Westchester County Releases Poster and Employer FAQ’s for Paid Sick Leave
The Westchester County Earned Sick Leave Law came into effect on April 10. Now, Westchester has published some additional information to help employers comply with the new law and answer any questions. For employer-targeted FAQs,  look here . There is also a published document that employers can use to provide notice to their employees of their rights under the law. For the notice of employee rights,  look here .

Also of note is that Westchester County finally released the poster that every employer in the County will need to display for their employees to see. As a reminder, employees will begin accruing sick time July 10, but employers can mandate that they can’t use it until they have worked for the company for at least 90 days.

Environmental Legislation Dominates Political Conversations Throughout the State
Environmental legislation is taking up much of the political discourse around the state as many regions look at steps they can take to help the environment. Recently, Suffolk County on Long Island passed a plastic straw and polystyrene ban. Albany County has expanded their foam ban to include more products and word came out this week that Buffalo is looking to follow suit. Not to be outdone, New York City is taking up a package of bills this week that they are calling their own “Green New Deal.” It would address everything from opting into $.05 fees for paper bags to forcing large buildings to take steps to cut back on emissions.

Our Government Affairs Director Kevin Dugan spoke about some of these issues, including a possible statewide ban on plastic straws, to Spectrum News earlier this week.

If you have any questions regarding these new laws and compliance, contact the NYSRA Compliance Hotline for answers.
NYSRA Compliance Hotline
833.682.6411 | advocate@nysra.org