Taking a Shine: Polishing Is Spot-On for APC
As published in the March 2020 issue of Products Finishing

APC has an extensive polishing and buffing department, one that has been a mainstay of the shop for more than 60 years. Castings with parting lines of sufficient size may need to be polished with an 80-grit abrasive and then finished with a progressively higher grit sequence of polishing abrasives, something which APC has gained industry notoriety for perfecting. Polishing witness marks can also be removed with a range of buff treatments and compounds, and the treatments vary in texture and stiffness, depending on the application/use and the buff compound materials that actually affect the finishing.

From buffing and polishing expertise to becoming a metal finishing and aluminum anodizing applicator to companies across the globe, APC is stronger and more vibrant than ever! Click here to read the complete article.
Nickel-Chrome Plated Hand Tools!

When it comes to steel hardware and handtools, nothing compares with a Nickel-Chrome finish to impart the critical combination of corrosion protection and aesthetics!

From socket wrenches to lug nuts, to acorn screws and cold fasteners our automated, high volume plating line is equipped to meet the most complex part geometries. Learn more.
Brass Is Back!

Brass is a common and most important substrate used to produce high precision machined components for a diversity of industries and applications.

At APC our nickel-chrome finishes on 353 Brass Forgings and 360 Bar Stocks offer the beauty and corrosion protection for your most intricate requirements. Request a quote today!
Did you know...

One year ago APC became one of the very first DecoKlad nickel chrome certified applicators in the United States! The chemistry in combination with our fully automated systems provides process repeatability, traceability, and accountability. The applicator quality program ensures global consistency at the regional level meeting OEM requirements. Learn more.
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