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Welcome to the new ChangingAging.org weekly blog roundup for Nov. 13 to Nov. 19, 2010.

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PolyPharmacy: The Poison Cocktail of Eldercare

Visit the Picker Report on Aging in America with Dr. Bill Thomas to watch the latest episode of RealCareNowTV, where Drs. Al Power and Bill Thomas discuss the danger of “poly-pharmacy.”


Declinist View Of Older Drivers Doesn’t Pan Out

Last week I blogged about taking away the car keys and argued that younger drivers are incredibly more dangerous than older drivers. The issue came up because the�N.T.S.B. sponsored a forum last week on “Safety, Mobility and Aging Drivers.” The logic behind the forum is that as our population of older adults increases, so to will auto-accidents.

So what did the national gathering of traffic safety and policy experts conclude? (Hint: hold onto your keys as long as you can, especially if you're a woman.) Click here to find out.


DaVinci's Old Man

We often think of ancient cultures in terms of their lionization of youth. DaVinci was remarkable for the astonishing breadth of his interest. This drawing captures a profound depth of meaning and experience in the face of an old man. While it is clear that our culture dismisses and demeans old age the solution to this problem will not be found in a false and superficial embrace of aging. Click here to continue reading.


Dr. Al Power

Power-Up Friday: Who Decides?

(Thanks for all the comments on my “Priorities” post last week. Sounds like I hit a nerve) Today, the New York Times features a commentary�about�current debates on the health care needs of an aging population. The author, Dr. Pauline Chen, makes the point that most debates focus on the looming shortage of doctors.�Dr. Chen reminds us of something that hit me a while ago when I wrote my book on dementia: “Who decides when a person with dementia gets a psychotropic drug for their distress–the medical staff or the nursing staff?” To most, the obvious answer is the doctor; she/he is the one who writes the order, after all. But there is another, less obvious answer. Click here to find out.

Dr. Bill Thomas

Talk to Me -- The Global Struggle to Overcome Alzheimer's Bias

The struggle to overcome the bias against people living with Alzheimer’s is a global phenomenon. Consider this report from Ireland:

PEOPLE WITH dementia are less likely to speak up and less likely to be listened to, a conference on ageing has heard.

Eleanor Edmund of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland said ageism made it hard for older people’s voices to be heard but it was even harder for those with dementia.

It is never easy to overcome entrenched bias. The good news is that I find reports like these to be increasingly common. Do you think we're making progress? Share your comment here.


I Gotta Feeling

Two elders discover the Mac application Photo Booth. This is a great illustration of the playfulness that is intrinsic to elderhood. Click here to view.

Ageless Voice, Voice of an Age

NPR’s series “50 Greatest Voices” profiled an extraordinary 91-year-old Latin-singing icon, Chavela Vargas. Chavela didn’t start singing until her 30′s, and despite temporarily retiring from public life in 1979 and struggling for years with alcoholism, she is still singing and at 91 looking towards her next recording project — an album of Argentine tangos. Click here to read her amazing story.


Conversations from the Green House� Celebration

Equipped only with inexpensive HD Flip Camcorders, a few intrepid staffers for the Green House� Project support team fanned out during their recent 2010 Annual Conference and Celebration to capture some thoughts and stories from the Shahbaz, Guides and other attendees from the Green House� movement. Click here to watch.

A Green House Grows in Wyoming

This is the story of an extra-ordinary group of people.

The groundbreaking for the Green House for Living in Sheridan facility was held Tuesday afternoon. While the temperatures may have been close to freezing outside, the hearts and minds of those in attendance were certainly warm with excitement, as Green House President Doug Osborn explains.


Virgil Thomas

Transportation Security Anxiety

I guess to older, more experienced�travelers, the TSA is a�relatively�new invention. But for those my age, we can only remember flying in the post-9/11 hypersensitive�security world. The TSA was in the news last week with Homeland Security officials on the defensive over criticisms that security has become too invasive. A recent video of a three-year-old girl being searched by a TSA agent also raises some questions. In the video the girl is kicking and crying, yelling at the agent not to touch her. Click here to watch.

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