December 2018
Holiday wishes and a celebration of NatCap's 2018 scientific advances from Co-Founder Gretchen Daily and Managing Director Mary Ruckelshaus. 
Farmers and conservationists agree: bee habitats need to be protected. NatCap scientists helped the US Farm Service Agency create more effective seed mixes to support pollinator habitats.
"Working landscapes are a key opportunity for conservation" said Becky Chaplin-Kramer about recent work in Kenyan grasslands.
NatCap in Action: Paris Spotlight
In November, NatCap was one of 120 projects selected from a pool of about 900 candidates to be featured at the Paris Peace Forum. NatCap Chief Strategy Officer Anne Guerry reports back on the experience.
Paris is also one of NatCap's pilot locations for our Sustainable, Livable Cities work. Paris native Perrine Hamel shares more about our partnerships in urban work in her newest blog.
We sit down with Software Developer Joanna Lin to talk new models, solving big problems, and her move from Taiwan to earn her Master's degree at Stanford.
NatCap Symposium 2019: Early Registration Closes Dec. 21!

Join us March 18-21 at Stanford University

Every year, leaders from around the world come together at Stanford University for the Natural Capital Symposium, to drive innovation and empower decisions informed by nature’s benefits to people. The Symposium provides a unique opportunity for scientists, NGO’s, government decision-makers, private industry, and practitioners to converge and collaborate towards our shared goal of a more sustainable, livable planet. Early-bird registration closes December 21st, so sign up today! Use #NatCap2019 to join the conversation.

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5 Inspiring Projects Led by Women at the Paris Peace Forum 2018. By Kacie Devaney. Frenchly. November 19, 2018.
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