represent families and students, post-secondary institutions of education and federally recognized tribes of this state. This council would be charged with ensuring that available professional development opportunities were meeting the needs and connecting all those represented. This could be an opportunity to elevate and ensure the connection of early learning, K-12, and community-based educators.
ESSA Feedback

The Federal Department of Education (DoE) provided initial feedback to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) last week on the submitted state ESSA plan. ODE received notes from independent peer reviewers as well as specific information from Department staff about changes needed to ensure they are fully meeting all requirements. ODE may now clarify or revise its submission, but are not required to do so.

The feedback received calls for ODE to further clarify consistently how underperforming subgroups of students such as homeless youth, low-income and minority children, and english language learners will be served, how evaluation and progress will be defined and reported, and how input from communities was incorporated into the plan. You can read more, including the letter from DoE and the peer review notes, here .
Summer Learning Day: Action Alert

Kids all across the country are making gains rather than losing ground this summer thanks to summer learning programs. However, these programs could be wiped out if Congress approves the proposed elimination of 21stCCLC. Nearly 2 million kids stand to lose their summer and afterschool programs. Join Summer Learning Day on July 13 to help stop this cut- with actions from hosting an event, attending an event, or even just contacting Congress.  
Understanding and Responding to Incidents of Bias

Join the Afterschool Alliance for a webinar Thursday, July 13 9:30 am PST on responding to bias and creating a climate of safety and conclusion. Schools, community centers, and afterschool providers across the country have all noticed an uptick in incidents of bias over the past year- and it is critical that programs respond appropriately and in a way that maintains trust and respect. National experts from the YMCA, the Anti-Defamation League, and Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center will all share their experiences and resources.   Register Today
Thank you for your support of afterschool in Oregon and across the nation.

Beth Unverzagt, Executive Director

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