Postmates Partners with ROC to Push for Tip Credit Elimination              
This morning an opinion piece was published in the New York Daily News co-authored by Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, and Vikrum Aiyer, Vice President of Public Policy and Strategic Communications at Postmates. In the article, both Jayaraman and Aiyer highlight a number of reasons why the tip credit should be eliminated and that workers would see an economic benefit if this were to happen.

While this rhetoric comes as no surprise from Jayaraman, the tacit endorsement from an industry partner like Postmates did come as a shock. We know that what ROC puts out is not true, and we have continued to make the case that the workers will be the ones who will be hurt by the elimination of this important economic tool. It is important that we continue to be very vocal on this issue and to that end, the Association is encouraging all members who use Postmates to make their displeasure known to them. Please call Postmates Merchant Support today and tell them the fact that they would partner with a company that is actively trying to harm the restaurant industry is very upsetting and detrimental to your working relationship with them.

Reminder: Westchester Sales Tax Increase Takes Effect Today
Beginning today, parts of Westchester County will increase the sales tax from 7.375% to 8.375%. Earlier this week, elected officials in the county came together to announce this increase and celebrate the fact that this will bring a much needed injection of funds into the County. This change will affect most of the towns and villages as the County looks to bring sales tax levels in this region more in line with the amount charged in Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle and other localities. County Executive Latimer touted this increase as a way to produce more revenue for needed projects without raising property taxes. The increase is projected to raise an additional $90 million annually with 20% of that going to municipalities and 10% going to schools.

Make Your Voice Heard on Paid Time Off Proposal
As NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to tout his paid time off proposal on the campaign trail, back in New York City the City Council has made it clear that it is not feeling the pressure to take up this issue immediately. A spokesperson for City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said recently that while the speaker continues to be supportive of the aims of the bill, he has concerns about potential unintended consequences impacting small businesses. Unlike de Blasio, the Council has no set timetable in mind, the spokesperson said.

As the summer continues, we need to ensure that our industry continues to be heard from on this important issue. All NYC members should be contacting their local Councilmembers and letting them know that this proposal would devastate the local businesses that operate in New York City. You can use this form to send an email to your representative telling them not to support this costly mandate.
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