PONDERING a Fresh Slate & a New Year

January 1, 2022 is like a fresh white canvas; both exciting and dreaded. As an artist, you would think a fresh white canvas would be a gift. But to face it I must be in the mood ... in the “zone” so to speak. I'm looking for a subject matter, some inspiration, enough time and space to create. There are so many decisions to be made … medium, color scheme, composition, light and dark space, details to include and what to leave to the imagination.

I need to plan, yet resist over-planning. I strive to “go with the flow”, trusting the process. I also need to surrender to the fact that I may create a MESS instead of a masterpiece. I need to be okay with that and learn from it. There’s always another fresh canvas. I can always try again.

For me, this creative process mirrors my everyday life. I make lots of good and bad decisions. I make my plans, but those plans often fall apart. I make messes. I fail those I love. I love the fact that with God’s help I can choose to forgive, choose to be kind, choose to give up my right to be right. I get another chance!

It is in letting go of the outcome that I can go with the flow, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in my heart. When I do this, then perhaps the Master Artist will transform my messes into teachable moments. Learning and growing through my mistakes is one of life’s miracles!

In 2022 may we look to the Master Artist for help. And may the freshness of another new year inspire us to live with compassion, kindness and gratitude. May we go with the flow to create a more beautiful world for all.

Let's watch for miracles,
Marva Sheriff, Artist, CREDO DESIGNS

ENJOY the process!
Marva Sheriff, Artist/Owner CREDO