Pondering the Start of Fall
September 2021 is here! A time to begin anew ... a time to get back into a routine ... a return to normal. But this September feels different. To me things feel uncertain, unsettled and "abnormal". I've been pondering how to face the new season during these tumultuous times. Is it possible to stay grounded and steady? How do I get back into the groove even when things are ever-changing?

I may not be able to change all that's happening around me, but I can create my own positive routine. As I ponder the challenge, here are some ways I am going to "TRY" to face the new season.

After a very full Summer ...
Back to being still and a scheduled quiet time
Back to starting and ending my day with thanksgiving
Back to entrusting my kids and grandchildren to God's loving care
Back to leaning on God's promises
Back to remembering God's faithfulness
Back to journaling my prayers
Back to doodling
Back to healthy eating and exercise
Back to trusting God to work in this mess our world is in
Back to making time for what's important
Back to making that phone call or sending that note of encouragment
Back to speaking compliments, not just thinking them
Back to choosing a positive attitude in spite of current events
Back to asking God "how can I be useful to you today?"
Back to letting go of the future ...

If I could just follow these plans, I think I would be pleased. But it's never easy! I am reminded to ASK for the Spirit's help to live out this new routine for Fall! I'm going to TRY anyway ...

May you enjoy getting back into the groove.
If you have any ideas, please let me know! Always love hearing from you.

In anticipation and gratitude,
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