SLA Releases Draft Guidance on 3rd Party Delivery Services

Earlier this week, the NYS Liquor Authority released a draft guidance regarding 3rd party delivery services, in regards to their need to appear on a restaurant’s liquor license. State law does require that all parties that share in the profits of a restaurant that sells alcohol must appear on the liquor license of said establishment. 

While that piece of the liquor law isn’t new, requiring companies like Grubhub and Postmates to be part of an eatery’s liquor license would certainly be a new interpretation of this law and would mean drastic changes in the food delivery space. The draft guidance does seem to have a clause that if a delivery service were to charge a flat fee or take what the liquor authority designates a small percentage, they would not need to appear on the liquor license. What that small percentage would be remains unclear. The guidance provided no indication on whether the percentage would be looked at in regards to each sale, gross profits of the restaurant, or any other number. 

While some new information was provided, many questions still remain unanswered. It’s also important to remember that this guidance is still in draft form and is not final. Further action on this isn’t expected until later this year. The Association is working with counsel and others to get answers to our questions regarding this important policy. 

NYC Paid Vacation: Have YOU Contacted Your Council Members Yet?

This summer is our best opportunity to get in front of the paid vacation issue and let City Council know that there is strong, organized opposition . We know that you all have concrete and valid concerns about this legislation, and the only thing more valuable than sharing that with us is to share it directly with your elected officials. That’s why we put together a quick and easy form that lets you express your opinions and explain how this law would impact your business. We need everyone to participate in this outreach! If you haven’t yet done so, please contact your Council Members today .

East Aurora Passes Ban of Plastic Straws and Polystyrene 

On Monday evening, the NYS Restaurant Association Government Affairs team was in East Aurora to testify at a hearing regarding a possible ban of plastic straws and other single use plastics. We urged the town board that if they were to ban plastic straws and other products, they need to have language that would allow for straws to be present for those with disabilities, and they should extend their proposed 4-month phase in period. 

The board listened to what we had to say and added our suggested language to the ban that was passed, and extended the phase in period to 6 months. The board also established an advisory committee that will include local restaurants to continue to look at these laws and make further changes if businesses are facing significant financial burdens. 

The City of Schenectady Rejects Straw Ban

Unlike their counterparts in East Aurora, the Schenectady City Council has decided against enacting a ban on plastic straws and stirrers. The proposal failed to make it out of committee and isn’t expected to be discussed again this year. Council members cited concerns over how the law would be enforced as a primary reason for not advancing the legislation.
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