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How Satellite Data Can Help Farmers Capitalize on Regenerative Agriculture
Dr. Alyssa Whitcraft, NASA Harvest Deputy Director, speaks about NASA satellite data applications that can be useful for farmers in making field-level decisions, particularly in the context of the current regenerative agriculture revolution. As we continue to face climate change-induced challenges - such as more frequent droughts, severe weather events, and soil degradation - Earth observation data can play a key role in informing on-farm decisions that build more resilient agricultural systems.
NASA Harvest, in partnership with the University of Maryland, the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, the Argentinian Ministry of Education, and the International Development Bank, has launched a training program in Argentina to teach agricultural professionals how to access and analyze the multitude of open access satellite imagery that’s become available over the past several years.
A new study finds that common air pollutants are harming agricultural productivity. Authored by NASA Harvest partners at Stanford University’s Center on Food Security and the Environment, the research finds that reducing nitrogen oxides could increase crop yields around the globe, and as much as 28% in some regions.
The need for an easily-accessible offline ground data collection method led ESRI and NASA Harvest to collaborate on improvements to the Survey123 mobile application. The resulting HarvestNow app has decreased collection time, improved location accuracy, increased data quantity, and allowed for real time data processing and analysis. Recently deployed on a field campaign in Malawi, Harvest's use case was showcased at the 2022 ESRI User Conference.
People Of Harvest Interview Series: Mahmoud Abouelmakarem
Meet NASA Harvest's Mahmoud Abouelmakarem! Mahmoud is working on Harvest's supply chain initiative, helping develop a tool for the Harvest Portal to analyze and visualize annual food price percent changes. He discusses the importance of helping policymakers better understand supply chains, especially in regards to current food supply and price shocks.
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Earth Science Applications Week 2022
Earth Science Applications Week is back again! Organized by NASA Earth's Applied Sciences Program, the week highlights the many experts, research, and stakeholders of the program. NASA Harvest is within the Applied Sciences agricultural program area, and multiple consortium members will present their work during the virtual event.
Registration for the 2022 NASA PACE Applications Workshop is now open. Join the conversation on
advancing the application readiness and societal value of PACE satellite data. Workshop attendees will discuss
barriers and gaps to ensure PACE data is accessible and actionable.