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     If WE are to win equal opportunity in 
(1) our work places for  ourselves   and    
(2) college admissions for our children, 
 then the following political myths must be destroyed.

Myth 1:  To get involved in politics is to run for an office,  work one's  way up 
               un til  one  has enough clout to win equal  opportunity for his/her 
               children and all  other AsAms.
Facts:     Have Elaine Chao, Ed Lee, Mazie Hirono, Tammy Duckworth, 
               Kamala Harris, Nikki Haley, and Judy Chu ever done anything for 
               AsAms in  those 2 areas?   They are as high up as they can get.   

Myth 2:  These elected AsAm officials are at least our best hope.  
Facts:    In the U.S., one can organize/join political action committees,  PACs
               which  can be so much more powerful than  elected  politicians,
               especially for a small minority.   For example, AIPAC is the reason 
               why the Jewish Am community, with a population of 6 million, can
               ne politically so powerful.  

                Click on  AIPAC, and read the  summary about AIPAC's  in the grey 
               rectangular box on  the extreme right of the web page e.g. its annual 
               expenditure and  number of employees.  We must  understand 
               the political realities of America.

            Explain!  All of the above sounds unbelievable

     The above the result of 3 circumstances:
1.   A  majority of the voters in  the election districts of the above named officials 
     are NOT  AsAms except for Sen. Mazie Hirono  of Hawaii. 
2.  The non-AsAm voters dislike  their AsAm  official working for AsAms
3.  AsAm  elected  officials are human beings who wish to avoid tough re-

   In contrast,  80-20 PAC doesn't face a re-election from the general population.  Quite to the contrary,  PAC's officials only fear NOT working hard enough for  AsAms causing donations to drop &/or being voted out by PAC 
members.  The incentives for PAC officials and AsAm elected officials are in diametrically opposed directions.

    Q 1:  How about Sen. Mazie Hirono, the majority of her voters are AsAms?
    Q 2:  How about Elaina Chao and Nikki Haley who are cabinet officials
who don't face elections?   To keep this article short, I'll answer these questions and destroy other myths next week.

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S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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