Jan. 16

No. 151

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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Weekly Readings

Xi Jinping gave an important speech today to the Central Political Legal Affairs Commission, along with all the related units at the provincial and local levels (essentially and all-hands-on-deck video conference). While the speech has not been released in full, a report on it can be found here:
This comes a couple days after the announcement of the arrest of the latest tiger, former Shaanxi Party Secretary, Zhao Zhengyong. For the latest on this, see the SCMP article here:
In fact, read the SCMP article first, then go back and read the Xi speech, as some context is needed to read between the typical speech language and the core, underlying message of this speech.  
俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

qiān fāng bǎi jì 
Meaning: in a thousand and one ways; by every means possible
Xi Jinping reportedly used this chengyu in his Political Legal Affairs speech referenced above in the weekly readings. He uses this idiom to say that due to the extremely important role that the political-legal affairs personnel play, supporting officials and supervisors must must do everything they can to support this work.
Original: 对这支特殊的队伍,要给予特殊的关爱,做到政治上激励、工作上鼓劲、待遇上保障、人文上关怀,千方百计帮助解决各种实际困难,让干警安身、安心、安业。
TV Show 
Watching Chinese TV is a great way to keep up your language skills. One of our AMS members recommends 大江大河, a 2018 TV drama based on 大江东去, the novel by 阿耐. Check it out on youtube with Chinese and English subtitles:
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