Poly Mail                                                                                         December 2016

High Tech Parrots
On Saturday, December 3, 2016, Poly's robotics team competed with 52 of Maryland's best robotics team in the HZR State Qualifier competition in Hereford, MD. The High Tech Parrots' team 1893B was the tournament champion! This team was also presented the Design Award, which is given only to the team that has an outstanding robot design and an excellent Engineering Notebook that explains in detail how the design of the robot was developed
Photo Credit: Reginald Thomas
and assembled. Team 1893B is now qualified as a tournament champion to compete in the Maryland State Championship!

Poly Basketball Photo Essay
City Paper writer/photographer and Poly alumnus Reginald Thomas '11 created a multi-series photo essay documenting the men's basketball team's journey in the classroom and on the court. Read the story and view his photographic depiction of this dynamic team here.

Foundation General Scholarship is Now Available!
The Poly Foundation General Scholarship enables students to use one application to apply to more than 30 scholarships from endowments, scholarship funds, awards and outside foundations.  This application is due March 1, 2017.  Please have students visit www.bpi.edu/scholarships to complete an application. 

Calling all Poly Alumni!
As the holidays approach, we are eager to renew our friendships and share the warmth and fellowship of this beautiful season with you. We hope that you will be able to join us at our annual Holiday Assembly, Dec 22, 10am-12pm @ the Poly Auditorium. Come back and enjoy performances by Poly students, as well as get up on stage and personally introduce yourself to the students, let them know where you attended college, what degrees you hold, where you work, as well as wish them all a very happy holiday season!
Did You Know? Fun Facts About the Memorial Brick Walk    
  • 86 classes are represented on the BPI Memorial Brick Walk, with participation ranging from some classes displaying a single brick to 96 bricks for alumni of the Class of 1954!
  • Currently there are over 650 bricks in the walk and counting.
  • There are 23 faculty and 2 staff in the walk; many of the faculty are Poly graduates.
  • The oldest brick in the walk is for H. L. Menchen of the Class of 1896 placed there by three alumni of the Class of 1954. A faculty member can be honored in the walk by multiple individuals.
  • The walk has two bricks immediately adjacent for the only married graduate couple, both of the Class of 1990.
  • The newest graduate with a brick in the walk is of the Class of 2014!
  • There are multiple families of three members or more represented, with combos including father/son, uncle/nephew and sibling pairs.
  • Alumni can request to be placed together in the Brick Walk!  Just submit your applications together and note your request on your application.  More information for purchasing a brick can be found here
Alumni Dinner Recap
The 129th Annual Alumni Dinner of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute was held on Tuesday, November 22nd at Martin's West. A crowd of approximately 800 graduates and friends attended. The evening opened up with a social hour as attendees poured in and reconnected with classmates and friends from the past. A giant spread of food and drinks was consumed by all, not to mention the wonderful desserts! The highlights of the evening was the trifecta of Director Williams speaking, the student speaker, Ms. Marlene Milic, SGA President and the awarding of the Distinguished Alumni Award to Alan N. Wilson, Jr., '57.  A good time was had by all and it is obvious the Polytechnic spirit continues! If you did not attend this year, or if you haven't attended in the past, we encourage you to come out and have a wonderful evening next year, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 21, 2017 for a great evening!
Reunion Calendar
Check out a list of upcoming reunions for all of the latest information! If you have updated reunion information, or need to add your class reunion to the list, please contact the Alumni Association at alumni@bpi.edu or 410-889-7659 .

In Memorium
Theodore O. Poehler '52, a Johns Hopkins University teacher and researcher, passed away of complications from cancer.  Read more about his 60 years of contributions to JHU and the legacy he leaves behind. 

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From the Poly family to yours, wishing you a very happy holiday season and a healthy New Year!
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