December 19, 2018
For Immediate Release
Senator Alberta Darling
Politifact Misses on Fact Check
Madison - Democrats in the Wisconsin State Senate voted against their campaign promise to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Now the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "fact-checkers" are trying to make excuses for a broken promise from Democrats. State Senator Alberta Darling issued the following statement after Politifact tried to justify the Democrats' "no" vote.

"At a time when voters want both parties to work together, Democrats and Politifact believe locking in the failed Obamacare system is the only way to protect pre-existing conditions. That's simply not true.

We are elected to fight for the issues that are important to the people of Wisconsin. We offered a bill that ensured insurance companies can't deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Democrats didn't want Scott Walker to get a win and now with the recent court ruling, people with pre-existing conditions could be in jeopardy

It's not surprising to read Politifact admit my news release was accurate and then move the goalposts to say I was wrong. The truth is, Democrats voted against the very thing they promised to protect this fall. I strongly support those protections, and my vote proves it. Their vote doesn't reflect their campaign ads. That's a fact.

The paper tried to give the Democrats cover for their vote by refusing to print the evidence my office submitted.  

According to Politifact, Democrats should get a pass because the bill they voted on was "inferior" because it didn't lock in major portions of Obamacare: a failed program that caused premiums to skyrocket, people to lose coverage, and patients to lose their doctors. Saying 'no' to Obamacare doesn't mean saying 'no' to pre-existing conditions protections.  Our statements and actions support that."

Here's the evidence the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel failed to include.

Democrats running for State Senate campaigned on protecting pre-existing conditions, NOT solely on saving Obamacare as the paper alludes. The Democrats did not say they would actually oppose pre-existing condition protections if they did not include every component of Obamacare.

Democrat campaign ads supporting pre-existing conditions here, here, and here.

Statements from Senate Democrats:

State Senator Caleb Frostman: "If Congress decides to take away our healthcare, I will work to protect Wisconsinites. I will vote to ban insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions."

State Senator Janet Bewley: "That's why I have fought to protect access to health care - including coverage for pre-existing conditions"

Senator Dave Hansen: "They both have pursued and supported policies that limit Wisconsinites access to health care, kick people off their insurance, jack up out-of-pocket costs on prescription medication, and weaken, and weaken or even get rid of protections for Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions," State Senator Dave Hansen, a Democrat representing Green Bay, said.

Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling:

"With @GovWalker backing dangerous #TrumpCare plan, Dems are fighting back to protect seniors and individuals with pre-existing conditions."

"Gov. Walker and A.G. Schimel continue to side with big insurance companies in an effort to increase corporate profits, shift more costs onto seniors and limit coverage for individuals and families with pre-existing conditions."

Democrats continue to lie about the Republican position on pre-existing conditions:

"(Representative Gordon) Hintz said Assembly GOP literature this fall promised to fund public education, invest in transportation and protect pre-existing conditions -- all of which are themes that Evers ran on as well...It will show that Senate Republicans or Assembly Republicans are just as ideologically wedded to not governing," Hintz said. "In other words, no compromise, no mercy, and that's what will be revealed in the end game here" -Wispolitics 12/18/18

While Politifact refers to my news release as an "attack," it's interesting to note the following tweets from Senator Jennifer Shilling have never been questioned by the paper.

"Republicans are determined to end pre-existing condition coverage protections."

"The fact is, Senate Republicans don't support pre-existing condition protections."

If Politifact truly wants to be fair in their fact-checking, they need to check both sides of the aisle.

Senator Darling represents portions of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties.