July 2019
July Brings Surprises
After a HOT 4th of July, we are now expecting torrential rainfall from a potential tropical storm. Before the storm, play it safe by removing any debris from your yard, prune any unsafe limbs, bring outdoor furniture inside along with small container plants. Be safe y'all!
Pollinator Garden
Start a Pollinator Garden!
Last month, we celebrated National Pollinator Week.
Here are a few quick tips to create your own pollinator-friendly garden/yard.
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Time to Plant
What to Plant in July
Plant sunflowers for beautiful fall arrangements. Continue to plant warm- season bedding plants like caladiums, coleus, begonias, salvia, shrimp plants, ornamental sweet potatoes, etc. Plant pumpkin seeds or transplants now to grow your own pumpkins for Halloween!
Pest Watch
Canna Leaf Rollers
Are you seeing rolled leaves, brown leaves, and holes on your canna lilies? This may be caused by the Canna Leaf Roller or Lesser Canna Leaf Roller. These caterpillars are the larvae of the Brazilian Skipper butterfly and grass moth. If you decide to treat, apply Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) or Spinosad, organic control options, as treatment. You will need to spray the entire plant, especially the underside of the foliage.
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Too Much Rain?
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Save the Date
Folsom Fall Garden Festival
Saturday, Sep 28th
8:30 AM- 2:30 PM
Midway Church Park
Folsom, LA
3425 River Road
Bridge City, LA 70094
26300 Highway 190
Lacombe, LA 70445