Is It Environmental Policy Or Hypocrisy?
With New Jersey looking to offshore windmills help meet their Energy plans, environmental groups who say they support wind energy are opposing legislation that would speed up the development and delivery of wind power itself.

It becomes more difficult to transition to new forms of energy when the same people who say they support that transition oppose the necessary steps to make that transition possible, oppose the steps to ensure it can occur in a timely manner and oppose steps to make sure it is affordable at the same time.

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WhiteBoard: Our Progress Reducing CO2 Emissions
Our latest whiteboard video looks at the reductions in CO2 emissions we have already been able to realize through the expansion of natural gas, energy conservation measures and renewables.                      
Why pick winners and losers when the all of the above strategy is working?                 
Transparency Watch - 519 Days And Counting...
It has now been over 512 days since BPU has given any information about the increases coming to our businesses and residents through the Trenton Energy Tax.
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