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Pollinator Pathway Initiative very well received at Arts and Crafts Fair

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, especially when it's already spinning in a neighboring community, right? Wellesley's Natural Resource Commission (NRC) has been leading the way in promoting pollinator-friendly landscaping practices to local homeowners for many years with great success. That led three members of the Boggestow Garden Club to approach Sustainable Sherborn for launching a Pollinator Pathway Initiative ( at last week’s Sherborn Friends of the Library Arts and Crafts Fair. Nancy Rosenthal, one of the three members, recaps the day: "This organization promotes supporting our native pollinating organisms by planting a variety of native shrubs, trees, and wildflowers and avoiding the use of insecticides, herbicides, and commercial fertilizers, all of which are non-specific in their action and can harm, if not kill bees, butterflies, and other pollinating creatures. Many fairgoers expressed interest in the Pollinator Pathway program and 25 committed to eliminating chemicals from their home environment, earning them a butterfly placed on a map of Sherborn. Anyone who is interested in the Sherborn Pollinator Pathway Initiative is encouraged to visit the website to learn how to make your home landscape pollinator friendly."

Pollinator Initiative Poster
Click here to learn about the Pollinator Pathway in Sherborn

Watch this 101 webinar on water issues in Sherborn - because you drink the water under your feet, think twice about what you put on your lawn

Tom Trainor is one of Sustainable Sherborn's most avid volunteers. He's the chair of the Groundwater Protection Committee (GWPC), and I learned from him that Sherborn is a unique town being one of only 20 of the 351 towns in the Commonwealth that completely relies for over 95% of its drinking water on homeowners' private wells. Tom is a water chemist and has deep knowledge of Sherborn's unique and limited water resources. Tom volunteered to inaugurate our new "First Tuesday of the Month Sustainability Lunchtime Speakers' Series" which is being recorded by DSCTV for public viewing. Tom's talk focuses on Sherborn's groundwater and surface water, especially in times of increased periods of drought, larger storm events, and inland flooding. By watching the talk you can learn about how you can help protect your property's drinking water supply and the Town’s treasured natural resources. In addition to the webinar, go to the GWPC's website here and see all the educational resources the GWPC has compiled for residents throughout the years. On June 6th, hear from local resident and farmer Misha Mizaya on the benefits of home composting. Stay tuned for more info next week.!

Lunchtime webinar on water resources and climate change

Eversource takes the gas out of the garden!

Believe it or not, we are planning our second battery-powered lawn equipment show organized. Wait for more info later in June on where and when. Meanwhile, get smart and...

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