Legislature to Shift to Post-Budget Issues
With budget negotiations now in the rear-view mirror, the legislature and Governor will turn their attention to those issues that were in the Assembly and Senate’s original budget proposals but were left on the cutting room floor. These issues, along with several others, will be discussed at length over the next three months to see if any agreements can be reached.

The highest profile issue left out of the budget is the legalization of marijuana. Back in January the Governor expressed his support for including marijuana legalization in the final budget. If legalized, the revenue from taxes on marijuana would help lessen the unexpected shortfall in the budget. However, no deal could be reached as a number of Assemblymembers stood firmly against the proposal and spoke out about the dangers of legalizing marijuana. It remains to be seen how much momentum still exists behind the push for legalization but the Governor doesn’t appear ready to give up the fight.

Lower profile issues also remain unresolved and are expected to bubble back to the surface in the coming weeks. The legalization of sports betting, residential rent reform in New York City, the legalization of electric bikes and the creation of a single payer healthcare system will all be subject to discussion and negotiation. Proponents of these issues face significant obstacles in getting legislation across the finish line by the end of June, but expect to see continuing press coverage of these topics before legislative session ends.

The NYS Restaurant Association will continue to ensure that the industry’s views are being heard on all relevant issues.

NYSRA Speaks Up for Fast Food Employers
Yesterday, the NYS Restaurant Association joined the National Restaurant Association and representatives of McDonalds and Dunkin to meet with NYC Council Members to advocate against proposed legislation that would severely limit and complicate the ability for fast food employers to lay off or fire employees. NYSRA and our restaurant industry allies explained the logistical consequences, liability and risk these proposals would cause, in addition to the barrage of other burdensome policies affecting the fast food industry.

We explained why employers would become disincentivized to hire new workers, especially those that may seem like riskier hires - the same New Yorkers that City Council claims they are trying to protect. As of now, these proposals have not had a hearing, we will keep you updated on any new developments.
NYSRA will continue to keep you updated on all of these issues. For questions or concerns, please contact our Government Affairs Director, Kevin Dugan at 800.452.5212 or kevin@nysra.org or NYC Government Affairs Coordinator, Kathleen Reilly at kathleenr@nyrsa.org .
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