Bills, bills, bills: Legislature focuses on business issues & education
The Arizona Legislature has officially been in session for 81 days. In that time, they have introduced more than 1,200 bills. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce's (GPCC) Public Affairs team is tracking more than 250 bills and has taken a formal position on 71 bills.
GPCC opposes ballot measure that threatens Arizona jobs
The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce's (GPCC) Board of Directors opposed the proposed ballot initiative titled Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment. The Greater Phoenix Chamber and its Board of Directors remain committed to working collaboratively with the Arizona Corporation Commission and utility stakeholders to find energy solutions that are appropriate for the state and driven by Arizona leaders who know Arizona's environment best. 
GPCC supports the extension of Prop. 301 to support education
The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce's Public Affairs Committee moved to support the bills that extend Prop. 301. Prop. 301 generates more than $640 million each year for education, including K-12, community colleges and universities.  Read why the business community supports the decision to extend Prop. 301. 
City of Phoenix begins budget process
The City of Phoenix is preparing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce (GPCC) urges policymakers to adopt and follow a fiscal model that is fair, sound, balanced, and promotes job creation and economic vitality. Learn more about the budgeting process and how to be involved in it. 

Stayed connected with the GPCC Public Affairs team
The Public Affairs team at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is on Twitter!  Follow us ( @GPCCpolicy ) to keep up with city, county and state issues. For more in-depth coverage of the Chamber's policies visit GPCC's Public Affairs blog page  for committee updates, discussion of the Chamber's policy priorities and reports about issues that impact the business community.
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