Teresa Tomlinson was interviewed by Ashton Ellett for the University of Georgia, Richard B. Russell Library's "Two Party" Georgia Oral History Project.

In Part I (0-30), Mayor Tomlinson discusses her early days, how she was introduced to Georgia politics and how her political evolution led her to be a proud Georgia Democrat. In Part II (30-60), she discusses the economic power of community renewal, the foundation of her policy decisions, and the accomplishments of her mayoral administration. Finally (60-end), Teresa makes candid, provocative observations about the use of race in politics, Republican and Democratic philosophies in these changing times, and the projected outcome of the 2018 Georgia mid-term elections. Some sample excerpts:

  • I was the only female on the Reagan/Bush "Youth for Reagan" payroll in 1984. They sent us out with Bob Dole and others to look young and energetic.
  • I may have been quite prescient moving away from the Republican Party in 1990.
  • I have come to very firmly believe that Democratic progressive policies are the better governing principles.
  • All over Georgia people appreciate that government is a partner in what they do.
  • The Chamber of Commerce does have traditional brand allegiance to the Republican Party, but we see times changing.
  • Government has a prescribed purpose. We need to do those things and do them well. We need to lift up government and celebrate it. People like well-functioning government that partners in their prosperity.
  • And, she answers this interesting question: What is the biggest danger to the Republican Party maintaining their majority in Georgia?
Tomlinson Appears on MSNBC: Observations on the Kavanaugh Hearings and Why Stacey Abrams Can Win the Georgia Governor's Race

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson returns to MSNBC’s AM Joy program to discuss with host Joy Reid the importance of the Kavanaugh hearings, and why she believes Stacey Abrams can win Georgia’s governor race, and win big. If Stacey Abrams can bring a fraction of the presidential election Democrats to the polls in this mid-term election, "she will smoke Brian Kemp on November 6th."
Teresa Tomlinson: Video Remarks from Fort Benning Centennial Leadership Week

Mayor Tomlinson speaks to the 199th Infantry Brigade at the Ft. Benning Maneuver School of Excellence as they celebrates Leadership and “Women’s Equality Day." Mayor Tomlinson speaks of her journey as a woman leader and the "magnanimous" male leaders who helped along the way. Some excerpts:

"While being a woman leader makes it difficult to command the respect of the traditional power structure, it makes it easier to garner the respect and admiration of those who because of their own journey know the strength and character it took to overcome the inertia of tradition. Those folks trust and appreciate you as a leader and will support, defend and follow you as a leader because of your unique journey, because of your distinction."

"I want to give a shout out to all the secure and aware male leaders out there - those who respect and admire and will follow women leaders. I can remember, and name, every single one of them that stepped out of their way to give me cover against their lesser, struggling male colleagues. I implore you to be that man. Be that leader."
Mayor Tomlinson on Being the First Mayor to Embrace Social Media

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson talks about the reasons she chose to embrace social media during the election of 2010, and how it has helped her stay engaged with the citizens of Columbus. An excerpt:

In discussing the transformative change Columbus has experienced during her administration, Tomlinson says: "People needed to realize there was a steady hand at the wheel, that there was someone they could reach directly. They needed to know there was someone at the administrative, executive helm who understood, and was opening government up to the people. Facebook and social media allowed that opportunity."
Mayor Tomlinson and Political Rewind Panel Discuss the Defining Issues of the 2018 Georgia Governor's Race

As Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp continue on the campaign trail, the panel discusses the candidates' proposals and what issues may move voters. “If there is one issue that is going to define this race, it’s going to be this issue of Medicaid expansion, because it is the chicken and the egg,” notes Teresa Tomlinson.
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