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Volume 6, Issue 8 | August 2017

As I ponder what to write about this month, I ask myself, "Self, what's on your mind and heart these days?..."
With 21 years just passed that I left the Big Apple for the Southwest; summer starting to come to a close (since Labor Day is almost here and that's been my life-long marker that summer is ending); and, coming up on 2 years in a few months' time that I left Paradise (AKA Sedona) and let go of my business of 15+ years to relocate back to the Big City and contract work roles in the corporate world, it's so obvious that life is so much about beginnings and endings, change. And these thoughts lead to me contemplating what has transpired in all this time, what has been accomplished, what is still yet to be done.
 It's easy for me then to start to judge my experiences, to get down on myself for not being where I want to be, and thus create suffering for myself because I've let my core beliefs and emotions drive my interpretation of what happens in my life. Yet, as stated in "Love Without Conditions" by Paul Ferrini (page 30), "All experience happens for one purpose only: to expand your awareness." I can choose to accept my experience and learn from it - and set myself free. I am certainly all for freedom!
While practicing this - for it does take me practice (and surrender) - I remind myself of all the blessings in my life, to be in a state of gratitude and of service, and to keep the faith that God is with me always.


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Inspiration and Contemplation
People and Technology
"Technology can be a vehicle to help people create and collaborate better, but at the end of the day, people need to learn to work with people."

- Marina Umaschi Bers, a professor of computer science and child development at Tufts University, on preparing children for an increasingly automated economy.
I just love the rich a capella sound of Pentatonix. Here is their performance of "Imagine" - pay extra attention starting at about the 2-minute mark. They send forth a wonderful message this world needs to be reminded of.
People Helping People
A MUST Read: An Amazing, But Little Known, 9-11 Story
This story contains so many different elements that go right to my heart about people's kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, and overall goodness. Don't miss reading it. 
After some further research, it seems many folks have shared about their experience in Gander, Newfoundland stemming from the events of 09.11.01. 

Happy Labor Day!

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