National Restaurant Association Needs Your Story on Qualified Improvement Property
A drafting error in the 2017 tax reform bill left improvements to your restaurant with a 39-year depreciation period instead of the 15-years that Congress intended.  It also eliminated bonus depreciation. This hurts your ability to make certain improvements and investments in your facility.
We need to ensure Congress hears from restaurant owners and operators about this important issue. Please share your perspective and stories with us through this form so that we can urge Congress to act.

NYSRA Seeks Clarity on SLA Draft Guidance

During the past few weeks, NYSRA has held several high-level meetings with the governor’s administration to seek clarification on the SLA draft advisory on third-party service providers. We raised concerns as to the current language and its unintended consequences as currently written. We were encouraged to submit our questions and suggested changes for the SLA during the comment period, which ends September 27. We believe that third-party services should not be on restaurants’ liquor licenses. However, the current language addresses third party providers who receive a percentage of profits, when most of our real world situations involve a percentage of sales. Following our meeting with the Governor’s office, SLA announced it will be holding a special board meeting on October 7 th wherein stakeholders can raise concerns or suggestions specific to the draft guidance. NYSRA will be participating at this meeting and will remained closely engaged with the SLA and the Cuomo Administration to protect our member’s interests as this issue progresses.  

Hudson Valley Duck Farms Host NYC Rally to Save Foie Gras
Last week, duck farmers from Hudson Valley came to NYC to rally in front of City Hall in opposition to a proposed ban on foie gras. NYSRA attended the rally, which boasted more than 100 people. Protesters pointed out that the Hudson Valley farms do not use controversial metal pipes/funnels to feed the ducks, but rather, hand feed them. They stressed their frustration that no City Council member has come to visit their farms in person while they consider legislation that would likely cost the farms hundreds of jobs. The rally attracted some sympathetic media coverage, but the proposal in question does already have enough co-sponsors to pass if brought to a vote. We will keep you updated on any legislative developments on this proposal.
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